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Mr. Rexy the Vegetarian Dinosaur Dragon


This guy right here is Mr. Rexy. He might look a might bit scary with all of those giant sharp teeth and spikes, but he is a gentle fellow. He is a vegetarian, and he is half T-Rex, half Hookfang dragon. He has gotten a bad rap, you see, from looking so mean. Really, though, he is like a giant teddy bear.

Mr. Rexy had a problem today, however, because a bunch of Pterodactyls “took the rocks from the lake trying to hit him because they were scared of him. They didn’t know he was nice because they never talked to him to see if he was really scary or if he just looked scary.”

Even though this was a bad move on the Pterodactyls’ part, it worked to Mr. Rexy’s advantage. The wet rocks worked to stop the lava from the volcano was erupting, because sometimes “good things happen from bad things.” The volcano is now just “drooling” lava and can’t hurt Mr. Rexy or anyone else. Sometimes we save the day even the original intention wasn’t the right one.

What we do know is that Mr. Rexy needs friends. And maybe a hug. We all need hugs sometimes, just be careful because this vegetarian half T-Rex half Hookfang doesn’t always watch where his spikes go. Hug at your own risk.



Beware the Archicorisaurus


Dorian loves dinosaurs. She loves them “even more than cats,” and that is saying something since every time she sees a cat she simply will not stop following it around. In fact, right now she has all of her dinosaur toys battling in the living room, and the giant T-Rex from Jurassic World is winning. Size does not always matter, however, and sometimes the little Velociraptor is the winner. As she says, “he is tricky, and he is fast.”

Dinosaurs also appear in her art. This piece is interesting as when I first asked her about it, she went into the fact that the Mom dinosaur here was going to eat the baby. When I said that this was morbid and sad, she said, “Mom, that’s nature, it just happens sometimes. They get hungry, and they know when they are weak.” I can’t argue there, and she does watch a lot of nature programming, so it is bound to make an impression.

My counter to this was that there were hearts, and that it really did not make sense for the mom dinosaur to do that since she obviously loved her baby. After a moment of consideration, she agreed. She made an amended story, and she created a new species name of dinosaur called the Archicorisaurus. The name is based on the spikes on the arch of their backs. They are “like a T-Rex” and large-sized meat eaters, but they are more “round and slow with smaller legs.” I asked her, and this does cause problems with catching food. “They are not great hunters, but they are really big, and no one messes with them,” she replied. “They also have really big teeth, so you have to watch out. They might not be fast, but if you are not paying attention, they can gobble you up in one bite.”

Point taken, Dorian. Pay attention to your surroundings or bad things might happen to you. It is a good lesson for us all.


“Can I Tell You Something that’s True?”


“Everybody gets stupid sometimes… every day.”

This quote was said to me in the kitchen as I was making lunch. Dorian ran into the room with a sense of urgency to tell me this fact, and just as quickly, she ran out of the room to play. It’s a wise statement, and one that we would be best to not beat ourselves up over.

It’s been a while since I have posted. April of last year to be exact. I could say that we got too busy (we have been and we have been on many adventures that were blog worthy), but honestly the blog never had to stop in the process. I have missed it and it has remained in the back of my mind.

Miss Dorian is now a proud little 5-year-old. The blog was previously done with her actions and her mom’s thoughts, but we are going to switch it up a bit. Dorian has become more of her own person, and therefore, she can now have her own quotes and feedback. I will elaborate on her actions as needed so that things make sense, but little Dorian now has much more of a say in the content that is produced here. Five-year-olds, after all, are funny little creatures, and she has plenty to say herself.

Time Flies Even for Little People… End of Summer Reflections.


Summer has come and it has gone, and now it is something called fall. I don’t really remember last fall at all, although my Mama tells me that I had a great time jumping in the leaves and puddles and that I loved when it got colder and when I got to wear my little bear jacket my Daddy ordered me all the way from Japan across the whole world. The bear is a little backpack, and they bought it big so that I can wear it again this year. I have seen it in the closet, and soon, Mama says, he can come out to keep me warm again even when it is cold enough that the water falling becomes white and fluffy snow. Not yet, though, because the beginning of fall can still be hot, and right now the air is sticky and heavy, so the bear jacket will sit and wait for me to be ready for him.


We had a lot of adventures this summer, and it is now my job to put all of them here so that I can look back and see them when I get bigger and don’t remember anymore. The pictures are there already, but the words need to be too so that we can have something called “memories.” My Mama says that memories are some of the most important things that we can have, because “experiences” in life, and living life to its fullest, make us happy people when we are old and have a lot to look back on. I already have a lot that I have seen, but Mama tells me that life will stretch out and become a big blur of memories and time. Childhood, all of it, she says is like that, and that it seems to last forever but is gone in a blink. A day lasts a long time for me right now, but she says it won’t always be this way. She says it seems like I was born only a moment ago. Ages to me, a second to her.


So another season passed for me, summer, and that is three of the four for the whole year. I enjoyed everything this summer, but most of all, I enjoyed spending time with my family no matter what we did or where we were adventuring. I already figured out that sometimes the best memories of all involve sitting still and quietly snuggled up to the people that love us and that we love the most.

For me that’s Mama.


And Daddy.


And my big sister Addie.


And my big, big sister Lilli.


And my giant brother Jonah.


And I got to snuggle with my Nana and Granny and Grandpa and Mama Linda and Granddaddy Moe and Jennifer too. I got to see and play with them all this summer, everyone’s slow down time, and they got to see me get bigger and bigger. I have love all around me every single day, and my Mama says that makes me one of the luckiest people out there. Love, she says, is the most powerful thing on Earth.

So goodbye summer, goodbye t-shirts and shorts, goodbye scraped up knees and bug bites, goodbye pools and hot sweaty arms, goodbye crickets and light-up bugs. I’ll see you next year, and I’ll be ready and even stronger when you get back.

Where Oh Where Has Dorian Been?


I have been MIA in the blogging world– for an entire month– which for me is ages and ages and ages. I have been quite busy and so have Mama and Daddy, and they haven’t really been able to help me with getting all of the words out that I want to say. I can’t do it on my own yet, especially since all of the words that I want to write are in my head and my fingers are too little to get them out, plus I don’t know the thing that Mama calls spelling since I am busy learning the letters that makes the words.

What has kept Mama so busy is that she has been looking for a new job, and she was told today that she is going to be working for a new university teaching from home, so now she is getting “back to life.” What Mama doesn’t know is that life is always there, she just had to put helping me write on hold for a little bit. That’s okay, Mama, I can be patient… sometimes. All that I know is that I am happy that my Mama can be around me even more than she always has been. After all, I am not a fan of her going away to “work.” Work can be right here at home now, Mama, or wherever we are.

My Mama promised, though, that now we can get back to writing out all of my adventures and how I am getting bigger, bigger, bigger. In the past month I have learned new words, I can say a lot of sentences, and I can tell her more and more and more about what I want and need. This sometimes means shout talking, and we are working on my quiet inside voice. I am not good at that yet. I can now go up the steps without holding on or help like a big person, and I can run faster too. I am in the stage that Mama and Daddy call the “terrible twos,” which means that I am sometimes a bit too demanding and that I can get my angry face really fast when things don’t go my way. Everything is mine, it’s all Dorian’s, all for the taking. That’s not so terrible, though, Mama and Daddy. I’ll figure it out. It’s all new, and I just want a piece of all of the things, that’s all. I will learn, because you will teach me, patience and kindness and understanding. I know love already, and I tell you that I love you all of the time, and I have learned “kisses.” I give love in my own way, and I am just making my own space in the world.

So where has Dorian been? A bit of everywhere, doing a bit of everything, and loving every minute of it.

I am “Versatile?” I am “Versatile!” The Versatile Bloggers Award


Oh, oh, ohhhhh, I am so excited. In the last year (yes, I said year, because I just passed my blogging anniversary the other day), I have been honored by having a few awards by those who matter most in my blog world… the people who take the time to read my little toddler-headed thoughts. My Mama said that I should be “humbled,” and when she explained what that meant, I agree. I am so very humbled and happy to be recognized. The person who nominated me, Poetry and Chocolate and Books, is truly one of the very best blogs that my Mama and I have come across. If you don’t know her work, please take the time to stop by. You won’t regret it, promise, but you may lose some well spent minutes (or hours) on her site. ๐Ÿ™‚ Her link is: https://poetryandchocolateandbooks.wordpress.com. Follow her and fall in love with her thoughts.

As all blogger awards go, there are rules. Some rules are meant to be broken, but these aren’t because these awards are about you, yes, but they are even more about recognizing other bloggers that you have been touched by. There are so many of those… and I am thankful for all of them.

That said, here are the rules:

– Show the award on your blog (check).
– Thank the person who nominated you (check).
– Share 7 facts about yourself
– Nominate 15 blogs.
– Link your nomineesโ€™ blogs, and let them know. ๐Ÿ™‚

Two down, three to go! Let’s see, seven things about me. Since I am small, those things change all of the time, so I will “live in the moment” and share seven things going on right now. Right this very minute.

1. I still only have 10 teeth at over 20 months old. I know a baby that is a year younger with the same amount, so that makes me a bit behind on the teeth department. That doesn’t mean that I can’t take care of my food needs. Those 10 teeth? They work overtime and I know how to use them.

2. I am currently obsessed with the movie “Frozen.” My Mama tells me that this is true for about half of the population under the age of 7, so this is not unique, but my singing along is. From morning until night I sing “Let it Go” over and over and over and over and over again. I sing it in the crib, I sing it around the house, in the car… everywhere. I have a bit of trouble with my “L” sounds right now though, so it comes out “Det it Do.” It is beautiful all the same though, so even though Mama and Daddy seem a bit tired of the movie, they never get tired of hearing me shout-sing “Det it Dooooooooo, Det it Dooooooo…” See? I can’t even stop in this blog.

3. Speaking of singing, I have been told that I have a beautiful singing voice. I sing from morning until night everywhere that I go. My Daddy says that I have good “pitch,” which he says means that I can hear the notes and sing along to them just like I heard. All that I know is that I love to do it.

4. My Mama tries so hard, but I just can’t keep my clothes and my face clean. I am always snacking on something while moving around, and it leads me to having stains on my pretty clothes. My Mama stated that she is surprised I have any clothes without spots on them left. Even though this is true, I do not like things being dirty, and “eewwwwwwwww” is one of my favorite words because it makes Mama and Daddy take away the things that I find yucky.

5. I love water. Any water anywhere. I would take a bath and help with the dishes every moment that I am awake if I were allowed to. Wrinkly skin? Not an issue for these hands– I love it when my hands and feet get all wrinkly.

6. Sometimes I don’t exactly pay attention to where I am headed. When this happens, I have bumped into walls and doorways. Lesson learned– paying attention while moving is important. Note: That does not mean that this will not happen again tomorrow.

7. I love my veggies more than candy. Mama says that makes me just plain odd in the kid world, but they just taste better to me. Broccoli over chocolate… well, usually broccoli over chocolate anyway. Fruit popsicles are the exception to this rule, though… especially the pineapple ones.

Now for the nominees. My Mama and I tried to pick blogs that we have found and love that we consider “versatile.” Mama had to explain that one to me too, and I think that I get it. It means that I do a lot of different types of things. That is me all of the time. I am the essence of versatility. These wonderful people are too…
















All of these blogs are wonderful and we visit them often. Some have beautiful pictures, some have beautiful poetry or creative writing, some have inspirational thoughts, and some have all of the above. All of them are worth visiting and following– bring them into your reading list when you have the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the community of bloggers that we have found in this past year’s journey. There are so, so many wonderful folks out there and we are lucky to get to be a small part of their virtual lives.

That’s it! If you have hung on until the end of this post, we’re all done with the list now. It’s a lot like when my Mama has to clean the house and she has a “to-do” list. I have checked off the list. I have also now learned the word “versatile” as my Mama had to explain it to me, so I am more wise than I was before I started creating this blog. Thank you all, and again, thanks to Poetry and Chocolate and Books for nominating me. It means more than I can express here.

Hey Doggie Buddy… Wanna Play?


Good morning, Mr. Django, my little puppy best friend. Do you want to play? I have your toy right here in my hand. We can wrestle and play the tug-of-war game that you love so much. You can pretend to growl and jump a bit, and I can squeal and run.


I have it behind my back now, see? You can’t get it right now, because I have it. It’s a puppy-baby stare down contest. I win though, Mr. Django, I win every time because I am a little girl and you know that you have to be very gentle with me. That’s what makes you such a good friend.


I still have it, Mr. Django. I’ll give it back in just a second, right when you are getting ready to jump behind my back to find it. Don’t worry, Mr. Django, I’m getting ready to tug-of-war you. In this war, though, remember, I am the clear winner, and my prize is the slobbery puppy toy. And kisses, you can also give me puppy kisses.


There you go, Django puppy. It’s right there and you can get it, but you have to give it right back to me to play again and again and again. Okay… and… go.

One Ball to Rule Them All.


I have it. I have the powerful glowing light in my warm tub of bubbles and toys. My Daddy gave it to me, and it’s all mine. I feel all powerful, saying “ooooo” at the bright presence in the tub. My Daddy told me that I remind him of the powerful Sauron in the book “The Lord of the Rings,” only he said that I am not a dark force but one of light instead. Mama has told me a bit about those stories, and apparently there is a ring that is so, so powerful that no one can truly hold it without feeling its power, and that a dark lord named Sauron created it to have dominion over the whole world of a place called Middle Earth. Maybe the ball is like that, and I have power over everything in my house when I hold this mighty ball. I am not, though, returning the ball anywhere. It is mine… my precious.

One ball to rule them all, one ball to find them,
One ball to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Oh Mr. Darcy, Everyone Can’t Help but Fall in Love with You.


My Mama loves books and loves reading, and she is teaching me to, too. Sometimes I am so busy that I don’t want to slow down and stop to look at books for long, but Mama is teaching me patience and that being still is a good thing sometimes. She is a teacher for big people, so she tries to teach many people to love reading, even when they are way bigger than me. She says some big people need to learn to slow down and to let their mind get into books, too.

Today we read the baby version of “Pride and Prejudice” a few times in a row because right now it’s my very favorite. It is a short book, and Mama says the big people one is much longer– but she said that I wouldn’t make it through the whole story quite yet. She says that it is a happy ending though, and that the man named Mr. Darcy turns out to be one of the kindest and sweetest people written into a character. My book, though, is a counting book, and it counts some of the things that are in the big book, like “4 marriage proposals.” I know that Mama and Daddy are married, so I know that it means love. Mama says the big book is all about love and finding it in just the right place with the right person, and that sometimes love comes from places that you didn’t think you’d find it at first.

All that I know is that my book is bright and beautiful, and that I can learn all about love when my Mama snuggles in to read with me. Mama says that love is truly the best thing on Earth, and she says that I will always know a love of reading and a love of snuggling because they are some of her favorite things to do with me. I sure am glad about that, because my love for Mama, and my love for that book… they are bigger than I can make into words.

I am a Downward Dog… Practicing Balance and Stretching my Muscles.


I have seen my Mama and Daddy do yoga sometimes. From what I can tell, it is like being a cat, a dog, and a bird all at once. You stretch, you balance, and you work on becoming peaceful and stronger.

I know that calm is not my strong suit, but I am peaceful all the same, and I am strong for my little size. So when my big sister Addie wanted for me to practice yoga moves with her, becoming a dog in a dog stretch called “downward dog,” and she told me what it was, I had to try it. I think that I did pretty well in our little kitchen doing yoga. We had obstacles, yes, like the little bowl on my foot, but that just made it more of a challenge.

Watch out, Mama and Daddy, I am fast becoming a yoga master, and before you know it, I will surpass you. After all, I have youth on my side.