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Mr. Rexy the Vegetarian Dinosaur Dragon


This guy right here is Mr. Rexy. He might look a might bit scary with all of those giant sharp teeth and spikes, but he is a gentle fellow. He is a vegetarian, and he is half T-Rex, half Hookfang dragon. He has gotten a bad rap, you see, from looking so mean. Really, though, he is like a giant teddy bear.

Mr. Rexy had a problem today, however, because a bunch of Pterodactyls “took the rocks from the lake trying to hit him because they were scared of him. They didn’t know he was nice because they never talked to him to see if he was really scary or if he just looked scary.”

Even though this was a bad move on the Pterodactyls’ part, it worked to Mr. Rexy’s advantage. The wet rocks worked to stop the lava from the volcano was erupting, because sometimes “good things happen from bad things.” The volcano is now just “drooling” lava and can’t hurt Mr. Rexy or anyone else. Sometimes we save the day even the original intention wasn’t the right one.

What we do know is that Mr. Rexy needs friends. And maybe a hug. We all need hugs sometimes, just be careful because this vegetarian half T-Rex half Hookfang doesn’t always watch where his spikes go. Hug at your own risk.



Beware the Archicorisaurus


Dorian loves dinosaurs. She loves them “even more than cats,” and that is saying something since every time she sees a cat she simply will not stop following it around. In fact, right now she has all of her dinosaur toys battling in the living room, and the giant T-Rex from Jurassic World is winning. Size does not always matter, however, and sometimes the little Velociraptor is the winner. As she says, “he is tricky, and he is fast.”

Dinosaurs also appear in her art. This piece is interesting as when I first asked her about it, she went into the fact that the Mom dinosaur here was going to eat the baby. When I said that this was morbid and sad, she said, “Mom, that’s nature, it just happens sometimes. They get hungry, and they know when they are weak.” I can’t argue there, and she does watch a lot of nature programming, so it is bound to make an impression.

My counter to this was that there were hearts, and that it really did not make sense for the mom dinosaur to do that since she obviously loved her baby. After a moment of consideration, she agreed. She made an amended story, and she created a new species name of dinosaur called the Archicorisaurus. The name is based on the spikes on the arch of their backs. They are “like a T-Rex” and large-sized meat eaters, but they are more “round and slow with smaller legs.” I asked her, and this does cause problems with catching food. “They are not great hunters, but they are really big, and no one messes with them,” she replied. “They also have really big teeth, so you have to watch out. They might not be fast, but if you are not paying attention, they can gobble you up in one bite.”

Point taken, Dorian. Pay attention to your surroundings or bad things might happen to you. It is a good lesson for us all.


The Tale of Gooey Louie



Dorian is quite the artist and sometimes draws for hours at a time. She also creates stories to go along with her work, so at least part of our blog will be dedicated to preserving her stories so that they can be enjoyed and remembered. This is the first of those stories, and it is the story of Louie. (Note: I think that the inspiration for his name came from the Gooey Louie game, although she swears that this is a different guy and there are more than one. She also refused to change his name to another rhyme, saying it was her creation and she had the right to keep it as is. I did not push this matter any further as she does have the right to artistic license. Any resemblance to actual persons, living, dead, or fictional is purely coincidental.) 

“Gooey Louie is really, really grumpy. The one thing that makes him happy is food. He is a plate man, so he loves food. He loves food that is all of the colors that he is… every vegetable and every fruit. His cousin is Frank, and he bosses him around. He does not like Frank. He also does not like that he has no hands, but that’s how it is when you’re a plate.”

I Can Create Pictures in my Mind… and I Can Make them Come Out as Art.


My Nana bought me a little magnet drawing pad to use in the car as I get bored these days really easily, and my Mama and Daddy are not “stay still” kind of folks. I love my new board so much because I love to draw. I draw on paper all of the time, but I have a hard time with the pen sometimes, and I run out of paper. When that happens, sometimes my art has spilled onto the furniture and a few of my toys. My Mama says, “Only on the paper, Dorian,” and I know and understand, but it is really, really tempting to keep making art everywhere that I go.

With my little magnet pad, though, I never run out of room to draw, because when I get tired of my picture, I just make it go away and then I start right over again with a blank magnet page. I can do this as many times as I would like, and there are no art accidents that way. Everyone is happy.

In that picture up at the top, those are two pirates. When I drew them I told Mama and Daddy, and Mama took a picture of me making my art. Mama thought that they were ghosts, but that is the beauty of art… we can all see different things.

Sometimes I draw something really scary to me, though, and I have to scratch it out really fast before erasing it because that takes longer. Our minds can sometimes create really weird things when we do not mean for them to, just like when we dream and things start to go wrong and everything gets dark. I don’t know why the scary guy came out on the magnet pad, but I made him disappear, and fast.


No matter what, though, scary mind people or not, I am going to keep making art and making pictures on paper and on my magnet pad. It is the way that I can show the world that there are so many beautiful pictures in my mind… and those pictures can become my art on canvas.


I Can Run with Strava, Too.


See that? That is me doing “the running.” I do the running all of the time, just like my Mama and my Daddy, but they have these fancy “GPS watches” that track how far and how fast they go. I like to put them on and run around the house, pushing the buttons because they beep at me while I go around and around and around. One time I even did a whole mile while wearing my Daddy’s.

When they plug them up, it syncs them up with their own runs on Strava, and then they have to take them out so that it is only their runs. I say that I should have my own watch and my own Strava account. I bet I can run miles and miles in a week if they just let me keep one on me all of the time. After all, kids don’t walk… they run everywhere that they go. If they are like me, they go a lot of places.

The main problem is that the GPS does not understand running in circles, so the lines for where I go are all over the place. That’s okay, my runs just look like the art that I make in my little notebooks. This one, I think, looks a lot like when I am drawing the stars in the sky. Running is kind of like art, Daddy says, and my runs… well, they are truly a masterpiece.

Please, Dear Horsey, Don’t Ever, Ever Stop.


Sometimes, as Mama says, you just want to freeze a moment in time and keep it going forever. This was one of those moments. I got on that horsey, and the music played, and I went around in circles to the music in my own little world. That is the meaning of happiness when it comes down to it… those little moments in life that you want to hold on to and you don’t ever want to let go of. They all must end, though, and so that little horsey stopped moving and the music stopped. My ride on the horsey was over and that moment was gone. It stopped, though, before I was ready for it to end. My Mama says that those moments in life are often like that… gone quickly but never forgotten.

So we see those moments in pictures, frozen in time, and we can relive them in our minds. That is also happiness, and beauty, the memories in our minds that live on forever. In my dreams that horsey is still moving around, making music just for me with action all around me, but I am stopped in time, moving in circles forever, with nowhere to go and nothing to do but smile and enjoy.

Now That I am a “Big Girl,” I Can Paint my Face Too.

2015-10-23 15.56.37

See me? That’s my “beautification” going on. That is my Mama’s fluffy makeup brush. Mama uses it in the morning when she is getting ready for her day along with other things that paint her face a little and make it smoother looking. My Mama says that it makes her look less tired from running after me and more “alive.” You are always alive, Mama, so I don’t get that, but I know why you want to be fancy. I always want to be fancy with necklaces and bracelets and pretty clothes with my favorite characters, and I can even dress up like Supergirl sometimes and be really, really fancy. (Poor Mama, she doesn’t have a Supergirl costume, so she has to settle for regular clothes and be fancy with jewelry and makeup. She says she is not a fancy girl, though, so I guess she doesn’t mind.)

When my Mama gets ready, I get ready too. I brush my teeth with her, sometimes trying to steal her toothbrush instead of using my little Yoda one, and I brush my hair with her and get a little “scrunchie” in my hair so that I won’t look “like a sheepdog” as Mama says. I say, “out of the eyes” to let her know that I am ready to get my hair pretty so that I can go and get busy messing it up again and again.

The last thing Mama does is put on makeup. She says “not too much” because she says that you just want to put on enough to look a bit brighter like the stars in the sky, but you don’t want to shine like the big moon that’s up there. I want to be the moon though, so when I get hold of Mama’s lipstick, and I have, I put it on at least 3 times in a row just to make sure that I have it exactly right. I am not good at aim yet, though, so Mama has to clean up my face art a bit after I am done.

The brush thing is for your whole face, and she calls what she puts on bronzer. She says it is “just that little glow to make you shine.” Well I like shining, and I shine all of the time just by being me, but I want to be sparkly, too. Mama puts a teeny bit on the brush, and then I put it on just like my Mama. I want to do everything just like her since I am learning, but I want to do it myself. I dab and swirl and make face art, and then Mama tells me that I am “beautiful.” I love the sound of that word. I am beautiful, and so is Mama even without the skin stuff that she puts on. I like her best at night when I wake up and I am sad. She doesn’t have makeup on then, but when she snuggles me to sleep, she is at her most beautiful I think. Makeup isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be… snuggling is beauty.

That said, I still like the sparkly face stuff, and I will keep putting it on just like Mama, and I will be a sparkly, beautiful, happy me.

All the Stars in the Sky…


I made something beautiful with our special light-up board. It is the entire sky, and up at the top are stars. My Mama drew a kitty face not knowing it was my sky, but that’s okay, he can be up there with all of the pretty lights and he can enjoy the view. She didn’t know I had made a real picture until I said the words “‘tars” and “sky,” then she knew that I had made a picture of when I get to go star watching. It is one of my very favorite things.

Mama said it was beautiful. It is Mama, just like the sky when it lights up at night. God always has a way of having a light ready for us when we need it, after all… even if sometimes they are a bit harder to find in the night sky.

So I’m a Rock Star Now, Yes?


These thingys go to concerts and help make sound louder, right? So now that I’m on it, I can make sound, and I can make things loud, too. That means that I am now a rock star, and I will create beautiful music like the concerts that I have seen and like the videos that I watch when I’m snuggled up to my Mama. I can do it, promise, just give me a little version of the string machine that you guys call a guitar and let me go. I can sing Happy Birthday and the “Dorian Song” with my name in it that you guys sing to me, so I’m good to go. I will sell out and become famous, and everyone will come to see me play. Stardom here I come.

One Ball to Rule Them All.


I have it. I have the powerful glowing light in my warm tub of bubbles and toys. My Daddy gave it to me, and it’s all mine. I feel all powerful, saying “ooooo” at the bright presence in the tub. My Daddy told me that I remind him of the powerful Sauron in the book “The Lord of the Rings,” only he said that I am not a dark force but one of light instead. Mama has told me a bit about those stories, and apparently there is a ring that is so, so powerful that no one can truly hold it without feeling its power, and that a dark lord named Sauron created it to have dominion over the whole world of a place called Middle Earth. Maybe the ball is like that, and I have power over everything in my house when I hold this mighty ball. I am not, though, returning the ball anywhere. It is mine… my precious.

One ball to rule them all, one ball to find them,
One ball to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.