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Technology Can Bring People Together, Too.


I have heard people say since I was really, really little that technology takes people away from each other. I know that this can be true, too, because sometimes my little family all has separate things that they are doing on little glowing screens for a bit, and I have also seen that out with other people at restaurants not talking or at the playground. My Mama admits that this happens to her, and she says that it is a problem for big people and little people, too. She says that there are a lot of people out there who work against being on those little glowing screens more than they should.

There are just too many things that are fun on those screens sometimes, and if big people don’t watch little people, they can get sucked in just as much as Mama with her work and her “social media,” whatever that is. I mean, there are so, so many great blogs out there, and sometimes you can just get sucked in and can read and read and read. You should read a lot of blogs, but you should also take the time to play. Yes, big people, I am talking to you. I am little, but I am wise.

Technology doesn’t always do that, though. Sometimes, when I am waking up and starting my day, my big sister Addie will sit with me and we play games together that makes me learn. My big, big sister Lilli and my giant brother Jonah sit and play games, too. This, my Mama says, is when she likes that we are on those little screens. After all, there is nothing wrong with snuggling up and playing games… just as long as you are doing it together.

I Can Run with Strava, Too.


See that? That is me doing “the running.” I do the running all of the time, just like my Mama and my Daddy, but they have these fancy “GPS watches” that track how far and how fast they go. I like to put them on and run around the house, pushing the buttons because they beep at me while I go around and around and around. One time I even did a whole mile while wearing my Daddy’s.

When they plug them up, it syncs them up with their own runs on Strava, and then they have to take them out so that it is only their runs. I say that I should have my own watch and my own Strava account. I bet I can run miles and miles in a week if they just let me keep one on me all of the time. After all, kids don’t walk… they run everywhere that they go. If they are like me, they go a lot of places.

The main problem is that the GPS does not understand running in circles, so the lines for where I go are all over the place. That’s okay, my runs just look like the art that I make in my little notebooks. This one, I think, looks a lot like when I am drawing the stars in the sky. Running is kind of like art, Daddy says, and my runs… well, they are truly a masterpiece.

Why Can’t I Grab That Beautiful Orange on the Screen?

2015-12-26 13.05.07-1

I was chatting with Grandpa and Linda, who live really far away in Atlanta, GA, but with the magic of our computer box we can talk to them just like when they are here visiting. Mama says that is the “wonder of technology,” and she says that it can help to keep us connected to one another.

They tricked me for a moment this time, though, and offered me a delicious clementine, and they put it right up to the screen. That is one of my very favorite foods, so I reached out to try to grab it, forgetting for a moment that if I can’t grab Grandpa, I can’t grab the clementine either. I kept trying to get it until I realized that the screen is not really them in front of me, and then I laughed and ran away. I really wish, though, that they would invent a way to just go right through that screen, because then I could have gotten my snack.

Lucklily Daddy keeps those in the house too, so I can have them pretty much anytime and get my “Vitamin C,” whatever that is. All that I know is that they are delicious, and Grandpa, you need to work on that technology thing to make me be able to grab an item through the computer box. You also really need to stop playing computer tricks on my brain. I am a super smart girl and I know my numbers to 13, my alphabet, all of my colors, and I speak in complete sentences most of the time. My brain, though, is very young and it can be tricked sometimes. You wait though, Grandpa, because one day… I will be the one playing tricks on you.

Portable Ear Music Machines


So let me get this straight… these things are called headphones, and they put music inside your ears that you can carry around with you. I love you, little tiny music machines, I love you so much. You and me have a date to go dancing around the house later.

I Would Like to Solve the Puzzle, Pat


Mama and Daddy have no idea exactly how I did it, but I took our little remote and I switched it from our Playstation to our television and I put the channel on Wheel of Fortune. Then I sat down in my little green chair and I watched it while everyone in my little family gathered around wondering how I changed it and why I was watching it so intently.


Well of course, I was working on solving the puzzle while I was drinking my juice. My daddy got it first, but I was well on my way. All that I needed to do was to buy a couple of vowels and I would have had it. Pat and Vanna, I will be there as soon as you let me. I want to win a car and a trip to Ireland, so I will be working on my puzzle skills and I will be there before you know it.

A Land of Brilliance: Harvard University and MIT

photo 1-2

While we visited Boston we got to go to two of the most famous schools in the entire country, and ones that are known all over our great big world, too. They are called Harvard University and MIT, and both of them are gigantic worlds full of beautiful buildings with many people giving information to other people so that they can use what goes into their brains throughout their lives. Mama said that this is what school is for truly, and she told me that when I am slightly bigger that I will understand. Right now, she said, I don’t need school for that—the world around me is my school and I am learning from everything that I experience every day.

photo 3

One thing that I can understand, though, is the beauty that is the Harvard campus. Everywhere that I looked there were beautiful lawns, old buildings that almost took the breath away from my Mama, and beautiful trees. Everything—all of it—felt like beauty. There was a sense of peace there and calm, even though my Mama said that there were a lot of people working really hard in those buildings and that they might not have had that “peace” and “calm” that I felt right then. I couldn’t see how they could help but feel it, though, if they stopped and looked around while they were going to study and do all of those hard things.

We went to two museums while we were in Cambridge, the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the MIT Museum. Daddy loved the Harvard Museum because of all of the animals that are preserved there. They have rooms and rooms of animals—all kinds that you could imagine— all looking like they could jump out of the glass, but all gone from this world. Daddy liked the hedgehogs best, and they had a lot of different kinds. Mama said she had no idea that there were that many types in the world, even little teeny ones about the size of my hand. Daddy has a thing for hedgehogs, so he took pictures of all of them, even going back to make sure that he had gotten them all.

photo 2-2

photo 3-2

The MIT Museum was full of robots, machines, and holograms, which are pictures that look like they are following you as you stand in front of them. I liked the machine where there is a big screen and in front of it is what looks like rows of wheat moving in the wind… only it isn’t wheat and there is no wind, is is what Daddy said is an “illusion” and that the machine moves it back and forth making it look like a big field. Daddy told me that MIT is considered to be the technology and robotics “center of the world” to some people and that it is one of the most important schools in the world. From what I saw in the museum, I can see why.

photo 1-3

Mama said that I am a “ball of potential” and that if I work really hard that I might be able to go to one of those schools one day. She whispered to me to “absorb the brilliance” there and to feel it. Silly Mama, I am brilliant, and I have already figured out how to work the Playstation controller and her phone, and I understand almost everything she says to me already—way more than she and Daddy give me credit for. Watch out, Harvard and MIT, I just might see one of you later when I get tall like all of the big people around me.

photo 2

Of Course I Type These Blogs… or At Least I “Help”


I have been called prolific, well spoken, and mature for my age. I thank those of you who have said so. I have also been told, though, that there is no way that I could type all of these blogs. Of course I do. And by “of course I do” I mean that I sit on Mama’s lap sometimes and “type” by hitting the computer with my hands to help Mama get those thoughts out properly. If I didn’t help her out, I know that there’s no way that she could get them all done, though… they are my own thoughts after all, and I have to give them to her for her to use her lightning fingers. I wish mine moved that fast when I was trying to grab the kitty or Daddy’s morning coffee cup.

P mg g XKL#O*

See? My beautiful words are right there for all of the world to see. Silly doubters in my advanced abilities.

Touch Screens are Made for Little Hands Like Mine.


Everyone thinks that I am just pushing random buttons on the phone, but as you can see… I know exactly what I am doing. I can open apps, I can play games, I can lock everyone’s phones… I can even type. If only Mama would get me my own phone. She says not yet because I am too little and she doesn’t want me obsessed with technology. Too late, Mama, too late.

Bill Gates Better Watch Out… I am Practicing my Programming.

photo 3

My Mama is now saying the word “no” a lot as I move around in my little pink walker box. I don’t really know what this means, but she claps sometimes and comes over to get something that I have just grabbed, so I think that it must mean “don’t touch.” I thought that everything that exists is there just to be touched, but I am learning quickly that this is not the case. I feel this unfair, but I love my Mama, so I am trying really hard to listen. My Mama doesn’t seem to understand that this is how I learn more about the world… well that, and putting everything that I hold in my mouth, too.

My favorite things to touch are things with buttons and knobs because they do all sorts of things. I love the stereo remote most, and I have reprogrammed it so that they can never set it the exact same way again. I have also locked Mama’s phone, changed settings on Mama’s and Daddy’s computers, turned the Playstation on and off, and opened up no less than 10 apps on my Mama’s iPad. I am so proud of myself because I can make things happen just by using my fingers, and I already know that moving all of them together across a screen makes magic happen.

Mama thinks that I don’t know what I am doing, and she finds it funny most of the time, but she is wrong. I am changing the world… one click at a time. I am a technology guru.