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It is Wonderful to Feel Loved… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


Mama told me that we were nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award the other day by Stylish Affairs, a wonderful blog site about being happy, confident, proud of the skin that you are in, and, as the title states, stylish as you go. 🙂 The cousin team who write for Stylish Affairs are wonderful, and they have brought inspiration and happiness to their audience. They are inspirational and well worth following and reading. 🙂

Since I was nominated once before a while ago, this blog is standing as a thank you to Stylish Affairs and to nominate other wonderful blogs that Mama and I have found while reading. Mama and I specifically enjoy reading inspirational blogs– ones that lift you up– and parenting blogs (because Mama says that having a community of others parenting is a wonderful thing– I don’t know about this, but I sure like the pictures of all of the little ones about my size). This go around is to nominate others that are in one of those categories. Here. We. Go. The nominees are:

1. http://babyblueeis.com

This site is a parenting blog, and it is done by the Mama of a little girl, Eisley, by her Mama. Alexa. Easley is the subject of many of the blogs, and she is a beauty. Beautiful pics of food and Alexa’s little one can be found here, and it is well worth the visit and follow.

2. https://conceivabledream.wordpress.com

We recently found Terri and her blog, too. Mama loves this one because it has simple and direct parenting advice and fun information. It is a mix of a lot of different topics related to family and health. I love the pics of food and her wee one.

3. https://bipolarmatriarch.wordpress.com

This is a wonderfully powerful and inspirational blog about health, wellness, love, and parenting. Stop by, follow, and be inspired and happier before you leave. Motivational messages are a wonderful thing even for us little ones.

4. http://thesimplysweetproject.com

Food is inspiration, and wonderful pictures and recipes of food can be found here. I love this one a lot because pretending to cook, looking at how Daddy cooks, and eating food are some of my very favorite things.

5. http://emmaludeke.com

We just found this Mama, too, and the pics of her little one, Charlotte, is the subject of her blog. She is doing what Mama is helping me to do– making memories and keepsakes for when her little one gets big.

6. http://bumpbabyme.com

This is a parenting advice and diary for her wee one. Annie, the writer, blogs helpful advice for other Mama’s entering the parenting world and the fun things that she gets to do with her little one. Mama says she loves London and wants to go back, so seeing beautiful pictures there is a great thing.

7. http://www.monepositiveblog.com

This is what it says that it is, and that is a wonderful blog about being positive. Many inspirational messages here, and Mama and I are both happy that we found Magdalena and her site.

8. https://spicysweet113.wordpress.com

We also recently found this blog, and we are both happy that we did. This blog is a diary of sorts with parenting information, health information, and general life information. All of the posts are fun and well worth the read.

That’s it! All of these wonderful folks deserve recognition for their wonderful work. Please stop by to support them if you can. To the bloggers nominated– if you have been nominated before, that’s okay. You don’t have to do a post, or if you do, you can always nominate other blogs that you love too. 🙂 To Stylish Affairs once again, thank you so, so much.

I Have a “Lovely” Blog… The Lovely Blog Award! :)

One Lovely Blog 18.7

Hello everyone! I was recognized by Kat, who has a wonderful blog that everyone who has not already (or hasn’t seen it in a bit) should check out. Her blog is Dandelion Fuzz, and here is the link: http://katcarpita.wordpress.com. Her blog is great to read and my Mama reads every post by her.

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog award, and my Mama says that “lovely” means beautiful and great, so I am very honored and humbled (Mama taught me that word and says that is a good thing to be when you get recognized for doing something good.)

The first thing is to say 7 facts about me. Here goes:

1. I am now over 13 months old, so I am practically an adult in a little body.

2. I am very adventurous and I like to climb. I can’t walk yet, but I know how to climb on the couch and the bed, and I can get around most anywhere that I want to. I can’t figure out how to climb onto the kitchen counters yet, but give me time, Mama, give me time.

3. I like to lounge around in bed, and I have already discovered the wonders of sleeping in– often until 9 a.m. Mama and Daddy say that means that they are really, really lucky on weekends when they can sleep in. I do love my morning snuggle time too, until I am ready to go. Then… I go.

4. I like to have books read to me, and even though sometimes I grab and eat the books that Mama or Daddy are reading to me, I want for them to keep reading while I do it.

5. I have only two teeth, but I can gum and chew most anything that is small enough, and I don’t like baby food anymore. I am a big girl, and I want to eat everything that Mama and Daddy are eating. I know the good stuff.

6. I don’t like cake. Daddy says that this is rare for someone my age, but I prefer fruit to cake. Mama says that this is a good thing and that she hopes that I stay that way.

7. Mama and Daddy and other people too have said that I am an “old soul.” They say I look at the world like it is new but not new all at the same time.

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.(Check.)
2. List the rules and display the award.(Check.)
3. Include seven facts about yourself.(Check.)
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award.(See below. Check.)
5. Display the award and follow the blogger who nominated you (if not already!) (Already done! Mama loves Kat’s blog!)

Here are my nominees. Mama helped me with this part. All of these blogs are ones that Mama shows to me and reads or looks at the beautiful photography. Mama told me to let you all know that if you don’t want to participate, that’s okay, too. It is always good to be recognized, and these area all blogs that I see my Mama reading.















http://edenseffort.wordpress.com (Note: This last blog is close to my heart and Mama’s because my big sister Addie has type one diabetes.)

Thank you again, Kat! http://katcarpita.wordpress.com

Xo, Dorian

“They Also Served”… The Donut Dollies and Donut Day


Yesterday Mama told me that we were going to Krispy Kreme to go to something called “Donut Day” where everyone could get a free donut. I didn’t know what a donut was, but she explained that it was like a shiny and soft cake that was in the shape of a big ring, so I was definitely in.

We had to wait for a long, long time because a lot of people knew about Donut Day, but I got to watch this big belt bringing all of these rings down a line to get shiny (mama called that glaze), so it was okay because there was a lot to watch. We got my donut, which was still warm, but Mama didn’t have one because she doesn’t eat them (she said that she would tell me all about why later). I can’t understand why she would just give me one and not her, but Mamas and Daddies seem to do a lot of things that are not for them and for their little people instead.

The donut was so good that I just squished it in my fingers and then put my hand in my mouth. Everything melted and it was warm and gooey. Mama fed me little pieces, but she didn’t give me all of it because she said that it would make my tummy hurt. I think that it might just be worth a tummy ache, but little people have to listen to their big people.

Even though I thought that Donut Day was just a day to eat yummy, soft, messy cake, Mama told me today that Donut Day is really not a day for free donuts even though most people think that it is. Mama said that it is really a tribute to the “donut girls” or “Donut Dollies” that served in the big wars, WWI and WWII.

She said that these “wars” were like giant fights where a lot of people came and hurt each other to the point that they were gone from the Earth forever. She said that a lot of people went and fought and served, and that each and every one of them was to be honored and remembered whether they went away from the Earth or if they were able to stay.

Mama told me that a lot of people forget that there were also many people who helped the people who were in the fight instead of fighting. I think that I would like all of those people best. She told me that they were her favorite too and that the Donut Dollies and all women veterans were to be just as cherished and honored for their work and that they were just as much heroes as those who fought for our country. I remembered war from the Rosie the Riveter Memorial on our trip, so I already knew that people could take other people from our world and that women helped to keep everything running and that they had to be really, really strong. I didn’t know, though, that they also went to where the fighting was.

Mama let me know that Donut Dollies not only went to the “big world wars” but that they went to another war too called Vietnam that came later. She told me that the Vietnam War was not too long before she was born, and she said that the Donut Dollies did a lot to help the “soldiers” who were fighting to stay as happy as they could in a very hard and sad time. She said that all wars bring sadness, and she said that the Vietnam War changed our country and changed a lot of the people still living here forever. There sure have been a lot of wars, and I really can’t understand why people would want to fight so much, but I understand why people would want to help the people fighting.The Donut Dollies make the most sense to me.

Mama said that she had even gotten the honor of speaking to some of the women who served in Vietnam as Donut Dollies and women who did other jobs too, and that she would never, ever forget what all of those women did to serve our country and that she didn’t want other people to forget either. She said that they too were hurt and changed forever on the inside because they had to see and be a part of all of the bad fights. Those women, she said, were some of the strongest women that she had ever met. She showed me a picture of her standing next to one of those women whose name is Emily Strange, and she said that knowing her and the other women who served in Vietnam was one of the things that she is most proud to have in her life. I already know that it is good to know heroes.

Mama told me to never, ever forget the strong women who came before me, and she told me that “respecting your elders” often meant “walking in their shoes in your imagination” so that you could know what they had been through. From what Mama told me, walking in the Donut Dollies’ shoes would be really hard to do. Maybe one day I will grow up to be as big and as strong as those women who came before me, all the women who served.

“it was my calling
to take away fear and replace it with hope
to return sanity to a world gone insane.”
— Emily Strange, “Donut Dollie”