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Traditions, Family, Love, and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Traditions are the best, and my Mama is really good at making them and keeping them. She is the one who helps me to create memories here on the blog after all, but she is also the person who records what all of us little people do and the one who creates the things that we do year after year. I am learning about those things, called “traditions,” and I am embracing them all because my Mama makes them fun. She says that memories, like the writing that I am doing here, are what will be looked back on when we are big, and it is very, very important to keep those things alive for us when we are little so that we will remember them and do our own traditions later with our own little ones.

My Mama’s and Daddy’s friends, Holly and James, live in part of a giant building that Holly sees over called Pohlig Box Factory that is in the city. Mama and Daddy used to live around the corner from there, and one day, on a “whim” she tells me (which is a really fast decision), Mama took little bitty Addie long before she was my big sister, to see the giant Casper the ghost during Halloween time. Addie hugged giant Casper, and Mama took a picture.

2011-11-04 17.23.25

She said that sometimes traditions sneak up on you, and that was one of them. When the next year came around, Casper came out again to play, and Mama took slightly bigger Addie again to see him.


That year was the last year that Addie was the youngest because in 2013 I came along. I was really, really little and still sleeping all the time, but when Addie went to take her picture that year she wanted me in the picture, too.


There I am, teeny sleeping me. I couldn’t make my own choices then, but it was a good choice to put my little car basket there.

The next year I got bigger and was out of my car basket, but I wasn’t quite big enough to hug him yet. I just sat there and stared at him while Addie hugged onto him.


This year was the first year that I too was big enough to hug him myself, and Addie took a step back and let me be the one who hugged onto Casper.


We will keep getting bigger, and Casper will hopefully be right there every year to document how big we get. My Mama tells me that when we are big that she is going to make a collection of them to give to each of us to show how we have grown. She said that things like that are “priceless” and that when we look back on them. She says that they matter more than all of the things that you can buy in the world because things come and go, but memories, they last forever.

Spring is Here… and There are Giant Bunnies, and Candy, Lots and Lots of Candy


There seems to always be a time for everything during the year. Christmas happened not too long ago, and there were presents and the wonderful and jolly man named Santa and lots of hugs and love. You have to wait a long, long time for Christmas to come back around again, but while us little people are waiting, other things happen that make the wait better. What just happened was Easter time. Mama says that Easter has a lot of meaning that I can’t understand quite yet. What I do understand is that we all woke up to little baskets full of candy and stuffed animals and toys… some of my very favorite things.


We got to open them right after waking up, and Mama and Daddy didn’t keep me from too much candy like they usually do (a little is enough Mama says); they let me eat the entire head off of the chocolate bunny AND I got to eat a Reese egg.


I spent the entire morning playing with my little beeping key set, over and over and over again, beeping all around the house. I was shouting in words that they couldn’t understand, but what I was trying to ask was where the car was that went with the keys. There has to be a car like Mama’s and Daddy’s but smaller, right? I never found it, but I’m still looking.


Later, when we were all ready, we went on an Easter egg hunt, which is where there are little eggs all around with candy in them that you have to find. I loved this part, but it was really, really hard to stay focused and to find the eggs. Like Mama has told me, if I see a puddle or something shiny, I go to that instead of what I was doing a moment before. She said that this is called an attention span, and she said I don’t have one of those quite yet and that it takes practice. Since I hear Daddy tell her that she doesn’t have one either, maybe it runs in the family.


After that there was more candy and more playing, all day, nothing but my family playing with me. I know that isn’t the meaning of Easter and that I can’t understand what it is really yet, but I do know that part of that meaning has to be that family is one of the best things on Earth, and that love… well, everything centers around the love that we feel. The candy, well, that’s just a bonus.

Now I Can Run Like a Cheetah in my New Go-Fast Shoes!


Today was a special day for me. Usually we wake up and I play in the morning with Mama, but today I got to get new shoes with Nana and Mama. We went back to Saxon’s Shoes just like last time, and they put that giant metal shoe fitter machine against my foot. Guess what? My feet got a whole size bigger than they used to be.

I had a wonderful lady with long hair that was very nice help me to fit my shoes so my feet would be all cozy. Then Betty, my favorite shoe lady that was with me last time, helped to make sure that they fit just right all the way around so that my feet can be as fast as I can make them and I can make my running speed even faster. Mama told me that this scares her a little because I am already very fast.

The best thing? Is that they are tennis shoes just like Mama and Daddy. Now I have shoes to run in and exercise just like them, only they are small and my size, so they don’t slip off when I try to go fast, and I don’t have to shuffle my feet.


See? I am just like Mama now, and even Mr. Django loves my new shoes. My kitty, Jenga, does not agree as she does not want me to be any faster than I already am. She is a bit afraid of me. I don’t know why– I meow at her and I try to make friends. I think that it is the hugs that scare her a little. I can be really into showing love, and I might hug just a bit too tightly sometimes.


There’s Jenga in the background. She doesn’t look too happy about my new go-fast shoes, but that’s okay. You can’t please everyone after all, and I love them. Thanks, Mama and Nana, for helping me get new shoes, and thanks Saxon’s, especially Betty, for making my making my getting new shoes time so, so special.

Hay is for Horses… and Me. The Ashland Berry Farm Pumpkin Patch.

photo 1

Last weekend Mama, Daddy, my big sister Addie, my big, big sister Lilli and my giant brother Jonah all went to the Ashland Berry Farm to go to the pumpkin patch. I have seen those huge containers of pumpkins when we have gone to the store, but places like this are where pumpkins actually grow up big and strong for us to pick them. Mama and Addie and me went last year to a pumpkin patch, but Mama said that I was so small that I slept right through the hayride and the pumpkins that time—so this was really my first time of many, many times of going. She said that it is a tradition and that we have many of those, and she said that they are really important because we get to do things as a family. I think that I love traditions.

It was really busy there and there were a lot of kids there all waiting to get pumpkins. We got behind a big tractor and took a hayride to where all of the pumpkins are in these big fields. I loved the hay because it was everywhere and it was easy to pick up with my fingers. It was scratchy against my skin, but it didn’t itch and it also felt tickly against my face. My big sister Addie sat with me and played with the hay, putting it all around me like a blanket.

photo 3

There is a lot of pressure at the pumpkin patch. You have to pick just the right one, and so all of us had to go through and pick the one that we really, really wanted. I picked out the biggest one of all—a giant and heavy green one. I couldn’t carry any of them, so Daddy had to hold mine for me and he held me too. I sure am glad that my Daddy has big and strong arms, because he never even seemed like he had too much to carry (and I am getting bigger every single day and I am wiggly too). Mama picked out a tall green one the color of mine, Daddy picked out a tall orange one, and Jonah and Lilli and Addie all picked out perfectly round orange ones. They put all of the pumpkins together all around me and I got to touch all of them while sitting in the field.

photo 2

Halloween is coming Mama said, and we are all going to get dressed up and go to Trick or Treating, which is where you go to other people’s houses and you get candy just for being cute. I am good at cute, so I bet I’m going to get a lot of candy. Until then, me and my little pumpkin friends are going to have a pumpkin party where I roll them around and pat their little hollow heads. Happy Halloween, pumpkin buddies. I can’t wait for you to be in my belly one day.

photo 4

Little Teeny Shoes Just for Me and the Magic Shoe Lady.

photo 1

Mama and Nana took me on a surprise journey yesterday to a magical place called a “shoe store.” I know what shoes are because I take Mama and Daddy’s all the time and carry them around the house. I even hide them far under the big bed and the crib, and I’m so good sometimes they can’t find them for a long time. I call this “the shoe game.” Mama sometimes looks like she may not like the shoe game, but I sure do.

I knew that there were little bitty shoes my size because I have sandals and tennis shoes and dress shoes for when we go out sometimes (although I prefer my toes to be bare and free), but I have never been on a journey to go and get my own shoes before that are just the size of my feet.

We went to a store called “Saxon’s,” which has been around for a long, long time in Richmond where we are. There were so, so many little shoes, and everything was bright and colorful and beautiful. A lady came over named Betty, and she asked about my walking and my age. Then she took this giant foot shaped metal thing with slides and put my foot on it to “measure” it. She talked to me softly and played with my feet, and I couldn’t help but do everything that she said (without words– it was her eyes that told me what to do)… she was like magic. She said that she had been fitting little people for shoes for 37 years, and Mama later told me that she could have even fitted her for shoes when she was small ages and ages and ages ago.

Then she came out of the back with a bright white pair of shoes with little teeny flowers on them. Mama sighed and said they were almost like her first walking shoes, and Nana said they were like hers as a baby, too. Some things, Mama said, stay the same for a long time because they are so good– and those are often the best things. Betty the magician then put my shoes on just right without me curling my toes. Mama can’t do that all the time, but all that she had to do was to look at me and tap my foot, and I straightened them right out. Once they were on, I stared and stared at them… until Betty gave me a bright orange balloon that said Saxon’s Shoes on it that floated in the air no matter how much I tried to hold it down.

Mama and Nana say that these shoes are going to help to support my little ankles when I walk and keep me from walking on tippy toes. Mama later told me that the way that I just got my first pair of shoes was exactly the way that she remembered getting shoes when she was little. She told me that there weren’t many places that still paid attention to making sure that you got everything to fit “just right” and that Saxon’s was special because they did things this way– making sure that little ones like me are taken care of and are happy. Most of the time now, including Mama, everyone just gets what they want on a computer or they go out and are on their own. Mama told me that people used to pump gas for you and check your tires, that clothes used to be fitted, and that shoes were always just the right fit because others helped to make sure that they were a long time ago, but even when she was little, that was starting to go away. I think that she may be right– that we need to hold on to moments when others truly take the time to help you out and to help, in small ways, to take care of you.

As for my shoes… I have already worked on scuffing them up and making art out of them. Mama says that will just make them even better to see when I am big, so I’m going to really get these ones worn down to make her proud. Wind me up and watch me go, Mama.