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Happy Birthday, Dear Chris, Happy Birthday to You…


My great aunt Chris’ birthday was yesterday, and a little bit before that, we had a surprise birthday party that my cousin Mandy planned so that we could all celebrate with her. My great aunt Chris is one of the very nicest people that you will ever hope to meet. She gives and gives and gives and gives all of her heart to all of the people around her that she loves (and there are a lot of those).

Chris’ celebration was also because of the end of her treatments for something that the bigger people around me call “cancer.” I don’t really understand what that is, but my Mama says not to worry because I don’t need to know anything about it quite yet. She said, though, that Chris had a long time of getting medicines that made her kind of sick to make her all better again. That is why she is wearing that fancy headscarf, but now that she is all done with the treatments, she won’t be wearing the fancy headscarves for too much longer (unless you want to Aunt Chris… you do look really fashionable you know).

I got to do a lot of things at the party like eating food before I was really supposed to (my Mama says that I can get away with these things because I am so little), playing with hula hoops and giant balls, and running around in the giant gym over and over again. I also got to stare at the Peanuts cake that was right in the middle of the room every time that I passed it.

The best part, though, was getting to help blow the candles out of that Peanuts cake with Chris. She said that she couldn’t blow candles out quite as well these days, so she needed to have my help. So suddenly, even though it was Chris’ birthday, it was like it was part mine too because everyone all around was singing the happy birthday song and I got to sit in front of the cake on Chris’ lap and blow out all of those candles with her. Everyone clapped and cheered, and I felt like the life of the party. Honestly, that was about it for me because all of that action packed adventure was a lot for a little person to take in. I slept like “a rock” that night, Daddy said, whatever that means.

Happy birthday again, Chris, and many, many more to come.



This Muffin… is Mine, all Mine.


Sometimes, when something is so, so good… like this Whole Foods giant chocolate chip muffin… you have to just make an ugly face while you are putting it in your belly. It might not be dainty, or pretty, but you just don’t care. That is my “this will be gone in 90 seconds” face.

And this…


is my “I’m having a moment” face. Sometimes you have to pause and enjoy too, after all.

Technology Can Bring People Together, Too.


I have heard people say since I was really, really little that technology takes people away from each other. I know that this can be true, too, because sometimes my little family all has separate things that they are doing on little glowing screens for a bit, and I have also seen that out with other people at restaurants not talking or at the playground. My Mama admits that this happens to her, and she says that it is a problem for big people and little people, too. She says that there are a lot of people out there who work against being on those little glowing screens more than they should.

There are just too many things that are fun on those screens sometimes, and if big people don’t watch little people, they can get sucked in just as much as Mama with her work and her “social media,” whatever that is. I mean, there are so, so many great blogs out there, and sometimes you can just get sucked in and can read and read and read. You should read a lot of blogs, but you should also take the time to play. Yes, big people, I am talking to you. I am little, but I am wise.

Technology doesn’t always do that, though. Sometimes, when I am waking up and starting my day, my big sister Addie will sit with me and we play games together that makes me learn. My big, big sister Lilli and my giant brother Jonah sit and play games, too. This, my Mama says, is when she likes that we are on those little screens. After all, there is nothing wrong with snuggling up and playing games… just as long as you are doing it together.

It’s Daddy Car Party Time!


Sometimes, when it is just me and my Daddy in the car, we can be silly. Daddy will make funny faces at me, and I can play and dance and shout-sing and laugh, and we have such a good time. My Daddy sent Mama this picture to show her just how much fun we were having shout-singing and laughing together.


Sometimes though, all that shout-singing and laughing and dancing, with the buzz of the car and the noise of the road passing under our little car can make my eyes so, so heavy so, so fast that before I know it, we’re home and I don’t remember getting there.  Oh Daddy, you’re so good at wearing me out with the highest level of fun that a little girl could ever have.

Sometimes you Don’t Need to Go Far to be on Vacation.


See that giant, fluffy doggie that is sitting with me looking like a white colored Clifford? That is Luke, and he is my Grandpa Mo and Jennifer’s and my cousin Catherine’s doggie. Catherine does flips and twirls and dances and jumps in a thing called “gymnastics,” and she goes to do those flips all over the place in things called “competitions.” She is very good and wins a lot, but that means that they have to travel a lot to go to even more of those competitions.


There’s me practicing, Catherine, on your baby beam that is my size. I got on the big one with the help of Mama and Daddy holding my hands, but that one was a bit scary. For now I’m going to stick to the itty bitty one, okay? You can handle that big practice one.

Oh, I got distracted. I do that a lot, it’s called “being two” according to my Mama. Sometimes, when Catherine is flipping in other places, Grandpa Mo asks us to come over for a night to play with Luke and to walk him. I love when that happens, because it is right down the road, but it is still like a mini-vacation for me. I get to play and play and play and play, and there are so many fun places to explore. For little people, anything different is like vacation, and I love different.

I do lots of fun things. I get in Luke’s crate and pretend to be a doggie (Luke looks really confused when I do), I play on the piano making beautiful music, I play with Luke who is still a big puppy and needs to be worn out (I am good at that one, Grandpa Mo, I take my job very seriously), and I run all around in circles watching Daddy play on the hoverboard (my Daddy is really good at it and goes really fast).

2016-02-15 16.06.23

There is so much to do that I never get bored, but I do get very sleepy, and when I do, I get to sleep way, way up high in Catherine’s bunk bed with her buddies. It is so very cozy up there, Catherine, that I bet that you sleep really, really well after all of that flipping. I didn’t even do flips and I slept like a log. (By the way, Catherine, that giant chili pepper buddy you have hanging in your room? I said, “he’s spicy!” over and over and I pretended to eat him up. Some little kids might of been scared of that pepper, but I was very brave and laughed at him instead.)

In the morning, I got to take a bath in the jacuzzi tub with the big bubbles. As you can see, I liked it even though I was really worried every time that the jets were turned on because of the noise that they made. I got over that really fast, though, because… bubbles.


Then Mama, Daddy and me walked Luke around the neighborhood before heading back home. It was cold, but Luke and I got to run and play outside, and I think that made both of us very happy.


Until next time, Luke, my giant doggie buddy. Mini-vacations near home? They can be just as fun as going really far away.



I Got my Wish! One More Snowfall.


I have been wishing and wishing and wishing for more snow every day for weeks now, and I finally put my wish in writing the other day. That must have worked, because last night while I was dreaming about snow, snow actually fell from the sky again. I woke up this morning to it, and I was edgy at the window and waiting for what seemed like forever to actually get out to play in it.


Daddy said something about needing breakfast and vitamins and to get dressed, but those things just didn’t seem to matter nearly as much as they usually do in the morning (although I admit that it was really cold, and getting bundled up was a good idea, Daddy).

Once all those boring things were done, though, I got all snug in my warm jacket and mittens and hat and snow boots and we all headed outside. We only had a little bit of snow, so I didn’t need my snowsuit on, I just got to go out to play. I ran and ran and ran around in the snow in circles and all around our yard, eating the snow everywhere that I went.


I played out there for so long that I was cold from the bones out, but I didn’t care because this is probably our very last snow for the year. Mama says that she hopes that it warms up soon, and I guess I do too because it will be closer to swimming outside and playground time, but I am going to miss my white, fluffy friend when it does. Until next year, my snow friend, and thanks for coming out to play one more time.


“Chopsticks”… a Much More Fun Way to Eat.


It has been a big week for new things for me along with my this-little-piggy toe socks that I told you about yesterday. Mama and Daddy eat with these little designed fun sticks called chopsticks all of the time, and Daddy is so good with them that he can even pick up one little grain of rice at a time if he wants too. They are so fun to try to use, but they are so hard that I can’t quite do it yet even though Mama and Daddy have shown me how to put my fingers and they have let me take them to try to pick little things up around the house so that I can practice. My little fingers, even with little people chopsticks, can’t quite do it yet. They go all criss-crossed, and they are so slippery in my little hands.

Since I loved trying to use them so much, they ordered me small kid practice ones that are not slippery. They have finger holes where my fingers need to go on the sticks, and they help my little fingers stay in place when I am picking up food. Since I have had them, I have had them on my fingers almost all the time, picking up snacks and fruit and almost everything with them. I even picked up my entire English muffin this morning and took a bite. This is a good thing, because as you can see from the stains on my freshly washed hands, my eating generally tends to be pretty messy.

One day, when I am big, I will be a chopstick expert that can pick up a grain of rice like Daddy, and my practice chopsticks will help me to get there even faster. Thank you, little penguin chopstick buddy, for making eating food even more fun.

I May be Small, but I am Strong

I found these little weights today that look like Mama and Daddy’s big ones but are just my size. Mama says these ones are called “bolts,” but no matter, they can be what I want them to be with my imagination, so they are my new get strong weights. 

I have been carrying them around this morning pushing them up and down, making roaring sounds to show Mama how very strong I am. I can do pull ups and climb and run, even with my little body. I work every day on being stronger and stronger, and one day, I will be just as strong as them too and can lift the big ones. Until then, these will do just fine for practice. After all, practice makes perfect, and my form? Well, I don’t want to brag, but  it’s pretty darn good, so all of those famous athletes just may want to watch for me. I am a force to be reckoned with, and inside my head, I am already a champion.


Water, Water, Everywhere, and Tons of Spots to Play


Everything around me is exciting, and every single day brings new things. My Mama and Daddy like to stay busy and moving around, and they are teaching me to do the same. I love to explore my world, but when I really think about it, the thing that I love the most is water.

I love my “baba,” which is my own word for bath, and I love our little pool outside where I can take cups and sit and play. I love sprinklers, fountains, and even two little cups of water where I can take the water from one cup and put it in the other, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Even when I drink water, I put my little hands in it sometimes and swish it back and forth, and I put some on my arms so that they can get all wet. Mama, my cleaning lady, doesn’t really like that, but I need her to know that I always have play and fun in the very front part of my brain.


I know the word “w-waater” really well, although it is a difficult one, so it takes me a bit longer to come out right and I have to focus really hard to make it sound exactly right. I am busy saying it over and over and over, though, because I always want to be around it playing.

There are big waters, like the ocean, and little ones, like our little pool when it is full, but all of them are for playing and getting soaking wet down to your bones, where all of you feels really soggy.


All of the types of water are fun to play in, and I get to play in the water every day. It really is the simple things in life that are the best, and water is one of the most simple but best things out there.

Water, water, everywhere, and tons of spots to play;
Water, water, everywhere, I love you more each day.


Hey There, “Fishies!”


There are so many different types of creatures in the world, and I am busy learning them all. There are doggies, my very favorite, and kitties (who don’t seem to like me chasing them as much as doggies do), and turtles that swim around and crawl too.

I have been to an animal park too, so I have seen other animals too that come from all over, like giraffes, and little monkeys, and chimpanzees, and goats, and llamas, and reindeer (who I hear help Santa out during Christmas time).

Besides doggies, though, my very favorite is fishies. Mama says you just say “fish,” and she maybe knows because she teaches writing, but I prefer the word fishies because it is easier and more fun to say.

I love fishies because I adore water and always want to be in it as much as I can—puddles, baths, pools… any water at all. What fishies do is live in the water, and they can’t ever even get out because they breathe under there like we breathe out in the air. They just swim around and around in the water all day. I think that if I had to pick a creature that I got to be, I would pick them because I would get to swim around all day long every day.

I can’t really be a fishie, although I can pretend to be one when I am playing in the water. What I can do, though, is go places and watch the fishies, like at the big park called Maymont near our house or at lakes or even in big fishie tanks. There are lots of places with fishies around, and I can pretty much spot them from a mile away, making the big people come and look, too. I watch them and watch them until the big people tell me that it is time to go, and even then I never want to. I could sit and look at them all day.


Sometimes they look at me too, and I wonder if they want to be a Dorian like I want to be a fishie. It’s okay little buddies, you’ve got a pretty good deal there under the water, swimming and free.