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Hey, Squirrel Buddy, Wanna Share my Pasta with Me?


Daddy loves animals, and a while ago he started buying sunflower seeds to feed our neighborhood bird and squirrel buddies. I help too and throw out seeds with Daddy in the mornings so that no one will go hungry.

We have lots of different birds of all colors that come around now, and we have a few squirrels that come every day too. One new squirrel buddy, though, seems to want to come inside to play (and eat my food). He puts his paws on the glass and looks back and forth. He is a curious little buddy, and I like to play with him because he does not run away when he sees me and puts his paws on my hands instead.

See him there? There he is while I am eating, looking in at me. I think he may have wanted his seeds and my pasta, too. I am learning all about sharing, little buddy, and I could let you in and give you pasta if Mama let me. Mama says that he would not really want to come in, though, because our doggie Django is a “rat terrier” and he is made to go after little creatures that move fast.

I guess his place is outside looking in, and that’s okay… after all, he is much different than me. I just watched The Fox and the Hound, so I understand that sometimes relationships have to be done a different way in order to make them work. You can still play with me, little fuzzy guy, at the window, and we can still be friends like Copper and Todd.

“And we’ll always be friends forever.” — Young Todd, The Fox and the Hound 


32,000 Feet… Is That Higher Than Daddy’s Shoulders?


Today my Mama and Daddy took me on an adventure. My days usually are filled with toys on the floor, my exersaucer, and snuggling (my favorite), but today we got up really early way before the sun and got on what my Mama called a plane. To me it seems like a big box of seats filled with a lot of people, but Mama told me that I was going far away to a place called California. She said the world is a big place and that it was time for me to begin experiencing the wonders of it. All that I cared about though, really, was the glowing screen in front of me that said Delta Airlines with a little plane like we were on. Well, that, and the little biscuits that were so, so yummy. My Mama called them Biscoffs, but I call them a little piece of heaven (I know, cause that’s where I’m from, and so far nothing that I have seen compares).