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Candy is Everywhere! My First Real Halloween

The other day we all piled up in the car and went to a place near us for “Trick or Treating.” Trick or Treating means that there is suddenly candy everywhere, all around us, at people’s houses. Some candy was outside in a basket to grab, and other candy you had to knock on the door to get and people came out with buckets and buckets of candy. I love candy, so I wanted Halloween to be every day, but Mama and Daddy says it only comes one time per year because it is a holiday, and people wouldn’t want to give out candy every day.

We got to dress up too in order to get the candy. I was spider girl, and I even had on warm spiderman socks to match. My big sister Addie was a doctor, my big, big sister Lilli was Catwoman, and my giant brother Jonah was a guy with a blue mask on that had a blank look– there is no name to call him, but he sure was creep with that mask. I had to see him without it to make sure that he was still Jonah to not get scared.

photo 1-2

By the time that the night was winding down, I had been carried to the door enough and had watched all of the other kids with legs that work a bit better than mine enough to know exactly what to do. I started walking with my hands being held and got to exactly the right house, and then I wanted to be let go.

photo 2-2

The porch was a long, long way away, but I scooted and crawled all the way up to the door… up the steps and everything with my brother and sisters and my Mama right with me to make sure that I was okay.

photo 3-2

Then I trick or treated all by myself. I can’t say “trick or treat” yet so I said, “arh arh la!”, which means the same thing. My Mama explained my journey and that I had picked his house, and he let me reach in myself and take a piece of candy. I took just one piece, but he had me reach back in and get one more too because he said that it had been a lot of effort for me since I am so little.

photo 4

Mama scooped me up, and Mama and Daddy agreed that that was a good way to “top off the night” and that it was time to go home. I had a whole bucket of candy all for me, most of which had melted a bit because I didn’t want to let any of them go, and I got to hold a piece on the way home.

I can’t wait for next year because my legs are going to work better and so is my voice, and I can do it the exact same way as the big kids. See you soon, my candy friends.