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Technology Can Bring People Together, Too.


I have heard people say since I was really, really little that technology takes people away from each other. I know that this can be true, too, because sometimes my little family all has separate things that they are doing on little glowing screens for a bit, and I have also seen that out with other people at restaurants not talking or at the playground. My Mama admits that this happens to her, and she says that it is a problem for big people and little people, too. She says that there are a lot of people out there who work against being on those little glowing screens more than they should.

There are just too many things that are fun on those screens sometimes, and if big people don’t watch little people, they can get sucked in just as much as Mama with her work and her “social media,” whatever that is. I mean, there are so, so many great blogs out there, and sometimes you can just get sucked in and can read and read and read. You should read a lot of blogs, but you should also take the time to play. Yes, big people, I am talking to you. I am little, but I am wise.

Technology doesn’t always do that, though. Sometimes, when I am waking up and starting my day, my big sister Addie will sit with me and we play games together that makes me learn. My big, big sister Lilli and my giant brother Jonah sit and play games, too. This, my Mama says, is when she likes that we are on those little screens. After all, there is nothing wrong with snuggling up and playing games… just as long as you are doing it together.

Touch Screens are Made for Little Hands Like Mine.


Everyone thinks that I am just pushing random buttons on the phone, but as you can see… I know exactly what I am doing. I can open apps, I can play games, I can lock everyone’s phones… I can even type. If only Mama would get me my own phone. She says not yet because I am too little and she doesn’t want me obsessed with technology. Too late, Mama, too late.

I’m a Smart Girl, and I’ve Got a Smartphone…

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Today we woke up and Lilli and Addie were really excited and Mama said they were “bouncing off the walls.” I didn’t see them jumping on the walls and think that sounds pretty hard, but Mama says it’s a “figure of speech.” There must be a lot of those because I don’t understand at least half of what she says.

I didn’t know why they were so excited, but Mama and Daddy said something about needing coffee because it was really early and they both came back with big, steamy mugs. They got me ready fast, and usually they work slowly in the morning. Lilli and Addie said something about the Easter Bunny coming to visit and that he left something for me too. I didn’t know that bunnies made trips anywhere, and I didn’t know that they could bring things to people, but Lilli and Addie said that this bunny does.

We then went into the room with the big couch and I saw a green felt basket that Mama said was mine. There were teething toys and baby snacks in it but no candy like everyone else had. At first I was sad, because I have tasted candy and it is so, so yummy, but Mama said that I was a little young for that yet. Addie gave me part of her bunny, so it was okay. The best thing that was in my basket, though, was my very own phone. It lights up and there is even a screen that I can touch and it sings to me. I want so, so much to be like Mama and Daddy and have one, but they say that they are not for little kids and I have to wait for a long time to have my own. I already know how to make the screen move on Mama and Daddy’s, though, and I have even locked my Mama’s phone and she didn’t know how to get back into it I did so well. My new phone is bigger and is made for me, and it’s got animal pictures and numbers but they don’t really do anything. It’s okay, I don’t need to make calls and I don’t know how to type yet, but now I am more like Mama and Daddy and I want to be big like everyone else so, so much. Mama says not to hurry though, and she seems to be trying so hard to keep me small. Silly Mama, I’m going to get big anyway, and I’m growing fast.