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I Can Touch the Stars in the Sky…

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Every night right before I go to sleep, my Daddy rocks me and then puts me down to “touch the stars.” We go into my little room and my Daddy counts “one, two, three” with me, and then he lifts me high, high, higher, all the way to my ceiling, which is covered with little stars that glow for a while in the sky of my room before I dream my night away.



I really can fly with the help of my Daddy. He flies me all around my room every night to touch the little and the big stars while I hold my leg up like Supergirl. I am, for that moment, SuperDorian up in that sky, flying as fast as light. Then, after I have touched the stars all around the room, my Daddy lies me down gently in my little bed with all of my buddies, and he snuggles up and helps me to sleep (because I have been known to be a late night singer and jumper and I need a bit of calming to help me along).

When I drift off, I look at the stars that I got to touch in my little sky, and I fly up there again and again, with my Daddy right by my side.

I Have This “Driving” Thing Down Pat.


You see me, Daddy? I am in your little house on wheels, our little Minnie Winnie (which is gigantic… it makes our little cars on wheels look like the toy cars that I zoom around the house). I am in the driver’s seat, Daddy, and I am touching that big, big wheel. I have seen you drive it, Daddy, so I know what to do with the it. I just have to turn it around when we need to go one way or another and keep it on the road, right? The only thing is that my legs don’t go down past the seat yet, Daddy, and I know that you do something with your feet to to make our house on wheels go and stop. If you just help me with that part, Daddy, I have this thing. I can do it, Daddy, just get those pedals with your feet and you can let me steer. No? Are you sure, Daddy? Please?

Okay, well I will just pretend in my mind, then. I will even make the loud engine sounds with my mouth, and I can do those really well to sound like a real car. Since it’s my decision in my mind, I think that we will go to the big water called the ocean. Okay, everyone? Alrighty then. Watch. Me. Go.