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Hey, Squirrel Buddy, Wanna Share my Pasta with Me?


Daddy loves animals, and a while ago he started buying sunflower seeds to feed our neighborhood bird and squirrel buddies. I help too and throw out seeds with Daddy in the mornings so that no one will go hungry.

We have lots of different birds of all colors that come around now, and we have a few squirrels that come every day too. One new squirrel buddy, though, seems to want to come inside to play (and eat my food). He puts his paws on the glass and looks back and forth. He is a curious little buddy, and I like to play with him because he does not run away when he sees me and puts his paws on my hands instead.

See him there? There he is while I am eating, looking in at me. I think he may have wanted his seeds and my pasta, too. I am learning all about sharing, little buddy, and I could let you in and give you pasta if Mama let me. Mama says that he would not really want to come in, though, because our doggie Django is a “rat terrier” and he is made to go after little creatures that move fast.

I guess his place is outside looking in, and that’s okay… after all, he is much different than me. I just watched The Fox and the Hound, so I understand that sometimes relationships have to be done a different way in order to make them work. You can still play with me, little fuzzy guy, at the window, and we can still be friends like Copper and Todd.

“And we’ll always be friends forever.” — Young Todd, The Fox and the Hound 


Let’s Play, Granny Grace


That person right there, the one lifting me up high, high, higher, is my Granny Grace. My Granny is my Dada’s Mommy, and she loves to play with me more than almost anything that she does.

My Mama and Daddy say that I am really, really lucky because I have so many people in my life that love me. They say that if I have more people that love me than I have fingers on my hands that I am luckier than many people in the world. I don’t know how to count on my fingers yet, but there are so many people that I bet that I am one of those lucky ones. My Mama and Daddy tell me that they want me to grow up knowing that I am loved every single day by our family, and they say that as I get bigger that I will understand how very important all of our family is to me.

My Granny is one of those special people who is in our big love circle. She loves to get down and play games with me, to play cooking with me, and to play in my little pool in the water with me. She loves to take me to the park and to slide down slides and to push me in the “little kid” swing. We just play and play and play, and I keep on going until my energy battery is all worn down.

Granny also works hard to make things special for me, and she even made me my own play house to play in with windows and flowers that has a bunch of stuffed animal buddies in there waiting for me. It is just the right size for me, and it even says “Dorian’s House” on it, so everyone will know that it is all mine (although sharing is important she says, and being friendly is too, so I invite people in from time to time… when I don’t need “me” time, that is).


My Granny is a big play buddy, and she is also one of my many protectors in life. We need those, us small people, to keep us safe and warm. Thanks, Granny Grace, for laughing with me, playing with me, and watching me grow.

I Can Get all of These Tree Needles, Mama, Don’t Worry. I am a Good Helper.


I know that I took the broom from your hands when you were sweeping up all of those loose needles from our little Christmas tree when it came down, Mama. I know that you had it first, but I just couldn’t help myself and I took it so that I could help you out. I saw what you were doing sweeping, so don’t worry, I am sure that I can do it just like you were doing. I am a big, big helper, Mama, and I can get all of these needles into that big box that you call a “dustpan.” Just let me push them around a bit and they’ll get there. Some might go under the couch or the table, but I’ll sweep all those tree needles where you won’t see them anymore and you won’t have to worry about them. If you don’t see them, they aren’t there anymore. Okay, Mama? Am I hired?

E.T. Phoooonnnneee Hoooommmmeee

photo 2-3

For some reason, my Mama says, “E.T. phone home” every time that I do this to her. I have no idea why, but it makes Daddy chuckle.

Little Furry People and the Meaning of Love


I woke up this morning in my home. It was weird not being somewhere different each day, but Mama said, “I love you,” and everything was okay. I did get to stretch out and touch my puppy Django today, and I had missed him so much. Even though I sometimes don’t know my own strength and can be a bit rough, Django always just licks my hand and snuggles up to me. Mama is teaching me the word “gentle,” but I don’t get that one yet. She just opens up my hand flat and makes my hand go down his back. I like the way that his fur feels on the inside of my hand… it’s tickly. He sticks right by me, and me him, and that’s the way I like it. I have a feeling that if I was in trouble that he would be right there trying to help me. Dogs really are my favorite creatures in the world right now, although I like those fuzzy things that run away called cats too. We have two of them, and one day, when my legs work better, I will be able to catch up to them too. Mama seems worried about that, but I only want to feel their soft fur in the palm of my hand like I do Django. Mama tells me that we have to respect all animals and to treat them with love, and she says that there are many different kinds of animals in the world and that we have a responsibility to treat them all well since we are bigger and stronger. I’m not that strong yet, but I know that I am learning to be more gentle with Django every day because I love him. Man’s (or little baby girl’s) best friend.

Home Again, Home Again…


Today we got up really early again, before the sun, but now the time that the sun comes up and goes back to sleep seems like the right time, so I didn’t like it. I liked my warm pillows and comfy bed, but Mama and Daddy seemed like they were in a rush to go and they ran around putting things in things and putting everything in a pile. They got me ready and we rushed out, not even looking back to the last place that we would be before making the long ride home. If it’s anything like the ride there, it’s going to take forever. I bet that I got bigger on the plane sleeping it was so long. We boarded the plane and it was a really big one. People were rushing around to get everything in bins above our heads, and we got seated and took off. Mama and Daddy both seemed pretty down, not like the other ride in the big box full of seats where I could feel how happy they were. This feeling was different, and they said something about being really busy when they got back. I was peaceful sitting in Mama’s and Daddy’s laps, but I felt their sadness just the same, and I kept looking at them to make sure that it was all going to be okay. Mama said it was and that she loved me, and that made me happy. I may not know how to say anything but “Mama” yet, but I know exactly what love is and have since Mama and Daddy first held me. Even though it wasn’t as exciting, I still got to look out the window and see the mountains, the desert, and the fields. After a while we were so high that we were above the clouds. I put my hand on the window trying to see if I could touch them, but I couldn’t. I stared and stared at them though, wondering what they felt like. Mama says that one day I can put my hands in thick fog and that it will feel the same way and that it really was almost like feeling water but not as thick. She says that one day I will feel all sorts of things that I haven’t been able to yet, and she promised me that she would let me experience as much of the world as she could. She says that this will make me understand people and things more and that it is important to know a lot of places to understand that there is a lot of good in our world. I think that she is right, because these clouds are so pretty that I feel calm. All that I know is that the world seems so big that I could never see it all, but Mama says that I have many places to go to find what is supposed to be my own place and that I can see a lot of it. For now though, I am ready to go home and to see everyone and everything that I love so, so much.