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I am Po, Kung Fu Panda!


I am now 3, and I have been through so much in my long, long life that I don’t remember a lot of it. Apparently my brain is still catching up with all of those memories, because I remember some pieces of things and don’t remember others. One of those things is Halloween. My Mama tells me that I was a ninja when I was a baby, and Daddy and Mommy took me all around in their arms because I couldn’t walk yet. I don’t remember that at all, but I can see the pictures of when I was a teeny baby. I think that I made a good little ninja, although I don’t think that I look too dangerous. My lightning fast grip on hair, though, you had to watch out for that.


The next year I was walking, although I wasn’t that good at it yet and couldn’t go too far. That year I got to be Spidergirl. I have never been shy, and so once I got the hang of this “Halloween” thing, I went all by myself to trick or treat. My Mama says everyone was so very proud of me going all on my own. A girl knows what she wants even when they are small, and what I wanted was candy… lots and lots of candy.


Last year I was so into Frozen that I couldn’t have been anything but Elsa. I was a miniature Elsa and my big sister Addie was Anna… backwards I know, but Halloween costumes don’t have to make sense after all, and I couldn’t have been Anna because my favorite is Elsa, plus I have hair just like her. That year we went all over and I got the hang of things, and I got lots of candy with just a bit of help from my Mama and Daddy when by pumpkin got too heavy for me and when my legs got so heavy and sleepy that I couldn’t keep walking. I don’t remember being a ninja or Spidergirl, but I remember a little bit about being Elsa. I felt so fancy, and I did get the hang of collecting as much candy as my little bucket would carry.


This year though… this year I got to choose my costume for the very first time, saying what wanted to be. At first I wanted to be a witch, then Shimmer and Shine, then a zombie, but I didn’t really want to be any of those things… I didn’t know what I wanted to be and I kept changing my mind every day, because that is what 3-year-olds do about pretty much everything (lunch, treats, what clothes to wear, what books to read…all of the things). When my Mama said I could be Kung Fu Panda, though, that one stuck. I could be my favorite hero, getting to take out Tai Lung with my iron fists? It was no longer a decision. I was Po, and I was going to carry a nunchuck and to be very, very tough (but with a soft and funny side, just like Po).


That is me with my nunchuck on the way to our friends Jill and Stacie’s neighborhood. I might not look too tough, but I played the part well. You wouldn’t have wanted to be a bad guy and to cross my path.

We had to wait until it got dark after we got there, and although it seemed to take forever for the sun to go to sleep so that it was dark enough (I kept asking over and over), the sun did go down and we did get to go out with all of our neighborhood kids. There were so many, big and small, in all sorts of scary and pretty costumes. There were decorations too all around us, light up ghosts and pumpkins and cats and monsters. It was very scary, but the good kind of scary where you know that nothing is really going to come out and hurt you.


I went up and down the streets collecting candy in my little panda suit, and my Mama said my whole suit shook when I ran just like Po’s big belly. I was told I was cute a lot, but really… they had no idea that I have a scary side too. They just better be glad that they were treating and not tricking.


I have Halloween down pretty well now, although I had to keep being reminded to say “trick or treat” and “Happy Halloween” and “thank you” (Mama told me that is the most important one to remember, but sometimes I grabbed candy and ran away and she had to shout it for me). I could have said, “trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat, if you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear” to them because I know the whole thing, but Daddy said that “Happy Halloween” was way nicer because that song might make some people upset if they don’t have “a sense of humor.” I thought that everyone loved to laugh, but Daddy says some people like to be very serious all of the time. I think that I need to watch out for those people, because I don’t know if I can trust someone who doesn’t laugh about underwear.

We trick or treated for a long, long time, and I got a lot of candy even though I didn’t always remember to say trick or treat or thank you just the same. My bag and legs got all heavy again, and I said I wanted to go back to Jill and Stacie’s house. I checked out all of my candy first…


Then I was so very tired that I took a mini-nap on the couch (I didn’t really sleep, but I needed the rest for my legs and eyes).


Then, at last, I got to meet Jill and Stacie’s little new baby, Jaden. He is 2-months-old, and he is so very little. He was a dinosaur! My Mama said it seems like it was just a bit ago that I was that little, but you can see how big I am now next to him, so it really was ages. img_82701

Mama and Daddy got to play with him too, but then I got oh-so-sleepy and we had to go home. I think that I am now a Halloween expert, and next year I’ll do even better and my legs will be even stronger to take me further faster so that I can get oh-so-much-candy. Thank you, Jill and Stacie, for letting us be a part of your family for the day. We love you and your little dinosaur Jaden too.

I Can Get all of These Tree Needles, Mama, Don’t Worry. I am a Good Helper.


I know that I took the broom from your hands when you were sweeping up all of those loose needles from our little Christmas tree when it came down, Mama. I know that you had it first, but I just couldn’t help myself and I took it so that I could help you out. I saw what you were doing sweeping, so don’t worry, I am sure that I can do it just like you were doing. I am a big, big helper, Mama, and I can get all of these needles into that big box that you call a “dustpan.” Just let me push them around a bit and they’ll get there. Some might go under the couch or the table, but I’ll sweep all those tree needles where you won’t see them anymore and you won’t have to worry about them. If you don’t see them, they aren’t there anymore. Okay, Mama? Am I hired?

There are Trees Everywhere… How Can I Pick Just One?


This is me and my family with this year’s Christmas tree. Apparently it is a big deal for us to all go and pick out just the right tree for us every year to take home and to decorate for Christmas. I thought that it would be easy, but it was very, very hard., and everyone wanted for me to be the one who got our tree this year.

There are rows and rows and rows of trees, and it was too much for me to pick out just the right one even when they took two and showed them to me for me to pick. I walked right past them all into the open space at the back and decided to take the time to practice my walking steps instead.

They tried and tried to get me to go back to the rows to pick out our little tree, but I kept on walking, because that is what I do—I am my own agenda keeper and I had an agenda.

I did take the time to get on the giant carts made for hauling lots of things with my big sister Addie, my big, big sister Lilli and my giant brother Jonah, and Lilli gave us a push and we made it into a ride. That was fun until Mama told us that we could get into a bit of trouble and that they weren’t for riding. She told us that we needed to get back to the tree picking because that is why we were all there.


Finally Mama and Daddy picked one and asked us if it was a good one. It was a pretty little tree just the right size, so we all agreed, and it got trimmed up and put on top of our little Subaru car to go home.


Later, when the tree had stretched out and the branches had come out more, we put all of the lights and decorations on it. It was my turn to do the star, but I didn’t want to do it because I don’t like to have people show me what to do and I can’t follow directions that well yet, so my giant brother Jonah did it as if I had not come along it would have been his turn. He did have me touch it first, so I did help.

I also took a few of the ornaments off of the tree and put them back in the right places, so I decorated a bit too. You’re welcome, everyone, since I am now busy taking some of those extra needles with me when I tear the ornaments off of the tree over and over again. The bottom of the tree may look a bit bare this year because of my decorating, but that’s okay—it’s still our little Christmas tree and I have helped to make it our own. Love you, little tree.