I’m Going to have a Tea Party, Too! Historical Boston and the Round and Round Machine


Today was “history day” according to Mama and Daddy. Daddy tells me that Boston is a really old city and that it has a lot of history in the making of our country. All that I know is that where we went was beautiful all around us… both the old and the new.

photo 1-4

We went to the Boston Common, Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, the U.S.S. Constitution, and the site of the Boston Massacre, walking most of Boston’s Freedom Trail. There were a lot of fights a long time ago in Boston in order to make us our own country, and we walked over the ground at a lot of places where people fought and left the Earth in order to earn us that freedom. Our U.S.S. Constitution and our Declaration of Independence both came from this according to my Daddy, and he said that one day I would understand what those mean and that the things that I am able to do in our country came partially from the ground that we walked today. The spirit of Boston was here, and I could feel it, even though there were a lot of people walking around going to work who were so busy that they didn’t even seem to see everything around us. They appreciate it, though, I know, because are able to do all of those busy things because of the Founding Fathers, the fathers of all of us Americans, came before us and helped us to be able to do the things that we are able to do today.

photo 2-3

After going through the old buildings full of food and shops, we went to a carousel. I have ridden a carousel with my big sister Addie at the museum a long time ago, but this was a big one that was outside and full of different types of animals. It wasn’t old like the other things that we had seen—it was new, and bright, and beautiful in a different way.

photo 3-3

Mama, Daddy and me went on a ship that rocked back and forth since I am not big enough to go on the animals yet. It went really fast, but I wasn’t scared because I’m brave… well, maybe just a little scared, but I didn’t show it at all.

photo 4-2

Then we went over a big bridge that Mama and Daddy said was scary because you could see the water below on part of it. Right before the scary water part, there was a sign on the ground saying “Acrophobia Friendly Zone,” which Mama and Daddy said was funny because that means a fear of heights.

photo 1-5

We had to go over that bridge, though, to get to the U.S.S. Constitution and museum in the Charleston Navy Yard. Daddy was excited because he was in the Navy a long time ago and loves the history of the Navy, although he said that the boat that he was on was way newer and bigger than the Constitution and was called the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is an “air craft carrier.” He says that I’ll get to see one of those someday, too.

photo 3-4

All day I got to work on getting stamps in my little National Passport Book from the National Park Service. Mama and Daddy got me one in California so that I could have stamps from all of the National Park Places that I get to go to all the way through my lifetime. They said I’ll appreciate it one day, but for right now, it is in safe keeping with them because they know that I slobber on all of my little books from my bookshelf.


Our day ended with us seeing all of the lights around the city light up as the sun went down and seeing the Bunker Hill Monument in the background. It was very cold but very pretty, and then we were on the way home on the T train so that I could get warm and rest. We appreciate you, Boston, and how helped to make us into the country that we are today. I really like being free—I don’t even like being held back from climbing—and the people who have come before us in Boston have helped me to be able to climb higher and higher, as high as I want.

photo 5


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