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Life’s a Hard Workout… Roll it Out.


My Mama and Daddy got a soft and squishy muscle roller that works out things called knots that happen if you work them out a lot. It’s like the little back and feet massages that Mama gives me when I am getting sleepy, only you can give them to yourself.

I work out hard too, though, because life can be a big, big workout. I mean, every moment that I am awake pretty much, I run and climb and play and run some more. I am a very strong girl in a little body. My muscles have to have little bitty knots, even if you can’t feel them, so I need to work them out, too.

To learn, first I watched a video on the big tv box. I sat on the roller while I learned, and it was really easy to understand, so I started to use it just like the lady in the video. It wasn’t hard, and you know what? I was able to run and play even harder and make a mess all over the house right afterwards. I am pretty sure it was the muscle roller making me more ready to do it, and so I keep using it every day. Mama said something about me getting “conditioned,” whatever that means.

All that I know is that I’m working hard and getting stronger, and my roller machine (yes Mama and Daddy, I own it because I like it) is a big, big helper.


I May be Small, but I am Strong

I found these little weights today that look like Mama and Daddy’s big ones but are just my size. Mama says these ones are called “bolts,” but no matter, they can be what I want them to be with my imagination, so they are my new get strong weights. 

I have been carrying them around this morning pushing them up and down, making roaring sounds to show Mama how very strong I am. I can do pull ups and climb and run, even with my little body. I work every day on being stronger and stronger, and one day, I will be just as strong as them too and can lift the big ones. Until then, these will do just fine for practice. After all, practice makes perfect, and my form? Well, I don’t want to brag, but  it’s pretty darn good, so all of those famous athletes just may want to watch for me. I am a force to be reckoned with, and inside my head, I am already a champion.


Look, Mama, I Have Your Purse and I am Just Like You.


I found your purse, Mama. Usually you just keep it up on the table where I can’t get all of the pens and your planner and your wallet out, but today you forgot and left it right in the corner beside your computer. I have an eagle eye, Mama, don’t forget, so I found it right there right away first thing.


It’s really, really heavy, and it is almost as big as me… and the long strap that goes on your shoulder needs to be way smaller to fit me. I am super strong though, Mama, and I can carry it all around the house squealing with my little running shoes and your purse on my shoulder. Don’t worry, I will take good care of it as I drag it all around the house as fast as I can. It’s a good thing that Daddy picked out a really sturdy one for you. He says it’s “practical,” and I agree.


See, Mama? I am just like you. It looks better on me honestly, so can I just keep it? I can put all of my little important things in there like my little stacking cups and my fake keys and I can take all of your old things out. Please? No? Well, I’m not giving up easily… catch me if you can.