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It’s Daddy Car Party Time!


Sometimes, when it is just me and my Daddy in the car, we can be silly. Daddy will make funny faces at me, and I can play and dance and shout-sing and laugh, and we have such a good time. My Daddy sent Mama this picture to show her just how much fun we were having shout-singing and laughing together.


Sometimes though, all that shout-singing and laughing and dancing, with the buzz of the car and the noise of the road passing under our little car can make my eyes so, so heavy so, so fast that before I know it, we’re home and I don’t remember getting there.  Oh Daddy, you’re so good at wearing me out with the highest level of fun that a little girl could ever have.

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer


That’s my big, big sister Lilli in there in that tv box. She’s dancing, see? She takes dancing lessons with Miss Tiffany, who is a friend of Mama’s that she has known since she was very, very small– not too much bigger than me. Miss Tiffany has taught my big, big sister Lilli to be a graceful dancer. She looks a lot like the birds flying outside, so pretty and light, when she dances. When I get bigger, I want to dance, too, just like Lilli.

Until then, I love to watch her dance in the tv box and I can dance along. See? I am stomping too and bending and shaking. My legs are little, but they can do those things. I can be like a bird, or I can be like a strong bear with my dancing. I just listen to the music and I go with it, and my Mama says that is how dancing is… you just feel it and move.

I can watch Lilli and my cousin Bama dance whenever I want because my Granny has made videos of all of us growing up to be bigger and bigger people, and I sure am glad that she is making a record for all of us to see when we are big. Mama says that holding memories close and keeping them in videos, pictures, and even what is here in my writing will be treasured by us always and always. Memories, Mama tells me, are what makes us remember who we were and how much potential we have to become whatever we want to become.

Our family, she says, all of the people who love us, are what makes life rich and full of love. I don’t have to be told that, Mama, I know all about it. When I hug you or blow you a kiss, that is love, and all of those things are memories for you too.

For now, though, I will watch Lilli be a bird and I will be a bird. I will soar into the sky, into the tv, and become anything that I want to be. I am a tiny dancer.

Portable Ear Music Machines


So let me get this straight… these things are called headphones, and they put music inside your ears that you can carry around with you. I love you, little tiny music machines, I love you so much. You and me have a date to go dancing around the house later.

This is Gonna Be the Best Day of My Life… My Li-i-i-i-i-i-i-ife.

photo 1

I love music, and Mama puts music on for me a lot on the computer box and sits me on her lap to watch. She puts me a bit far away most of the time, which I don’t like because I like to reach over and touch the screen and to type on the keyboard. Mama says sometimes it is more like banging, but I love that loud clicky sound that the keyboard makes when I use my fist instead of my fingers. Mama says that’s because that’s the keyboard’s way of screaming, but I prefer to think that it is laughing like when I am tickled.

We watch all kinds of music videos, but my favorite one so far is American Authors “Best Day of my Life” dog version. That doggie is so silly and he licks the screen, and if Mama lets me, I lick him back. The video is bright and colorful, and the music is so beautiful that I can’t help but bounce up and down.

Mama said that American Authors did a great thing when they made that video because it reminds people that there are many, many doggies out there that need homes, and she said that the best day of any doggie’s or kitty’s life is when he/she is adopted and goes to a loving home. I don’t understand why there are extra doggies and kitties in the world than there are people, because I think that some are born to be in a certain home, like our Mr. Django and our Jenga are born to be with us. It’s just like me… I was born to be my Mama and Daddy’s… it’s just that our doggie and kitty have more legs than I do.

Music is one of my favorite things, and that song is one of my favorite songs because you just can’t help but be happy watching the video and hearing how happy the people singing are. Mama says that music moves you more than almost anything on the Earth, and I believe her because I can feel it on my insides when I listen to happy songs. Thanks, little video box that brings me music and joy, you make my days happy.

“I hear it calling, outside my window, I feel it in my soul.
The stars were burning so bright, the sun was out ‘till midnight,
I say we lose control.”
— American Authors, “Best Day of my Life”

photo 2

The Little Ant People Called Vampire Weekend Can Play Really Loud…


Last night Daddy and Mommy took me to a place called Charlottesville with big bumps on the land that Mama called “mountains.” I saw the big mountains at Yosemite, but there must be a lot of different types of those, because these ones were much smaller and really green.

We went to this really big place with a big white cover and got a place to sit on the grass. There were little ant people with lights all around them down at the front that Mama called a stage. These little people were singing and playing music and dancing around. I thought that music only came through the computer or in the giant box with wheels that Mama calls a car, but Mama explained that people have to make the music first, and at a “concert” that music is made right in front of you.

At first I was really, really scared. The sound wasn’t that loud, but when things like “drums” came in and the person singing got excited, it sounded like music thunder. I am scared of thunder and fire engines, and it was louder than either of those. I cried a little bit, but Mama held me and I put my face against her neck… then the world was okay again.

When I came back out, the noise didn’t bother me anymore. Daddy told me that I got used to it. I think that they must have turned the volume button down, though, because it wasn’t scary at all anymore.

Daddy took me and bounced me around on his knee while the little ants down front (Daddy called them “Vampire Weekend”) were jumping around and singing and playing too. I had heard Mama and Daddy playing the ants’ music in their giant box with wheels before, and I have always liked them because their music makes you want to bounce up and down over and over, which happens to be my very favorite thing to do. Hearing them playing right there was different, though, and all of the people dancing around made everything feel full of energy almost like when I get too many pieces of orange and start running around in circles in my little walker box.

Before I knew it, Vampire Weekend faded away into the distance of my dreams. Daddy had told me to take a nap on the way because we were going on an adventure, but I was much too busy singing in the car on the way to be bothered with that. Instead I heard the wonderful bouncy notes of the ant people playing while Daddy held me in his arms with his hand against mine. I think that the very meaning of happiness and safety just might be listening to music in my Daddy’s arms… my protector and my hero.