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My Name is Dorian, but I am also “beautiful.”


I have been told that I am “beautiful” for a while. I knew what pretty was, but “beautiful”… well, I could not really understand that one. I responded every single time for a while, “I’m not beautiful, I Dorian.” My Mama and Daddy laughed at me, but I was serious. I know who I am… I AM DORIAN.

The other day, though, my sister Adalyn took me upstairs to her room, and she put me in some of her dress clothes that she is too big for now. I tried on dress after dress, and Adalyn called down to my Mama and told her that she couldn’t come up to see what we were doing. Mama usually won’t listen to that one because it can mean trouble, but this time she waited for the surprise.

Then we tried it… the most fancy white dress that looked like a princess dress. It was a teeny bit big on me, but it was just the right one. Adalyn smoothed out my hair and brushed it, and then she put on the finishing touch, blue clip-on earrings that made me just like the princesses that I watch. I felt so very pretty.

When I walked down those stairs, just like a princess would in my fancy shoes and earrings and dress, I felt different. I felt so very grown up and big, but I did not know the word for how I felt.

Then Adalyn said it. She said, “Look Mama, doesn’t Dorian look so beautiful?” My Mama said, “Oh Dorian, you are so very beautiful. You look like a princess.” For the first time, I did not argue back. I knew what it meant, and I was… I was beautiful, just like the flowers outside and the stars in the sky. Beautiful is how you feel. Beautiful is flowers and trees and sunshine and mountains and water. Beautiful is me. I am Dorian, and I am beautiful.

I’m a Big Girl, so I am Ready to Go to School, Right?


Here I am, Mama. I got my backpack full of little toys all ready, and I put it on my back all by myself (and that was really tough, but I wanted to do it without help because I am “assertive” as you tell me, so I did). I got my little bike all ready too, and it can take me where I need to go to be at school like my big sisters and brother.

I know that there is “learning” there, and I already know my letters and I know how to spell my name, so I think that I have the edge on other kids my size. I am a very smart girl, after all, and I can handle it. Too short you say? Too young you say? No such thing. I am ready when I say that I am ready… and I am ready right now. Take me, Mama, take me to school and watch me learn and learn and learn some more.


It’s Daddy Car Party Time!


Sometimes, when it is just me and my Daddy in the car, we can be silly. Daddy will make funny faces at me, and I can play and dance and shout-sing and laugh, and we have such a good time. My Daddy sent Mama this picture to show her just how much fun we were having shout-singing and laughing together.


Sometimes though, all that shout-singing and laughing and dancing, with the buzz of the car and the noise of the road passing under our little car can make my eyes so, so heavy so, so fast that before I know it, we’re home and I don’t remember getting there.  Oh Daddy, you’re so good at wearing me out with the highest level of fun that a little girl could ever have.

I May be Small, but I am Strong

I found these little weights today that look like Mama and Daddy’s big ones but are just my size. Mama says these ones are called “bolts,” but no matter, they can be what I want them to be with my imagination, so they are my new get strong weights. 

I have been carrying them around this morning pushing them up and down, making roaring sounds to show Mama how very strong I am. I can do pull ups and climb and run, even with my little body. I work every day on being stronger and stronger, and one day, I will be just as strong as them too and can lift the big ones. Until then, these will do just fine for practice. After all, practice makes perfect, and my form? Well, I don’t want to brag, but  it’s pretty darn good, so all of those famous athletes just may want to watch for me. I am a force to be reckoned with, and inside my head, I am already a champion.


Let’s Play, Granny Grace


That person right there, the one lifting me up high, high, higher, is my Granny Grace. My Granny is my Dada’s Mommy, and she loves to play with me more than almost anything that she does.

My Mama and Daddy say that I am really, really lucky because I have so many people in my life that love me. They say that if I have more people that love me than I have fingers on my hands that I am luckier than many people in the world. I don’t know how to count on my fingers yet, but there are so many people that I bet that I am one of those lucky ones. My Mama and Daddy tell me that they want me to grow up knowing that I am loved every single day by our family, and they say that as I get bigger that I will understand how very important all of our family is to me.

My Granny is one of those special people who is in our big love circle. She loves to get down and play games with me, to play cooking with me, and to play in my little pool in the water with me. She loves to take me to the park and to slide down slides and to push me in the “little kid” swing. We just play and play and play, and I keep on going until my energy battery is all worn down.

Granny also works hard to make things special for me, and she even made me my own play house to play in with windows and flowers that has a bunch of stuffed animal buddies in there waiting for me. It is just the right size for me, and it even says “Dorian’s House” on it, so everyone will know that it is all mine (although sharing is important she says, and being friendly is too, so I invite people in from time to time… when I don’t need “me” time, that is).


My Granny is a big play buddy, and she is also one of my many protectors in life. We need those, us small people, to keep us safe and warm. Thanks, Granny Grace, for laughing with me, playing with me, and watching me grow.

It is Wonderful to Feel Loved… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


Mama told me that we were nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award the other day by Stylish Affairs, a wonderful blog site about being happy, confident, proud of the skin that you are in, and, as the title states, stylish as you go. 🙂 The cousin team who write for Stylish Affairs are wonderful, and they have brought inspiration and happiness to their audience. They are inspirational and well worth following and reading. 🙂

Since I was nominated once before a while ago, this blog is standing as a thank you to Stylish Affairs and to nominate other wonderful blogs that Mama and I have found while reading. Mama and I specifically enjoy reading inspirational blogs– ones that lift you up– and parenting blogs (because Mama says that having a community of others parenting is a wonderful thing– I don’t know about this, but I sure like the pictures of all of the little ones about my size). This go around is to nominate others that are in one of those categories. Here. We. Go. The nominees are:

1. http://babyblueeis.com

This site is a parenting blog, and it is done by the Mama of a little girl, Eisley, by her Mama. Alexa. Easley is the subject of many of the blogs, and she is a beauty. Beautiful pics of food and Alexa’s little one can be found here, and it is well worth the visit and follow.

2. https://conceivabledream.wordpress.com

We recently found Terri and her blog, too. Mama loves this one because it has simple and direct parenting advice and fun information. It is a mix of a lot of different topics related to family and health. I love the pics of food and her wee one.

3. https://bipolarmatriarch.wordpress.com

This is a wonderfully powerful and inspirational blog about health, wellness, love, and parenting. Stop by, follow, and be inspired and happier before you leave. Motivational messages are a wonderful thing even for us little ones.

4. http://thesimplysweetproject.com

Food is inspiration, and wonderful pictures and recipes of food can be found here. I love this one a lot because pretending to cook, looking at how Daddy cooks, and eating food are some of my very favorite things.

5. http://emmaludeke.com

We just found this Mama, too, and the pics of her little one, Charlotte, is the subject of her blog. She is doing what Mama is helping me to do– making memories and keepsakes for when her little one gets big.

6. http://bumpbabyme.com

This is a parenting advice and diary for her wee one. Annie, the writer, blogs helpful advice for other Mama’s entering the parenting world and the fun things that she gets to do with her little one. Mama says she loves London and wants to go back, so seeing beautiful pictures there is a great thing.

7. http://www.monepositiveblog.com

This is what it says that it is, and that is a wonderful blog about being positive. Many inspirational messages here, and Mama and I are both happy that we found Magdalena and her site.

8. https://spicysweet113.wordpress.com

We also recently found this blog, and we are both happy that we did. This blog is a diary of sorts with parenting information, health information, and general life information. All of the posts are fun and well worth the read.

That’s it! All of these wonderful folks deserve recognition for their wonderful work. Please stop by to support them if you can. To the bloggers nominated– if you have been nominated before, that’s okay. You don’t have to do a post, or if you do, you can always nominate other blogs that you love too. 🙂 To Stylish Affairs once again, thank you so, so much.

Fun Can Come From Anywhere!


Today we got a package from Amazon on our back door, and when we had opened it up and taken the stuff out of it tonight, I got to play in it and climb in and out and in and out. Mama said I was just like a cat, and I have seen our kitty get into and out of boxes, so I guess I am kind of like our little kitty.

Daddy decided to make it even more fun, though… he made a hole on one side, put a carabiner through it, and connected a rope to that so that it was just like a brown box wagon. I got to say “weeeeeeee” while Mama and Daddy pulled me around in circles in our house over and over all the way until bedtime.

Fun stuff doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be a brown box– just so long as you look at it in the right kind of light.

“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” — Dr. Seuss

I Love my Daddy….


And my Daddy loves me.

Baby New Year’s Resolutions


Mama and Daddy have told me that it is a brand new year now and that this one is called “2015.” They have seen a lot of these new years because they are very, very old people, but since I am brand new, this is only the second one that I have seen. I tried to make it until midnight like my big sister Addie did this year, but I am so, so little, so I only made it until 9:30. Since I usually go to bed at 8, though, I think that I did pretty well for a little person. Mama and Daddy and Addie kissed me early when they were putting me to bed so that I got New Year’s kisses, too.

Every time this change happens, in a way, everything is new again. That means that it can be a time for new starts or changes for a lot of people and that what they want to do to change is called a “resolution.” Change happens all of the time, after all, I change every day a little bit, but this is a way to make people focus on the things that they have been thinking about doing but haven’t done yet. Apparently when people get old, they sometimes wait to change things instead of just doing the new things like I do. I learned to climb on the big table for example the other day, and I didn’t have to wait for anything except for my legs to get strong enough. Big people are already strong enough to do most anything, so I am not sure why they wait for so long to do what they want to do, but Mama told me that they get “stuck in their ways” and have to get “kicked in the butt a bit” to make new things happen sometimes.

Mama and Daddy have called this year the “Year of Us,” meaning that they will focus on their lives together this year and that they will go on more adventures together. They said that they are going to focus on making their lives closer and closer knit. Since they hardly go away from one another, I don’t know exactly what they mean, but I know that it is good that they want to make an even tighter hug than they already have with one another (as long as I can snuggle right in the middle when I want to, too).

What Mama and Daddy don’t know is that I can also have these “resolutions.” I may not have that much experience, but I can change, and I know that I need to focus on myself, too. After all, I am growing up and fast, so I came up with a list of resolutions that I want to do this year.

1. Share better. I have an “everything is mine” philosophy right now, but it seems to make people upset for some reason when I take things from their hands while they are using them. I will work on only taking the things that I really, really want instead.
2. .. . . . .boogcjij Stop stealing Mama’s computer when she is trying to work or to type for me on my little blog. As you can see, I am not doing well on this resolution so far. That was me… stealing Mama’s computer. I was just adding my own little touch.
3. Use my words. Mama and Daddy say this to me when I start pointing and yelling at the things that I want to get. I have a lot of them in my head, but they just come out instead as other sounds. I will work to get those words out right more often.
4. Make bigger messes. I am really good at this already, but I am always trying to reach new heights in my abilities. I’m like a little baby hurricane, Mama says, but I can always get better.
5. Hug more. I am good at showing love, but Mama and Daddy both seem to melt when I hug them tight like I do with my stuffed animals. I want to make Mama and Daddy happy, so I will work on my hugging arms this year.
6. Climb higher. This one makes both Mama and Daddy nervous, but I am working on my climbing, and I am getting pretty good. I already can get onto the big dining room chairs and onto the dining room table. I see that there are other things that are even higher from there, so I am going to work to get to those things.
7. Run faster. I can walk now, and I can even run when I try really hard, but I want to outrun Daddy. He’s pretty fast and his legs are way longer, so I am not sure how I am going to do with this resolution yet. Watch out, though, Daddy, because I am coming for you.
8. Begin to think about using that potty machine. I pee and poop on myself, and Mama and Daddy have to clean it all up when I do. I see that they use the magic potty machine and I know how to flush that machine, I’m just not quite big enough to know how it works yet. I sit on it with the lid closed, and Mama and Daddy think that I think it’s just a chair, but I know what it’s for.
9. Learn patience. I am not good at this one yet, and even when food is happening really quick, I want it right when my tummy rumbles that it needs food. I am going to work on a 5-minute patience time. That’s enough for a home-cooked meal, right?
10. Learn about me. This one is easy, and I do it every single day. I learn more about who I am and what I am becoming all the time… all that I have to do is to breathe in and out, and experience the wonder that is me in this world.

That’s it. I sure hope that I can do all of these things and lots more, too. Who knows what the year will bring, all that I know is that I am getting bigger in it and becoming my own little person more and more. Happy New Year, everybody, and I hope that you get all of the dreams that you have this year.


My How You Have Grown… Please, Please Slow Down


I am writing this letter to you, Dorian, my beautiful and miraculous daughter. You are over one, and I began this blog to share your life with others, but truly, I began it so that you could have something that you can look back on when you are older. It is a documentation of your life. It is your life. It is you. It is the essence of your personality, which is ever growing. Every passing day, you grow. You get bigger, you get more confident, you show new talents.

You are a bright light, so blinding that I can hardly comprehend it. You are a gift. You are a blessing. You are my life. You are your father’s life. You are loved. You always will be loved and supported by both of us, and you will always know love. Not a day goes by that you have not, and not a day goes by as long as we are living and breathing (and even after, dear, we are still beside you for all of your days).

You are our last. We are raising four beautiful, intelligent, wonderful people, and you are the last of those. We have the privilege to see small people become bigger ones, to become more self-assured, to become… adults. That is why I am writing you. You are now one, only one year old. You will, though, be two before I blink, then three, then four. You will walk. You will speak in complete and well-constructed sentences (I am an English instructor, so you are assured of this as I am a grammatical perfectionist). You will learn history, science, math, English, art. You will have a favorite. You will have favorite teachers and favorite music. You will dream. You will dream of what you can be, and you will yearn to achieve what you wish for most. I hope nothing more than for you to get it. All of it… the world in the palm of your hands. You are a ball of potential, and you have the Earth as a canvas in front of you for you to create what you wish from it. You do, and will, make the world more beautiful because you are in it.

You will hurt. You will fall, you will bleed, you will get bruised. You will cry from that pain, and inside I will hurt each time that you do. You will hurt on the inside, deep down in places where no one can really see, but I will see it, and I will hurt with you. You will be heartbroken, you will suffer loss, you will have disappointment. That kind of hurt is so much more painful than when you fall—and I will want to protect you, but I won’t be able to. I can’t shield you from the world. You have not suffered these things yet, but you will. Your Dad and I will be right there with you, and I can promise that we will hurt more than you each and every time. You may not always choose to see it, but we will be there right behind you, holding you up.

You will grow. Despite your father’s and my best efforts, you will grow faster than I can comprehend. You already are. Your personality shows in everything that you do—you gorgeous and blindingly beautiful girl—and you are well established already in your ability to see the world for what it truly is… and it is a beautiful world if you look through all of the ugly presented to us each day.

Please, my sweet girl, please don’t grow too fast. I look at you every day with joy and happiness, with a love that is so deep and engrained in my soul that it hurts sometimes. Your Dad and I can do many, many things, but one thing that we can’t do is to slow time down. I wish more than anything that we could. My wonder, my life, my child… if I have one piece of advice for you, it is to slow down, when you can, when you know the difference between acting as a child and acting as an adult. Slow down and continue the path of innocence. The life you lead as an adult will be waiting for you, but the life you had as a child you can never, ever get back once you walk past it.

I love you with every single piece of me… not one speck left.

Love always and always and always,