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Time Flies Even for Little People… End of Summer Reflections.


Summer has come and it has gone, and now it is something called fall. I don’t really remember last fall at all, although my Mama tells me that I had a great time jumping in the leaves and puddles and that I loved when it got colder and when I got to wear my little bear jacket my Daddy ordered me all the way from Japan across the whole world. The bear is a little backpack, and they bought it big so that I can wear it again this year. I have seen it in the closet, and soon, Mama says, he can come out to keep me warm again even when it is cold enough that the water falling becomes white and fluffy snow. Not yet, though, because the beginning of fall can still be hot, and right now the air is sticky and heavy, so the bear jacket will sit and wait for me to be ready for him.


We had a lot of adventures this summer, and it is now my job to put all of them here so that I can look back and see them when I get bigger and don’t remember anymore. The pictures are there already, but the words need to be too so that we can have something called “memories.” My Mama says that memories are some of the most important things that we can have, because “experiences” in life, and living life to its fullest, make us happy people when we are old and have a lot to look back on. I already have a lot that I have seen, but Mama tells me that life will stretch out and become a big blur of memories and time. Childhood, all of it, she says is like that, and that it seems to last forever but is gone in a blink. A day lasts a long time for me right now, but she says it won’t always be this way. She says it seems like I was born only a moment ago. Ages to me, a second to her.


So another season passed for me, summer, and that is three of the four for the whole year. I enjoyed everything this summer, but most of all, I enjoyed spending time with my family no matter what we did or where we were adventuring. I already figured out that sometimes the best memories of all involve sitting still and quietly snuggled up to the people that love us and that we love the most.

For me that’s Mama.


And Daddy.


And my big sister Addie.


And my big, big sister Lilli.


And my giant brother Jonah.


And I got to snuggle with my Nana and Granny and Grandpa and Mama Linda and Granddaddy Moe and Jennifer too. I got to see and play with them all this summer, everyone’s slow down time, and they got to see me get bigger and bigger. I have love all around me every single day, and my Mama says that makes me one of the luckiest people out there. Love, she says, is the most powerful thing on Earth.

So goodbye summer, goodbye t-shirts and shorts, goodbye scraped up knees and bug bites, goodbye pools and hot sweaty arms, goodbye crickets and light-up bugs. I’ll see you next year, and I’ll be ready and even stronger when you get back.

Summertime is For…


Lots of cold delicious things. So many cold delicious things. I get sweaty and I need to stay hydrated after all. I love my water and juice, but the frozen cold things make me feel all chilly on the inside, and that is the best after running around in the sun. Since the sun has been really hot lately and has been making the Earth super warm, we need those cold things to keep us feeling okay to play some more and some more. Whoever invented cold frozen things long ago, thank you. You are a hero to all of the little people who need to run and play even when Mr. Sun tries his hardest to make us hot and tired. I am not going to give in, Mr. Sun… I have lots of cold things and I am ready to face you head on all summer long. 


I’m a Big Girl Now, and I Can Swim All By Myself… With the Help of My Little Float

photo 1

My favorite thing in the world to do is to be in water. I love all water… big pools of water and little ones. I love that Mama and Daddy take me to the pool because it is where I am the happiest. I swim until I pass out from the fun building up and making my eyes really heavy.

This summer I got a little float that my legs go through with a sunshade and little stars that squeak when I hit them. It has bright rainbow colors and it is soft and smooth against my skin. That float is my favorite thing in the water because now I can float on my own (with Mama and Daddy standing by watching over me) and kick my legs. I can even go from one end of the pool all the way to the other if I want to, and Mama or Daddy can swim beside me. I can also just float and take in the calm of the water when my legs aren’t kicking.

My “Auntie” Jill (who is my Godmother too) even took me down a slide this summer. She held me tight and up enough so that no water got in my mouth and nose, and we landed fast with a big splash.

Mama says that since school has begun now that summer is fast coming to an end because it is going to get cold soon, but she told me that there are indoor pools, too, that we can visit when that happens so I can keep on swimming. I sure hope so, because there is just something so peaceful and free about being in the water.

Goodbye summer, until next time. You have been a hot and wet one, but you are so far my favorite.

photo 2