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Mr. Rexy the Vegetarian Dinosaur Dragon


This guy right here is Mr. Rexy. He might look a might bit scary with all of those giant sharp teeth and spikes, but he is a gentle fellow. He is a vegetarian, and he is half T-Rex, half Hookfang dragon. He has gotten a bad rap, you see, from looking so mean. Really, though, he is like a giant teddy bear.

Mr. Rexy had a problem today, however, because a bunch of Pterodactyls “took the rocks from the lake trying to hit him because they were scared of him. They didn’t know he was nice because they never talked to him to see if he was really scary or if he just looked scary.”

Even though this was a bad move on the Pterodactyls’ part, it worked to Mr. Rexy’s advantage. The wet rocks worked to stop the lava from the volcano was erupting, because sometimes “good things happen from bad things.” The volcano is now just “drooling” lava and can’t hurt Mr. Rexy or anyone else. Sometimes we save the day even the original intention wasn’t the right one.

What we do know is that Mr. Rexy needs friends. And maybe a hug. We all need hugs sometimes, just be careful because this vegetarian half T-Rex half Hookfang doesn’t always watch where his spikes go. Hug at your own risk.



Sometimes All it Takes is a Bit of “Mind Power.”


See that? It’s a train, and I made it all by myself this morning. My Mama was in the kitchen making me breakfast, and I came over and said, “You want to see my kitty train? I made it, come see it.” I then grabbed her by the hand and I took her over to our little library room to see my masterpiece.

This morning I got the blocks out all by myself, putting them all over the floor. I have done this many times because I love to build with blocks, but I usually just build towers that I make as tall as I can so that I can have an “earthquake” and I make them fall. I do this over and over. This morning, though, I wanted to make a train for my kitty. My Mama says that this was special because I was looking at the blocks and trying to figure out how to make a picture with them in my mind, and then I had to make that picture look like the one in my mind.

I had to get the Jenga blocks first (I took those for my projects instead of the game because they make for good building) to make the bottom part because they are bigger. Then I took the little blocks and built it up, and I put the round one at the front for the “steam” (as I explained to Mama) just like on Thomas the Tank Engine. I love that show, so I wanted to make my little train look like Thomas and Percy. I put the round piece up front so that it could have a “face” just like Thomas, too. Once I was done, it was time for my kitty to be the conductor of the train.

I was so very proud of my work as you can see from the giant smile on my face, and my Mama said she was very proud too and that it showed how my imagination is growing. My imagination is huge, Mama, as you can see from all of the games that I play every day. All that it takes is a bit of mind power, and I’ve got a ton to spare.

Me and My Shadow.


Mama and Daddy and me all go out for walks and runs and play sessions outside a lot. I can go and ride on my little balance bike, and I can run as fast as I can, and I can go and play with the bugs under the rocks and throw little rocks into the water near our little house. I love being outside in the warm, warm sun, and I love to feel the ground beneath me when I run so fast, so fast, that no one can catch me… not even the wind can keep up. No one, apparently, but shadow me.

When I was outside last time, I noticed while I was on my little bike and I noticed that a bigger version of me had made the ground dark in the shape of me, but bigger. I said, “what is that?” because I had never noticed that I had another me following me around before. My Daddy stopped me, and he explained that it was my “shadow,” and that it goes everywhere that I go, all over the place. He didn’t get too much into the “how” yet because he said I wouldn’t understand until I was a bit bigger, but he showed me instead how he had a biggggg shadow and that when you lean down really low that you can make shapes with your hands and move your shadow around the way that you want for it to go.


Then I tried it out myself, and I made my hands move all around while my shadow-hands moved with me. Everywhere I moved, they moved, and Daddy was right… I couldn’t get away from my shadow. My Mama says there is a boy who once lost one somehow named Peter that had to have it sewed back on, but she says not to worry because that can’t happen to me. I’m glad, because I like my shadow Dorian. I am never alone as long as I have her with me after all.

My Daddy is so, so smart, and he says he will teach me all sorts of things as I get bigger. As I tell Mama, I am so, so big already that I am practically grown. I have to admit, though, that I still have a lot of things to learn, and my Daddy is the best teacher that I could possibly have as I figure everything out and as I grow.

“All children, except one, grow up.” — J.M. Barrie

I Can Create Pictures in my Mind… and I Can Make them Come Out as Art.


My Nana bought me a little magnet drawing pad to use in the car as I get bored these days really easily, and my Mama and Daddy are not “stay still” kind of folks. I love my new board so much because I love to draw. I draw on paper all of the time, but I have a hard time with the pen sometimes, and I run out of paper. When that happens, sometimes my art has spilled onto the furniture and a few of my toys. My Mama says, “Only on the paper, Dorian,” and I know and understand, but it is really, really tempting to keep making art everywhere that I go.

With my little magnet pad, though, I never run out of room to draw, because when I get tired of my picture, I just make it go away and then I start right over again with a blank magnet page. I can do this as many times as I would like, and there are no art accidents that way. Everyone is happy.

In that picture up at the top, those are two pirates. When I drew them I told Mama and Daddy, and Mama took a picture of me making my art. Mama thought that they were ghosts, but that is the beauty of art… we can all see different things.

Sometimes I draw something really scary to me, though, and I have to scratch it out really fast before erasing it because that takes longer. Our minds can sometimes create really weird things when we do not mean for them to, just like when we dream and things start to go wrong and everything gets dark. I don’t know why the scary guy came out on the magnet pad, but I made him disappear, and fast.


No matter what, though, scary mind people or not, I am going to keep making art and making pictures on paper and on my magnet pad. It is the way that I can show the world that there are so many beautiful pictures in my mind… and those pictures can become my art on canvas.


Where is my Mind?


I have my toddler imagination cap on right now, and that means that I can be and do whatever I imagine. That might look like a grocery bag, but it is my deep, dark cave that I can tuck my head in and hide. I have all that I need to survive in there, my little doggie sippy cup of juice, and I am warm and safe. I even have my Daddy’s rooster cap in case it gets cold in the deep and dark. I am the master of mischief, and right now, this is my little home that is only for me. Where is my mind? Wherever I want for it to go, and the possibilities are endless.

With your feet on the air
And your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head’ll collapse
If there’s nothing in it
And then you’ll ask yourself…
Where is my mind?
— The Pixies

I May be Small, but I am Strong

I found these little weights today that look like Mama and Daddy’s big ones but are just my size. Mama says these ones are called “bolts,” but no matter, they can be what I want them to be with my imagination, so they are my new get strong weights. 

I have been carrying them around this morning pushing them up and down, making roaring sounds to show Mama how very strong I am. I can do pull ups and climb and run, even with my little body. I work every day on being stronger and stronger, and one day, I will be just as strong as them too and can lift the big ones. Until then, these will do just fine for practice. After all, practice makes perfect, and my form? Well, I don’t want to brag, but  it’s pretty darn good, so all of those famous athletes just may want to watch for me. I am a force to be reckoned with, and inside my head, I am already a champion.


Hey There, “Fishies!”


There are so many different types of creatures in the world, and I am busy learning them all. There are doggies, my very favorite, and kitties (who don’t seem to like me chasing them as much as doggies do), and turtles that swim around and crawl too.

I have been to an animal park too, so I have seen other animals too that come from all over, like giraffes, and little monkeys, and chimpanzees, and goats, and llamas, and reindeer (who I hear help Santa out during Christmas time).

Besides doggies, though, my very favorite is fishies. Mama says you just say “fish,” and she maybe knows because she teaches writing, but I prefer the word fishies because it is easier and more fun to say.

I love fishies because I adore water and always want to be in it as much as I can—puddles, baths, pools… any water at all. What fishies do is live in the water, and they can’t ever even get out because they breathe under there like we breathe out in the air. They just swim around and around in the water all day. I think that if I had to pick a creature that I got to be, I would pick them because I would get to swim around all day long every day.

I can’t really be a fishie, although I can pretend to be one when I am playing in the water. What I can do, though, is go places and watch the fishies, like at the big park called Maymont near our house or at lakes or even in big fishie tanks. There are lots of places with fishies around, and I can pretty much spot them from a mile away, making the big people come and look, too. I watch them and watch them until the big people tell me that it is time to go, and even then I never want to. I could sit and look at them all day.


Sometimes they look at me too, and I wonder if they want to be a Dorian like I want to be a fishie. It’s okay little buddies, you’ve got a pretty good deal there under the water, swimming and free.


I Can Be Anything That I Want to Be… and Right Now I am a Raccoon.


Sometimes, when I am feeling very strong and brave, I become a dinosaur, roaring through the house tossing my toys and bearing my very sharp teeth. Other times I am a very gentle kitty, moving around the house quietly slinking around the corners meowing, waiting for Mama and Daddy to pet me or pick me up. I can also be my very favorite type of animal, a doggie, going around the house woofing and sticking out my tongue to pant. When I slide on my belly I look like a snake, slithering and slick.

Right now I am being a raccoon, and I even have the right face for it. Raccoons are very sneaky and they take snacks that they aren’t supposed to, and they can get into things that they shouldn’t be getting into too. Mama says that they are the troublemakers of the animal kingdom. Well, Mama and Daddy, if you think about it, I am always a little bit like a raccoon. I do all of the things that you told me that raccoons do, and sometimes I get into trouble spots too, like when I climb onto the dining room table but can’t get down or like when I balance on very little things on my tippy toes in order to try to get the things further back on the counters. I also put everything in my mouth, and I love lots of different foods like they do. If you just wait until I am a little bit bigger, I will be able to get into more and more and more things and will be more raccoon-like.

Why do you look a bit worried, Mama? Is it because I have frightened you with my raccoon ways? It’s okay, I know what I am doing, because I have become a sneaky, trouble-making expert, but I will be safe and sound… just as long as you guys keep watching out to rescue me over and over again.

Babies… We’re Just Like Kitties.


Mama tells me that while I am learning, some things that I do make me kind of like our little kitty, Jenga. She says that I come up to her when I want to on my own terms to get love, and when I’m done, I run away just like our kitty. She tells me that I lean in to have my hair played with sometimes, when I am quiet and still, and that those are some of the best moments, and she tells me that is when she feels closest to little Jenga, too. She tells me that I also “meow,” and that a lot of my cues, even though I am getting bigger and I talk now, are like when she has to decide why Jenga is circling her and making her meow sounds. She has to find out what my meows mean sometimes, like when my tummy hurts me and I don’t know how to tell her that this is why I have become sad.

I think that she might be right when I watch little fuzzy Jenga. She curls up and loves nap time, just like me. She gets crazy sometimes before those naps and runs around in little circles, just like me. She looks for love and is demanding when she wants it, and sometimes it is not at an easy time for my Mama and Dada, like when food is being cooked or when cleaning up is happening. Those little pets, though, they mean so much to both of us. We all seek love.

Fuzzy Jenga also likes boxes. Mama laughs and says all kitties like boxes, and she tells me that this is one of the reasons that she says that I am a bit like my little fuzzy friend. We get a lot from the mail because Mama and Daddy don’t like to spend time shopping and they find things on the computer box to get sent to us instead. The boxes are different sizes depending on what they are getting– sometimes they are huge and my whole body fits in them and I can disappear, coming out and saying “boo” when I want to be seen. Sometimes I can sit in them really well and Daddy makes sleds or rocket ships out of them for the day. Sometimes they are so small that I can just put little toys in them and out of them and in them and out of them again and again. Sometimes I try to fit into ones that might be just a bit too small for me, and Mama says that kitties everywhere try to do exactly the same thing when they get boxes that are too small for them.


This one is big enough for a sled game, right Mama? Right Dada? Yes? I can fit most of me in it, see? Can you push? Why are you laughing? Fine, I’ll just play the scooting game all the way across the dining room all by myself. Bye, bye Mama and Dada, the skeptics… I’ll be way over here, taking a little box car trip.


I Have This “Driving” Thing Down Pat.


You see me, Daddy? I am in your little house on wheels, our little Minnie Winnie (which is gigantic… it makes our little cars on wheels look like the toy cars that I zoom around the house). I am in the driver’s seat, Daddy, and I am touching that big, big wheel. I have seen you drive it, Daddy, so I know what to do with the it. I just have to turn it around when we need to go one way or another and keep it on the road, right? The only thing is that my legs don’t go down past the seat yet, Daddy, and I know that you do something with your feet to to make our house on wheels go and stop. If you just help me with that part, Daddy, I have this thing. I can do it, Daddy, just get those pedals with your feet and you can let me steer. No? Are you sure, Daddy? Please?

Okay, well I will just pretend in my mind, then. I will even make the loud engine sounds with my mouth, and I can do those really well to sound like a real car. Since it’s my decision in my mind, I think that we will go to the big water called the ocean. Okay, everyone? Alrighty then. Watch. Me. Go.