A Land of Brilliance: Harvard University and MIT

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While we visited Boston we got to go to two of the most famous schools in the entire country, and ones that are known all over our great big world, too. They are called Harvard University and MIT, and both of them are gigantic worlds full of beautiful buildings with many people giving information to other people so that they can use what goes into their brains throughout their lives. Mama said that this is what school is for truly, and she told me that when I am slightly bigger that I will understand. Right now, she said, I don’t need school for that—the world around me is my school and I am learning from everything that I experience every day.

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One thing that I can understand, though, is the beauty that is the Harvard campus. Everywhere that I looked there were beautiful lawns, old buildings that almost took the breath away from my Mama, and beautiful trees. Everything—all of it—felt like beauty. There was a sense of peace there and calm, even though my Mama said that there were a lot of people working really hard in those buildings and that they might not have had that “peace” and “calm” that I felt right then. I couldn’t see how they could help but feel it, though, if they stopped and looked around while they were going to study and do all of those hard things.

We went to two museums while we were in Cambridge, the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the MIT Museum. Daddy loved the Harvard Museum because of all of the animals that are preserved there. They have rooms and rooms of animals—all kinds that you could imagine— all looking like they could jump out of the glass, but all gone from this world. Daddy liked the hedgehogs best, and they had a lot of different kinds. Mama said she had no idea that there were that many types in the world, even little teeny ones about the size of my hand. Daddy has a thing for hedgehogs, so he took pictures of all of them, even going back to make sure that he had gotten them all.

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The MIT Museum was full of robots, machines, and holograms, which are pictures that look like they are following you as you stand in front of them. I liked the machine where there is a big screen and in front of it is what looks like rows of wheat moving in the wind… only it isn’t wheat and there is no wind, is is what Daddy said is an “illusion” and that the machine moves it back and forth making it look like a big field. Daddy told me that MIT is considered to be the technology and robotics “center of the world” to some people and that it is one of the most important schools in the world. From what I saw in the museum, I can see why.

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Mama said that I am a “ball of potential” and that if I work really hard that I might be able to go to one of those schools one day. She whispered to me to “absorb the brilliance” there and to feel it. Silly Mama, I am brilliant, and I have already figured out how to work the Playstation controller and her phone, and I understand almost everything she says to me already—way more than she and Daddy give me credit for. Watch out, Harvard and MIT, I just might see one of you later when I get tall like all of the big people around me.

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