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Happy Birthday, Dear Chris, Happy Birthday to You…


My great aunt Chris’ birthday was yesterday, and a little bit before that, we had a surprise birthday party that my cousin Mandy planned so that we could all celebrate with her. My great aunt Chris is one of the very nicest people that you will ever hope to meet. She gives and gives and gives and gives all of her heart to all of the people around her that she loves (and there are a lot of those).

Chris’ celebration was also because of the end of her treatments for something that the bigger people around me call “cancer.” I don’t really understand what that is, but my Mama says not to worry because I don’t need to know anything about it quite yet. She said, though, that Chris had a long time of getting medicines that made her kind of sick to make her all better again. That is why she is wearing that fancy headscarf, but now that she is all done with the treatments, she won’t be wearing the fancy headscarves for too much longer (unless you want to Aunt Chris… you do look really fashionable you know).

I got to do a lot of things at the party like eating food before I was really supposed to (my Mama says that I can get away with these things because I am so little), playing with hula hoops and giant balls, and running around in the giant gym over and over again. I also got to stare at the Peanuts cake that was right in the middle of the room every time that I passed it.

The best part, though, was getting to help blow the candles out of that Peanuts cake with Chris. She said that she couldn’t blow candles out quite as well these days, so she needed to have my help. So suddenly, even though it was Chris’ birthday, it was like it was part mine too because everyone all around was singing the happy birthday song and I got to sit in front of the cake on Chris’ lap and blow out all of those candles with her. Everyone clapped and cheered, and I felt like the life of the party. Honestly, that was about it for me because all of that action packed adventure was a lot for a little person to take in. I slept like “a rock” that night, Daddy said, whatever that means.

Happy birthday again, Chris, and many, many more to come.



The Wonders of Princess Dresses and Candy…


I don’t always have to be Dorian, little toddler. I can be lots of things like a pirate or Supergirl, and last week, on the big day called Halloween when everyone dresses up like characters (even a lot of big people), I got to be a teeny Elsa. Aren’t I beautiful? I have the right hair for it after all, so I can pull it off really well, and people all night said the word “aww” as they saw me running down the street. I know that the word “aww” means adorable, so I was really proud walking around all night.


My sister Addie, even though she is normally bigger, became my little sister Ana, so we were sisters in real life and pretend too.


My sister Lilli was a vampire queen, but she wasn’t so scary, she was just really pretty like a real life queen.


My giant brother Jonah, because he is so, so old now, never could decide what he wanted to be… he just wanted candy. He dressed up in the blue creepy mask from his room and all black, and he was so scary that I had to make sure that it was him under there.

Once we got all fancy, we went over to our friends Jill and Stacie’s house to trick or treat. It was a huge place full of a lot of children all dressed up, so many that the streets were filled and no one could drive anywhere– we all had to walk.


There were kids of all sizes and a lot that were little like me, all getting so much candy that we still have boxes and bags full at home.


The neighborhood was all in lights and scary things all over, and it kept going and going so far that you couldn’t see the end of everything… candy in every house, like a Halloween wonderland. There were giant dragons…


And big kitty cats with glowing eyes…


And there was even a scary bear that was in our party with giant teeth, but I am not afraid of almost anything, so I loved him and his shiny teeth and kept trying to get back to him to see him smile at me again and again.


Jill and Stacie’s house had crawling zombies and creatures in mirrors that said “let me out of here!” over and over and a giant man in a mask that Daddy said was “Hannibal Lecter” whoever that was that talked to you when you got near him. I was supposed to be scared of those things I think, but I am very brave, and I also don’t really understand this “scary” and “not scary” business yet. I just look to make sure that my family is around me and that I am safe, and if I feel very scared, I find my Mommy and say “I got choo” and hold onto her. I didn’t ever get scared at all this time, though, because I was a brave and strong little snow queen.

I can’t wait until next year when we get to dress up and do it all over again. Mama says that I will understand even more about Halloween next year, but I already have the hang of it. I learned how to say trick or treat and how to hold a really heavy basket of candy, so I think I am now a Halloween professional. I’ll just be even bigger and better the next time around. That Hannibal guy better watch out because I will be talking more then, and I might scare him instead of him trying to scare me.

Birthday, Birthday, Cha, Cha, CHA


My big sister Addie’s birthday is just a few days after Christmas day, December 28th. This year she turned seven years old. That seems like she is getting up there to me, but Mama says that I’ll be there in a blink and that she is still pretty early in her life. Granny’s birthday was right after that too, so I have had a lot of little birthday parties to attend lately. Granny, though, she is really getting up there like my Nana and my Granddaddy Moe and my Grandpa. Sorry to be honest, but you guys aren’t “spring chickens” like Mama says I am going to be for a long time to come.

I know the birthday song really well. I can sing the notes to it myself, and I can sing some of the words sometimes, too. I love singing, and I have a good little singing voice for my small size (Mama says that is close to bragging, which is not a good thing, but it is just a fact). I know the birthday song because it is on all of the family videos that my Granny makes every year. I love to watch them over and over and over because my brother and my sisters are in them, and I love to see them when they were smaller and growing. Mama and Daddy says that we will really appreciate the videos a lot more when we are all grown and we can look back on them. She says that all of those things will become our way to look back on what happened and how we were when we were little. I know that I get really excited already when I look at my videos and pictures of when I was a teeny baby.

The birthday song happens for everyone’s birthday in the year on those videos, and it is such a happy song. My sister Lilli always says “cha, cha, cha” after each time that we sing happy birthday, and that is my favorite part.

So when Daddy brought out Addie’s cake right after Christmas, I was in shock. There was the song that I heard in all of the videos, but it was being sung right there instead of it being stuck in the television. I got to sing the cha, cha, chas right at the right times, and I got to wish my big sister a happy birthday with my song. I got to sing it to Granny too, and Mama says that everyone else’s birthdays will happen this year, so I’ll get to sing again and again and again every time one comes up.

I got the song stuck in my head though, and I have been humming it to myself ever since even though it is nobody’s birthday again yet. Mama says it is an “unbirthday” then and that there is another song to sing for that, but I think that I can sing it whenever I want and I don’t need the other song.

I can’t wait for the next birthday, which Mama says is my big, big sister Lilli’s, to sing it again—I want to sing it every day. When cake comes out, my little singing voice is going to soar above all of the other voices. Happy birthday to you, cha, cha, cha, happy birthday to you, CHA, CHA, CHA, happy birthday dear everyone, happy birthday to you.