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Sometimes All it Takes is a Bit of “Mind Power.”


See that? It’s a train, and I made it all by myself this morning. My Mama was in the kitchen making me breakfast, and I came over and said, “You want to see my kitty train? I made it, come see it.” I then grabbed her by the hand and I took her over to our little library room to see my masterpiece.

This morning I got the blocks out all by myself, putting them all over the floor. I have done this many times because I love to build with blocks, but I usually just build towers that I make as tall as I can so that I can have an “earthquake” and I make them fall. I do this over and over. This morning, though, I wanted to make a train for my kitty. My Mama says that this was special because I was looking at the blocks and trying to figure out how to make a picture with them in my mind, and then I had to make that picture look like the one in my mind.

I had to get the Jenga blocks first (I took those for my projects instead of the game because they make for good building) to make the bottom part because they are bigger. Then I took the little blocks and built it up, and I put the round one at the front for the “steam” (as I explained to Mama) just like on Thomas the Tank Engine. I love that show, so I wanted to make my little train look like Thomas and Percy. I put the round piece up front so that it could have a “face” just like Thomas, too. Once I was done, it was time for my kitty to be the conductor of the train.

I was so very proud of my work as you can see from the giant smile on my face, and my Mama said she was very proud too and that it showed how my imagination is growing. My imagination is huge, Mama, as you can see from all of the games that I play every day. All that it takes is a bit of mind power, and I’ve got a ton to spare.

Can Christmas Morning Happen Again Soon?


I woke up a few mornings ago and there were lots of new things for me to play with. Mama and Daddy told me that it was Christmas morning, and that is why those things were there. They reminded me that was why we went and saw the big and gentle man named Santa Claus in New York City, so that he could know what I wanted to be able to have to play with in our little house. I didn’t really get, though, that it meant that new toys would appear for me to play with later. I really think that I can get used to this Christmas presents thing.


I got a big kitchen set with pans and an oven mitt and a toaster and a cash register, and I got a giant giraffe stuffed animal that is bigger than me to hug and hug and hug, and I got a stocking full of toys too and some Little People in an airplane. Nana and Granny brought over toys too, so there were so, so many new things to play with that I just kept going from thing to thing all day long until I passed out from all of the excitement.


Now I keep waiting for Christmas morning to happen again because it was really exciting to wake up and to see all those new things, but Mama and Daddy told me that it won’t happen again for a whole year, and by that time, I won’t even really remember this last one just like I didn’t remember the one before this year when I was a little bitty baby. They said as I get older, though, I will begin to remember more about what has happened to me. All that I know is that I hope that a year doesn’t take too long because I want for Christmas to happen to me again… maybe tomorrow? The next day? How long is a year anyway, Mama?


A Little Brown House all of My Own


With the big drum set for my big sister Addie came a giant, giant box as big as six of me. Mama placed me in that big box with some of my favorite toys, and I got to make it my own little house. I closed up part of the lid and I hid from the world, and it was all mine. It needs a bit of décor of course, but I could make this place work. Bye, Mama, bye, Daddy, bye Jonah and Lilli and Addie… I’ll see you guys later. I have some things that I need to do right now, and I need “me” time.