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Sometimes All it Takes is a Bit of “Mind Power.”


See that? It’s a train, and I made it all by myself this morning. My Mama was in the kitchen making me breakfast, and I came over and said, “You want to see my kitty train? I made it, come see it.” I then grabbed her by the hand and I took her over to our little library room to see my masterpiece.

This morning I got the blocks out all by myself, putting them all over the floor. I have done this many times because I love to build with blocks, but I usually just build towers that I make as tall as I can so that I can have an “earthquake” and I make them fall. I do this over and over. This morning, though, I wanted to make a train for my kitty. My Mama says that this was special because I was looking at the blocks and trying to figure out how to make a picture with them in my mind, and then I had to make that picture look like the one in my mind.

I had to get the Jenga blocks first (I took those for my projects instead of the game because they make for good building) to make the bottom part because they are bigger. Then I took the little blocks and built it up, and I put the round one at the front for the “steam” (as I explained to Mama) just like on Thomas the Tank Engine. I love that show, so I wanted to make my little train look like Thomas and Percy. I put the round piece up front so that it could have a “face” just like Thomas, too. Once I was done, it was time for my kitty to be the conductor of the train.

I was so very proud of my work as you can see from the giant smile on my face, and my Mama said she was very proud too and that it showed how my imagination is growing. My imagination is huge, Mama, as you can see from all of the games that I play every day. All that it takes is a bit of mind power, and I’ve got a ton to spare.

My Daddy Deserves a Day for Him, Too….


Yesterday, when my Daddy was at work… everyone was busy getting ready for “Father’s Day.” Mama told me that a “Father” was a fancy word for “Dada.” I don’t like that name as much, so I’m going to call it “Dada’s Day” instead. Mama told me that I was going to give Daddy something tomorrow for that day, but I didn’t understand because I didn’t think that I could give anything except for giving the gift of me.

My hand was put in this soft stuff and when it came back out, my hand was there in this stuff called “clay.” It was just like my hand but instead of sticking out like mine does, it was stuck inside the clay. Mama then put it in the oven and cooked it. Instead of being soft when it came out, it was hard. Mama said that Daddy could put it up on the wall, and when I was big we could all see how small I used to be.

This morning Mama got up and made a green colored smoothie for Daddy (and me too, I always get a bunch every day). It’s so yummy that I know that Daddy woke up happy with that and the steamy brown stuff that they call coffee. We then got to give him his art projects that everyone made and the card from Mama with a lot of writing on it and a giant fan on the front. Mama says that she is a fan of Daddy, and I know that is true because she hugs him all of the time and laughs a lot when he is around.

Mama says that’s what love is– you can’t see it, but you feel it. I feel it too, and I know that my Daddy loves me so, so much. He laughs and smiles at me and holds me all of the time, and he feeds me and takes care of me. He is my biggest rescuer when I am sad. When he scoops me up in his arms, I just can’t cry anymore… and I become a ball of happiness instead.

Mama says that Daddies sometimes don’t get recognized as much for all that they do, but that doesn’t make sense to me at all. My Daddy does just as much for me as my Mama. They may do things differently, but my Daddy is who makes me laugh the most, and when he holds me before my nap, I am so peaceful that I sleep and sleep and sleep. My Daddy works so hard all of the time, and he helps with everything that needs to be done– and Mama says that there is always a lot to be done to keep the house nice and to keep the little people okay.

Everyone loves Daddy… my big sister Addie, my big big sister Lilli, and my giant brother Jonah… and of course Mama… Mama is stuck to Daddy forever and ever and ever. Mama says that there are a lot of wonderful Daddies out there and that they deserve to be recognized too for everything that they do. I think that this is true, and I am happy that there is a day for my Daddy just like for my Mama. Happy Dada’s Day, Daddy, and Happy Dada’s Day to all the great Daddies in the world.