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Mr. Rexy the Vegetarian Dinosaur Dragon


This guy right here is Mr. Rexy. He might look a might bit scary with all of those giant sharp teeth and spikes, but he is a gentle fellow. He is a vegetarian, and he is half T-Rex, half Hookfang dragon. He has gotten a bad rap, you see, from looking so mean. Really, though, he is like a giant teddy bear.

Mr. Rexy had a problem today, however, because a bunch of Pterodactyls “took the rocks from the lake trying to hit him because they were scared of him. They didn’t know he was nice because they never talked to him to see if he was really scary or if he just looked scary.”

Even though this was a bad move on the Pterodactyls’ part, it worked to Mr. Rexy’s advantage. The wet rocks worked to stop the lava from the volcano was erupting, because sometimes “good things happen from bad things.” The volcano is now just “drooling” lava and can’t hurt Mr. Rexy or anyone else. Sometimes we save the day even the original intention wasn’t the right one.

What we do know is that Mr. Rexy needs friends. And maybe a hug. We all need hugs sometimes, just be careful because this vegetarian half T-Rex half Hookfang doesn’t always watch where his spikes go. Hug at your own risk.



Hello my Friend, Mr. Apple…


My Daddy is so silly, and he made me a little apple buddy to play with that had a face and little hands. I called him Mr. Apple, and I played with him, telling him, “Don’t worry, Mr. Apple, I won’t hurt you.” I had him play with my little Barbie dolls, and they talked to each other and had a great time. I was even wearing my Snow White dress, and I know that an evil witch gave her an apple too, so I was just like her (well, except for the fact that my Mr. Apple was not a poisoned apple and was a dressed up apple instead, but otherwise, it was just like the movie).


See? There he is. Isn’t he cute? The problem with Mr. Apple, though, is that deep down I knew that he was an apple. Deep down I knew that he was one of my favorite foods, and I knew that he was delicious under all of that cute. After a while of playing with him, I took his hands off and took a bite of him. My Mama heard me chomping on him… I just couldn’t resist his deliciousness.


He was just pretend after all, and he was food, so he couldn’t go to waste. He couldn’t have stayed my play friend for long because he would have gotten all yucky, so I made sure that he was nice and happy in his new place… in my belly. I’m sure that there will be a new apple buddy soon, and he just might meet the same fate… because apples? They are one of our very best foods. Crunch.

Do You Have Your Silly Buddy?


That’s me and my Daddy. He’s my “silly buddy.” I know that when I am feeling like giggling until I have to say “stoppppppp,” it’s my Daddy that I go to. Everyone goes to him to laugh because he is what Mom calls a “laugh expert.” He must have been practicing since he was small like me, because any time that any of us in the house is mad or sad, he can always turn everything around and make us all happy again.

My Mama says that everyone needs at least one person that is a silly buddy– someone to laugh with that makes you happy no matter how your day has gone. She says that this is because laughing every single day is one of the most important things that you can do and that it actually makes you feel better on the inside and the outside. I do feel all better when Daddy has made me laugh really, really hard, so it must be true.

I sure am happy that I have a silly buddy this early in my life, and I think I’m pretty lucky. As for the glasses, I think I may just be pretty fashionable, too.

Funny Faces and Laughter… Happiness in Action.


See that? That’s my “funny face.” We all have them. Sometimes we put our funny faces on when we are alone and no one can see us. Sometimes we put on our funny face because we want others to laugh with us. Sometimes we want to world to see our funny face and laugh, because laughing is one of the best things that you can do every day. It just makes you feel good. I get that, and I have always known that since I saw Mama and Daddy laugh at me and smile at me when I was so little that I couldn’t even move around yet. Happiness is what we need to do every single day, and laughing is like happiness in action.

My Daddy taught me to do a funny face by him doing one in the car mirror. I saw him slip a couple of funny faces to me and I laughed, but then I realized that if I did what he was doing, Daddy and Mama and my big sister Addie would all laugh at me and then keep on making more and more funny faces. Laughing is, after all, contagious… but it is the best kind of contagious.


Now I can make my funny face whenever I want for someone, anyone, to laugh. I think that if I can share my funny face with the whole world, that I can make happy happen all around me. If we all just remembered to be silly just a little bit more, us small people and big people too, I think that the whole world would be more friendly. Don’t take yourself too seriously as much as you can, because we all need as many laughs as we can fit in every single day.

Babies… We’re Just Like Kitties.


Mama tells me that while I am learning, some things that I do make me kind of like our little kitty, Jenga. She says that I come up to her when I want to on my own terms to get love, and when I’m done, I run away just like our kitty. She tells me that I lean in to have my hair played with sometimes, when I am quiet and still, and that those are some of the best moments, and she tells me that is when she feels closest to little Jenga, too. She tells me that I also “meow,” and that a lot of my cues, even though I am getting bigger and I talk now, are like when she has to decide why Jenga is circling her and making her meow sounds. She has to find out what my meows mean sometimes, like when my tummy hurts me and I don’t know how to tell her that this is why I have become sad.

I think that she might be right when I watch little fuzzy Jenga. She curls up and loves nap time, just like me. She gets crazy sometimes before those naps and runs around in little circles, just like me. She looks for love and is demanding when she wants it, and sometimes it is not at an easy time for my Mama and Dada, like when food is being cooked or when cleaning up is happening. Those little pets, though, they mean so much to both of us. We all seek love.

Fuzzy Jenga also likes boxes. Mama laughs and says all kitties like boxes, and she tells me that this is one of the reasons that she says that I am a bit like my little fuzzy friend. We get a lot from the mail because Mama and Daddy don’t like to spend time shopping and they find things on the computer box to get sent to us instead. The boxes are different sizes depending on what they are getting– sometimes they are huge and my whole body fits in them and I can disappear, coming out and saying “boo” when I want to be seen. Sometimes I can sit in them really well and Daddy makes sleds or rocket ships out of them for the day. Sometimes they are so small that I can just put little toys in them and out of them and in them and out of them again and again. Sometimes I try to fit into ones that might be just a bit too small for me, and Mama says that kitties everywhere try to do exactly the same thing when they get boxes that are too small for them.


This one is big enough for a sled game, right Mama? Right Dada? Yes? I can fit most of me in it, see? Can you push? Why are you laughing? Fine, I’ll just play the scooting game all the way across the dining room all by myself. Bye, bye Mama and Dada, the skeptics… I’ll be way over here, taking a little box car trip.