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And This Little Piggie Went Wee, Wee, Wee, all the Way Home.


My Mama and Daddy have gloves for their feet called “toe socks” that cover your little piggies by wrapping them all separately instead of having a foot mitten like normal socks. Daddy thought that I might like a pair too, so he ordered some from over on the other side of the world from a place called “China,” and he had them sent all the way to our little house. It took a long time for them to get here because it is so far away, but they were well worth waiting for.

They are so fashionable and pretty. Now my little piggies are real piggies, and when I wiggle my toes in my socks, I can see them all. I can do the “This Little Piggy” song now with my little socks with my little piggies all covered up all in a row. Oink, oink, little Dorian toes, oink, oink.

A Two-Year-Old’s Quest for the Perfect Christmas Tree.


My family and I went on a big journey to find the perfect Christmas tree. There were so, so many, and it was my job to pick out the one that would be in our little house for Christmas. It was a big responsibility, and I took it just as seriously as a 2-year-old could. That means that at first I wandered around in circles and ran away from the trees with my little camera that pretends to take pictures.


Then, though, I really focused up and looked for the perfect tree. I liked the little small ones with bows on them, all ready for Christmas time. After all, they were pretty big to me and they had pretty bows on them already. Mama and Daddy said that we had to get a bigger one, though to get all of the presents under it.


Daddy took me over to just the right sized ones, and we picked out the fluffiest, fullest one. It was beautiful and just right. Daddy held it out and I said, “that one,” meaning that I gave my final approval. I debated running around again before saying anything, but Daddy had been helping me for a while, and he really looked like he meant business in me picking one, so I helped him out and made his job really easy by saying yes before running away.

We have a tradition in our family when going to get trees, and that is riding on the big carts that they have in Lowe’s warehouse. They aren’t really rides, but my giant brother Jonah gets one every year and loads us up, and we ride along for a minute until the nice people that have the blue uniforms on comes over to help us out. Then Mama tells us every year that they aren’t meant for riding and that we have to stop. She tells us this… but every year she lets us do it anyway, even though she knows that we might get in a tad of trouble. That’s what makes my Mama fun; she knows what the rules are, but sometimes she lets us break the little ones that won’t hurt anything like riding on the big cart. Some little rules, she says, are just waiting to be broken.


My big sister Addie held onto me to make me safe, and I got all snuggled in her arms while my big, big sister Lilli watched us ride along.

Then it was time to get the tree all bundled up to go home. My Daddy says that sometimes we are just like the Griswold’s… and he says that this is an okay thing to be. I don’t know who the Griswold’s are, but if they are anything like my family, they can cause a bit of Christmas chaos. A little bit of chaos, well, isn’t that what makes life fun after all? I’ll go ahead and answer that one since I am wise in my two years. Yes, the answer is definitely yes.

I am the Queen of the World and the Captain of my Ship: The Cart Commander

photo 2-2

I have always loved going to stores with Mama and Daddy because I get to get up high in the big cart. I sit in the front like I see all of the other little people do– sitting right in front of their Mamas and Daddies. I have a little strap that puts me in place, but it isn’t like the straps that go all around me like in the car or the jogging stroller—there is just one of them, and I am more free.

I discovered that I can turn backwards, then slide like a snake up, and I can stand the other way. Mama and Daddy seemed pretty stressed by this, and I heard them say the words “fall” and “not safe.” They turned me around and told me to sit on my bottom, but I am not to be deterred. Daddy should know that because my Granny says that he was just like me when he was really little and that he climbed and was something called “stubborn” and that he had a “red-headed” temper when he couldn’t do what he really wanted to do. You’d never know it now… Daddy seems to never have a temper with me.

I went back and back to standing, and they kept putting me back down again, but I won because I never get tired of trying no matter how much I am set back. They held their hands out to keep me from falling, and I spread my wings and I flew. I shouted and sang because I was able to fly like the airplanes that I see in the air above me. I heard Daddy singing something that said “My heart will go on and on” and Mama laughing and saying the word Titanic, but I have no idea what that word means. All that I know is that I flew and I will get to fly again… if the strap is just loose enough for me to wriggle myself free. Until next time, cart ship, until next time my friend.

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