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Look, Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Supergirl!


Yes, I am just a little girl (although I already know that girls can change the world, and I will). Still, I am just a little girl… that is, until I put on my Supergirl costume every day. Then I become faster than a speeding bullet as a run around the house and have Mama lift me up to fly in circles.

I am also more powerful than a locomotive!


See? There’s proof. That is me lifting up my giant giraffe buddy, and he is bigger than me. I am even a blur because I was moving so fast that Mama couldn’t get a picture of me that was clear.

I haven’t quite gotten the leaping tall buildings with a single bound yet, but I am working on my jumping and am already pretty good (I even scare Mama every single day), and Daddy can lift me up onto high things, hold onto my hands, and I can jump right off screaming “jumping!” in my Supergirl suit. I’m pretty close to that building jumping part, I just need to practice.

Sometimes instead of practicing, though, a Supergirl has to rest and read a book. After all, Supergirl has to a a super-reader, too, because Supergirl… she’s super, super smart.


Oh Mr. Darcy, Everyone Can’t Help but Fall in Love with You.


My Mama loves books and loves reading, and she is teaching me to, too. Sometimes I am so busy that I don’t want to slow down and stop to look at books for long, but Mama is teaching me patience and that being still is a good thing sometimes. She is a teacher for big people, so she tries to teach many people to love reading, even when they are way bigger than me. She says some big people need to learn to slow down and to let their mind get into books, too.

Today we read the baby version of “Pride and Prejudice” a few times in a row because right now it’s my very favorite. It is a short book, and Mama says the big people one is much longer– but she said that I wouldn’t make it through the whole story quite yet. She says that it is a happy ending though, and that the man named Mr. Darcy turns out to be one of the kindest and sweetest people written into a character. My book, though, is a counting book, and it counts some of the things that are in the big book, like “4 marriage proposals.” I know that Mama and Daddy are married, so I know that it means love. Mama says the big book is all about love and finding it in just the right place with the right person, and that sometimes love comes from places that you didn’t think you’d find it at first.

All that I know is that my book is bright and beautiful, and that I can learn all about love when my Mama snuggles in to read with me. Mama says that love is truly the best thing on Earth, and she says that I will always know a love of reading and a love of snuggling because they are some of her favorite things to do with me. I sure am glad about that, because my love for Mama, and my love for that book… they are bigger than I can make into words.

Edgar Allen Poe Eat Your Heart Out… I Can Make Word Music Too.


Mama has been on a kick with reading to me lately. It’s mostly a man named Dr. Seuss who makes sounds match up (Mama calls this rhyming but it sounds like music to me) and Goodnight Moon, but today she read a poem that she said was my middle name called “Annabel Lee.” This really sad man wrote it she said, and because of that it was a really sad poem, but Mama says that it’s happier than a lot of what he did. I sure am glad that she picked this one then, because this was about as sad as I can take at my age.

Mama said that Daddy used to work on a boat with the same name, which is why he named me that, and she said that her Daddy, my Grandpa, used to read it to her when she was little like me. She called this a tradition. I think that I like those.

The poem was beautiful even though it was sad, and it felt kind of like when we were in that boat going back and forth and back and forth. Mama says it’s hard to write poems because they have to line up just right, but I think that I can do it if I try really hard. I only know this one, so I’m going to have to make it sound the same.

Dorian Annabel Dean

It was many and many a day ago,
In a kingdom small as me,
That a baby there lived that you may know
Named Dorian Annabel Dean;
And this baby she lived with no other thought
Than to love and to be loved by we.

I am a child and so are we all,
In this kingdom small as me:
But we love with a love that is more than love—
My Mama my Daddy and me;
With a love that the angels who look from above
Watch over them and me.

And this was the reason that, days ago,
In this kingdom as small as me,
The sun it shone on us all, warming
Wee Dorian Annabel Dean;
So that my Mama and Daddy came,
To enjoy the sun with me,
To put me in my Mama’s arms,
In this kingdom small as me.

The angels, who watched over them in Heaven,
Were protecting them and me—
Yes! That is the reason (as all men know,
In this kingdom small as me)
That the sun came out of the clouds by day,
Warming wee Dorian Annabel Dean.

Oh our love it by far was stronger by far than the love
Of many much older than we—
And many much “wiser” than we—
And all of the angels in Heaven above,
And our God who looks down on us three,
Forever connects Mama and Daddy’s souls
To wee Dorian Annabel Dean.

For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams
Of my Mama, my Daddy and me;
And the stars always rise, and they know the bright eyes
Of wee Dorian Annabel Dean —
And so, all the nighttime, I lie down by the side,
Of my Mama—my Daddy—my life and my pride,
In my kingdom as small as me,
My Mama and Daddy and me.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Unless You’re Dorian Gray


My Mama told me today where my name came from, and from what I understand, it is from a book about a man who lives forever through a painting that ages instead of him aging. That doesn’t seem right, because all of the pictures that I see in our house have my big sister, my big, big sister, and my giant brother smaller than they are now, so it seems backwards to me. My mama said that this man was kind of backwards and that his name was Dorian Gray.

My Mama said that Daddy has a name from books too because Granddaddy Moe also had a love for books, and that this is why his name is spelled weird. Mama said his name is Spenser instead of Spencer after Edmund Spenser, who wrote a giant poem that keeps going and going and going. Mama called it “epic” I think, but I am not sure what that means exactly.

Mama and Daddy decided that my name should be like his name, so they both got to pick a name that meant something to them. Mama picked Dorian because she loves the man who wrote it, Oscar Wilde, and she said something about Dorian being both a beautiful and tragic character. I am not sure why she named me after a man who apparently did bad things, but Mama said that he is not a bad man; he just became bad because people can be weak if they are tempted. Mama told me that it actually makes her happy to read, and that just like bad things that happen in life, there is good in it if you only look close enough. She said that the meaning really to take from it is in these words…

“Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing.”

She said that is how she hopes that I will live my life, and I think that I am doing pretty well so far. I live my life in a simple way, not afraid, seeing everything that I can. Mama says that if I keep living that way and don’t forget when I get older, that my life will be amazing and beautiful just like me.