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I’m a Big Girl, so I am Ready to Go to School, Right?


Here I am, Mama. I got my backpack full of little toys all ready, and I put it on my back all by myself (and that was really tough, but I wanted to do it without help because I am “assertive” as you tell me, so I did). I got my little bike all ready too, and it can take me where I need to go to be at school like my big sisters and brother.

I know that there is “learning” there, and I already know my letters and I know how to spell my name, so I think that I have the edge on other kids my size. I am a very smart girl, after all, and I can handle it. Too short you say? Too young you say? No such thing. I am ready when I say that I am ready… and I am ready right now. Take me, Mama, take me to school and watch me learn and learn and learn some more.


I Can Do “School,” Too. 


Today I got to do something really, really special… I got to have lunch with my big sister Addie. Addie is big enough that she goes to a place called “school” with a bunch of other big kids. “School” is apparently a place where you learn lots of new things every day and where you play and have fun, too. Mama told me that it is both because we always need to balance work and play… Too much of either, she said, and it becomes unhealthy for us, and that is true for big people and little people. 


First I went in and got my very own visitor pass. We had to let everyone know we were here… Although really, I think my loud and big voice let them know without the passes. I am really good at my loud and big voice, but I am still working on the quiet one you need for libraries and schools. 

Then we went in and got lunch in this big line full of kids Addie’s size. I got strawberries, baby carrots, and bread on my very own tray. We got to sit with all the big kids too with Addie right beside me along with her best friend, Mara. 

I am not shy- in fact, I can be very “bold” Mama says in speaking to everyone I meet. I love to be the center of attention, and this sure was the place for it. All of Addie’s class, including her teacher Ms. Newson, made me the center of everything for a bit. They all laughed at me and played with me and asked Mama and Daddy a lot of questions about me. My Daddy told me that I was quite “the hit.” I don’t know exactly what a “hit” is, but it sounds like a good thing. 

What I do know is that I got to walk down the hallway with my big sister holding my hand and I got to stand in line with all of the other big kids, right in the middle of everyone and everything… my very favorite place to be. 


One day, when I am big like Addie, I will go to school and learn and play. For now, though, I will just get in good practice and work on getting ready. It seems so far away, but Mama tells me that time will be here in the blink of an eye.