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I Can Touch the Stars in the Sky…

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Every night right before I go to sleep, my Daddy rocks me and then puts me down to “touch the stars.” We go into my little room and my Daddy counts “one, two, three” with me, and then he lifts me high, high, higher, all the way to my ceiling, which is covered with little stars that glow for a while in the sky of my room before I dream my night away.



I really can fly with the help of my Daddy. He flies me all around my room every night to touch the little and the big stars while I hold my leg up like Supergirl. I am, for that moment, SuperDorian up in that sky, flying as fast as light. Then, after I have touched the stars all around the room, my Daddy lies me down gently in my little bed with all of my buddies, and he snuggles up and helps me to sleep (because I have been known to be a late night singer and jumper and I need a bit of calming to help me along).

When I drift off, I look at the stars that I got to touch in my little sky, and I fly up there again and again, with my Daddy right by my side.


Look, Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Supergirl!


Yes, I am just a little girl (although I already know that girls can change the world, and I will). Still, I am just a little girl… that is, until I put on my Supergirl costume every day. Then I become faster than a speeding bullet as a run around the house and have Mama lift me up to fly in circles.

I am also more powerful than a locomotive!


See? There’s proof. That is me lifting up my giant giraffe buddy, and he is bigger than me. I am even a blur because I was moving so fast that Mama couldn’t get a picture of me that was clear.

I haven’t quite gotten the leaping tall buildings with a single bound yet, but I am working on my jumping and am already pretty good (I even scare Mama every single day), and Daddy can lift me up onto high things, hold onto my hands, and I can jump right off screaming “jumping!” in my Supergirl suit. I’m pretty close to that building jumping part, I just need to practice.

Sometimes instead of practicing, though, a Supergirl has to rest and read a book. After all, Supergirl has to a a super-reader, too, because Supergirl… she’s super, super smart.


Candy is Everywhere! My First Real Halloween

The other day we all piled up in the car and went to a place near us for “Trick or Treating.” Trick or Treating means that there is suddenly candy everywhere, all around us, at people’s houses. Some candy was outside in a basket to grab, and other candy you had to knock on the door to get and people came out with buckets and buckets of candy. I love candy, so I wanted Halloween to be every day, but Mama and Daddy says it only comes one time per year because it is a holiday, and people wouldn’t want to give out candy every day.

We got to dress up too in order to get the candy. I was spider girl, and I even had on warm spiderman socks to match. My big sister Addie was a doctor, my big, big sister Lilli was Catwoman, and my giant brother Jonah was a guy with a blue mask on that had a blank look– there is no name to call him, but he sure was creep with that mask. I had to see him without it to make sure that he was still Jonah to not get scared.

photo 1-2

By the time that the night was winding down, I had been carried to the door enough and had watched all of the other kids with legs that work a bit better than mine enough to know exactly what to do. I started walking with my hands being held and got to exactly the right house, and then I wanted to be let go.

photo 2-2

The porch was a long, long way away, but I scooted and crawled all the way up to the door… up the steps and everything with my brother and sisters and my Mama right with me to make sure that I was okay.

photo 3-2

Then I trick or treated all by myself. I can’t say “trick or treat” yet so I said, “arh arh la!”, which means the same thing. My Mama explained my journey and that I had picked his house, and he let me reach in myself and take a piece of candy. I took just one piece, but he had me reach back in and get one more too because he said that it had been a lot of effort for me since I am so little.

photo 4

Mama scooped me up, and Mama and Daddy agreed that that was a good way to “top off the night” and that it was time to go home. I had a whole bucket of candy all for me, most of which had melted a bit because I didn’t want to let any of them go, and I got to hold a piece on the way home.

I can’t wait for next year because my legs are going to work better and so is my voice, and I can do it the exact same way as the big kids. See you soon, my candy friends.

Adults Can Be Kids, Too: The Magic of Dragoncon

photo 1

Mama and Daddy and me just took a big, big trip all the way to Atlanta (which Mama called Hotlanta, and I sure agree with her because it was crazy hot there). It is where my Grandpa and Linda live, and although they have come to see me, I had never been to see them. Mama says that it is important to travel as much as you can to see the world, but she says that traveling to see family is also very important.

Grandpa had gotten tickets for Mama and Daddy to go to Dragoncon, which is like a giant, giant party for people of all ages. Mama and Daddy had told me that there were going to be a lot of people there that were dressed up like all types of characters from different things like movies, video games, comics, cartoons… everything. They told me… but I had no idea until I saw it. Those people were everywhere, tall, small like me, old people, kids—people of every age all became all of these other creatures. Everywhere I looked there were more of them, and sometimes there were so many people that we just stopped because we had to wait for people in front of us to go through the little walkways from one place to another. There were so many creatures, and it was amazing that all of those people could magically become characters from the storybooks Mama and Daddy read to me. To me they were real, and Mama and Daddy never corrected the wonder that they saw in my eyes because I know that to them some of them were real, too.

We walked around and looked at all of those creatures. I just squealed the entire time and laughed. Mama says I’m not scared of anything. I know what fear is, but why would I have a reason to be scared of a big person acting more like a kid than an adult? We met many people… Chewbacca, a giant furry person with a belt (Daddy says that he is from Star Wars and that I will watch it one day soon), lots of Disney characters (I liked the Elses, and there were a lot of them, best because I can sing along to her song where she lets it go), elves with big pointy ears, dwarves, wizards, soldiers, warriors, and even superheroes like Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman. There were so many people that I didn’t know, but Mama and Daddy told me all of the names of the ones that they knew. They didn’t even know them all, and I thought that they knew everything there was to know in the world by now. Mama told me, though, that you can never know everything, which is really what makes life worth living because you can keep on learning and learning forever.

I had two favorite parts of all of the things that I saw and did. The first was the giant parade. We had to wait for a long time, but then I got to wave and shout at all of those characters. I even got some of their attention and they waved back to me. They had cars with “famous” people (Mama says fame is when you know who someone is even when you have never met them before) and characters. They had warriors that drew bows and had swords, and they had scary nightmare creatures, too—but I knew that they wouldn’t hurt me. My favorite was the “Ghostbusters” with the “I Ain’t ‘Fraid of no Ghost” song and their loud siren and their light-up backpacks. They danced around and sang, and I got to shout-sing along with them. They were so exciting that I fell asleep right after they came and went.

photo 2

I also really loved the magical machine that lifted us up and down called the “escalator.” The MARTA, which I think must mean Magical Amazing Realm Through Atlanta , has a huge one that takes you up and up and up. You can’t even see the top from the bottom and the bottom from the top, and you get to fly. I stretched my legs and put my arms out, and I could fly way up or way down just like the birds that I see.

Magic exists, I know it, and magic was at Dragoncon. It wasn’t all of the characters and the crowds—it was the fact that everyone there, even those who had been on the Earth for a long, long time, remembered being little and went back to that wonderful place of innocence. Everyone put away their big person self in a locked up box for a while. They played, they danced… and for a moment, I could see that all of them forgot their silly-big-people worries that never matter really. It was there in their smiles and their faces, and even Mama and Daddy were little just like me.


The Wonderful Magic that is a “Light Switch.” Let There be Light… and Dark, and Light, and Dark, and Light, and…


All of my big people that carry me around the house love putting me in front of the magical “light switch.” Daddy says that it is called this because it brings us light just with the flip of a switch. The name makes sense, but I don’t know how it works exactly. Daddy says that it is “electricity” and that it is what makes light come on all around the house. I think that it must really be some type of magic that Mama and Daddy don’t really understand but pretend to. When I put my head to the side, it looks like a little face with a nose in the middle, so I think of all of them as little men that watch over the house for us and keep it safe and light. When they are on they are awake, and when they are off they are asleep.

When I get near one of those little switchmen, I lean my entire body over to get to it with my finger outstretched as far as I can go. I can’t push it up to get the light on because it is too hard. When the magic switch is up, though, I can take my little finger, which is exactly the same width of the switch, and I can push it down to make the light go away.

The dark scares me, so I always hope that my big people put it back on right away, and they usually do. When that happens, my finger goes right back to the magic switch to make it go down. I don’t even have to think about it —- my finger just goes there without my brain telling it to. I can make something big happen, something magical, and I feel like one of those superheroes that Daddy tells me about like Batman or Superman. I’m a girl, though, so maybe I need a girl name, like “Magic-Light-Switch-Girl” or “Lightbaby,” and I need an outfit—maybe a suit with the switch in the middle. Batman has a suit, I have seen it, and he has a cape, too.

Maybe if I try hard enough, I can learn to fly like Superman and I can reach it myself. For now, though, I will just rely on my Robins to lift me up so that I can save the day by having the little switchmen fall asleep over and over and over again. This keeps them from getting grumpy, because I know that I get grumpy when I don’t fall asleep lots of times during the day, and since they are off at night, I know that they sleep then just like me. Take naps, little lightswitchmen, and come to play with me when you wake up.