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The Wonders of Princess Dresses and Candy…


I don’t always have to be Dorian, little toddler. I can be lots of things like a pirate or Supergirl, and last week, on the big day called Halloween when everyone dresses up like characters (even a lot of big people), I got to be a teeny Elsa. Aren’t I beautiful? I have the right hair for it after all, so I can pull it off really well, and people all night said the word “aww” as they saw me running down the street. I know that the word “aww” means adorable, so I was really proud walking around all night.


My sister Addie, even though she is normally bigger, became my little sister Ana, so we were sisters in real life and pretend too.


My sister Lilli was a vampire queen, but she wasn’t so scary, she was just really pretty like a real life queen.


My giant brother Jonah, because he is so, so old now, never could decide what he wanted to be… he just wanted candy. He dressed up in the blue creepy mask from his room and all black, and he was so scary that I had to make sure that it was him under there.

Once we got all fancy, we went over to our friends Jill and Stacie’s house to trick or treat. It was a huge place full of a lot of children all dressed up, so many that the streets were filled and no one could drive anywhere– we all had to walk.


There were kids of all sizes and a lot that were little like me, all getting so much candy that we still have boxes and bags full at home.


The neighborhood was all in lights and scary things all over, and it kept going and going so far that you couldn’t see the end of everything… candy in every house, like a Halloween wonderland. There were giant dragons…


And big kitty cats with glowing eyes…


And there was even a scary bear that was in our party with giant teeth, but I am not afraid of almost anything, so I loved him and his shiny teeth and kept trying to get back to him to see him smile at me again and again.


Jill and Stacie’s house had crawling zombies and creatures in mirrors that said “let me out of here!” over and over and a giant man in a mask that Daddy said was “Hannibal Lecter” whoever that was that talked to you when you got near him. I was supposed to be scared of those things I think, but I am very brave, and I also don’t really understand this “scary” and “not scary” business yet. I just look to make sure that my family is around me and that I am safe, and if I feel very scared, I find my Mommy and say “I got choo” and hold onto her. I didn’t ever get scared at all this time, though, because I was a brave and strong little snow queen.

I can’t wait until next year when we get to dress up and do it all over again. Mama says that I will understand even more about Halloween next year, but I already have the hang of it. I learned how to say trick or treat and how to hold a really heavy basket of candy, so I think I am now a Halloween professional. I’ll just be even bigger and better the next time around. That Hannibal guy better watch out because I will be talking more then, and I might scare him instead of him trying to scare me.

Candy is Everywhere! My First Real Halloween

The other day we all piled up in the car and went to a place near us for “Trick or Treating.” Trick or Treating means that there is suddenly candy everywhere, all around us, at people’s houses. Some candy was outside in a basket to grab, and other candy you had to knock on the door to get and people came out with buckets and buckets of candy. I love candy, so I wanted Halloween to be every day, but Mama and Daddy says it only comes one time per year because it is a holiday, and people wouldn’t want to give out candy every day.

We got to dress up too in order to get the candy. I was spider girl, and I even had on warm spiderman socks to match. My big sister Addie was a doctor, my big, big sister Lilli was Catwoman, and my giant brother Jonah was a guy with a blue mask on that had a blank look– there is no name to call him, but he sure was creep with that mask. I had to see him without it to make sure that he was still Jonah to not get scared.

photo 1-2

By the time that the night was winding down, I had been carried to the door enough and had watched all of the other kids with legs that work a bit better than mine enough to know exactly what to do. I started walking with my hands being held and got to exactly the right house, and then I wanted to be let go.

photo 2-2

The porch was a long, long way away, but I scooted and crawled all the way up to the door… up the steps and everything with my brother and sisters and my Mama right with me to make sure that I was okay.

photo 3-2

Then I trick or treated all by myself. I can’t say “trick or treat” yet so I said, “arh arh la!”, which means the same thing. My Mama explained my journey and that I had picked his house, and he let me reach in myself and take a piece of candy. I took just one piece, but he had me reach back in and get one more too because he said that it had been a lot of effort for me since I am so little.

photo 4

Mama scooped me up, and Mama and Daddy agreed that that was a good way to “top off the night” and that it was time to go home. I had a whole bucket of candy all for me, most of which had melted a bit because I didn’t want to let any of them go, and I got to hold a piece on the way home.

I can’t wait for next year because my legs are going to work better and so is my voice, and I can do it the exact same way as the big kids. See you soon, my candy friends.