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I am the Queen of the World and the Captain of my Ship: The Cart Commander

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I have always loved going to stores with Mama and Daddy because I get to get up high in the big cart. I sit in the front like I see all of the other little people do– sitting right in front of their Mamas and Daddies. I have a little strap that puts me in place, but it isn’t like the straps that go all around me like in the car or the jogging stroller—there is just one of them, and I am more free.

I discovered that I can turn backwards, then slide like a snake up, and I can stand the other way. Mama and Daddy seemed pretty stressed by this, and I heard them say the words “fall” and “not safe.” They turned me around and told me to sit on my bottom, but I am not to be deterred. Daddy should know that because my Granny says that he was just like me when he was really little and that he climbed and was something called “stubborn” and that he had a “red-headed” temper when he couldn’t do what he really wanted to do. You’d never know it now… Daddy seems to never have a temper with me.

I went back and back to standing, and they kept putting me back down again, but I won because I never get tired of trying no matter how much I am set back. They held their hands out to keep me from falling, and I spread my wings and I flew. I shouted and sang because I was able to fly like the airplanes that I see in the air above me. I heard Daddy singing something that said “My heart will go on and on” and Mama laughing and saying the word Titanic, but I have no idea what that word means. All that I know is that I flew and I will get to fly again… if the strap is just loose enough for me to wriggle myself free. Until next time, cart ship, until next time my friend.

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The Calm My Sisters Bring Me…

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I love all of my family, but two of my very favorite people in the entire world are my sisters. Mama tells me that I am a little girl just like them but smaller, and I know that they are both people that I should look up to and to learn from as I get bigger. I feel a sense of peace and calm when my sisters are around and loving me or playing with me. If I touch them, especially if we are sleepy, I feel like I am safe.

My big, big sister Lilli is a born actress and artist. She can become any type of person that she wants to, she can sing at the top of her lungs, and she can write and draw. She is born to be a person that commands attention from others, and she is a born leader. I know that I can learn to be in charge when I need to from her, and I have already found my own singing voice. I have also learned to be assertive (Mama says that I am a bit stubborn like Daddy can be) when I need to be, too.

My big sister Addie is a bundle of light and smiles, and when she is around I can’t help but giggle at her. She loves to play and imagine, and she loves to be a little bit of everywhere all at once. She is learning the drums, and her voice can be just as loud as the drum sounds when she wants them to be. Mama says that she doesn’t have volume control of her voice yet. I understand that because I can be really, really loud when I want attention. Overall, Addie is a big ball of happy and energy, and I love to be around her.

Both of them together, even though they fight sometimes, are teaching me the meaning of sisterhood and love. They love each other fiercely, and I see them play and laugh and help each other. I see Lilli teach Addie how to do new things, and I see Addie give Lilli the reminder that she still needs to play even though she is getting bigger. I know that there is something special about the bond between girls that are growing up together, and I know that there is something wonderful about having sisters that love you and support you. Together we are three peas in a pod, sisters standing up strongly and ready to take on the world.

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