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Can I Fix it? Yes, I Can!


I love Bob the Builder, and I even have a little wooden toolbox of my very own that I can use to fix my toys. I usually just fix little things because I am a little person. When I broke our big speaker, though, by hitting it when I was playing with my Nerf sword, I got to fix that all by myself.

Daddy asked what happened after he got home, and I didn’t say anything… after all, I know when staying quiet is a good idea. Mama ratted on me, though, so my cover was blown. I jumped in then, saying, “I can fix it! I can fix it all by myself!” I went and got the tape and kid scissors. Daddy helped me cut the tape, then I put the front of the speaker put on just right and put tape all around it to make sure that it didn’t move.

After I was done I stood back and admired my handiwork and was so proud. After all, I had never gotten the chance to fix something without help. I think that I did a great job for a 3-year-old. Even though Mama and Daddy chuckled (and Daddy had to come back to make slight changes to my fix), I think they thought that I did, too.


Can We Do It? Yes We Can!


You work too hard Daddy, all the time, and you deserve a nap. Don’t worry, Daddy… I’ve got this. I have seen Bob the Builder, and I have watched you fix lots of things around the house, so I can do it. I’ll fix all the things. There is only the one issue of me being in the stroller, oh, and me not being tall enough. If you just lift me up, Daddy, I’ll bang on it really loud, and rest assured, it will be all better. Love you, Daddy.