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Who’s That Girl? It’s Me, and I’m Livin’ on a Prayer and Walking Like an Egyptian…


I woke up like this, but isn’t it naturally beautiful? I love it because when I shake my head back and forth, my hair goes back and forth too, and I feel fancy.

My Mama says she and Daddy lived through this thing called the 1980s, and she said during that time lots of people wore bright colors, lots of jean everything, and spandex, lots of spandex. She said there was lots of lace and bangle jewelry. Earrings she said were huge, and actually… everything was huge then she said. I think that I would have like the 1980s and kind of wish that I had been there. I like bright colors, especially pink and green, and I like putting as much jewelry as I can on my arms. Maybe I would have fit right in. Mama says that people went kind of crazy with fashion in the 1980s, though, and that you could become something called an “80s fashion victim.” I don’t know if I like the sound of that, so maybe I’m better off here and now after all.

The one thing that she said that her and all of her friends had was called a “poof,” and that this is what I was wearing this morning when I got up. Mama said that she had to use a hot thing called a curling iron though and that she used something called “hairspray” that made your hair like it was glued together and that it became like the rocks that I play with outside. I don’t need those things, though, Mama, because I slept on it so long that it will be this way even when you try to brush it down– all the way until you give me a nice warm bubble bath. If you give me that thing called “Aquanet” that you mentioned though, Mama, it can be like this forever and ever and ever.

“Quien es esa nina, who’s that girl?
Senorita, mas fina, who’s that girl?” — Madonna


So I’m a Rock Star Now, Yes?


These thingys go to concerts and help make sound louder, right? So now that I’m on it, I can make sound, and I can make things loud, too. That means that I am now a rock star, and I will create beautiful music like the concerts that I have seen and like the videos that I watch when I’m snuggled up to my Mama. I can do it, promise, just give me a little version of the string machine that you guys call a guitar and let me go. I can sing Happy Birthday and the “Dorian Song” with my name in it that you guys sing to me, so I’m good to go. I will sell out and become famous, and everyone will come to see me play. Stardom here I come.

Spring is Here… and There are Giant Bunnies, and Candy, Lots and Lots of Candy


There seems to always be a time for everything during the year. Christmas happened not too long ago, and there were presents and the wonderful and jolly man named Santa and lots of hugs and love. You have to wait a long, long time for Christmas to come back around again, but while us little people are waiting, other things happen that make the wait better. What just happened was Easter time. Mama says that Easter has a lot of meaning that I can’t understand quite yet. What I do understand is that we all woke up to little baskets full of candy and stuffed animals and toys… some of my very favorite things.


We got to open them right after waking up, and Mama and Daddy didn’t keep me from too much candy like they usually do (a little is enough Mama says); they let me eat the entire head off of the chocolate bunny AND I got to eat a Reese egg.


I spent the entire morning playing with my little beeping key set, over and over and over again, beeping all around the house. I was shouting in words that they couldn’t understand, but what I was trying to ask was where the car was that went with the keys. There has to be a car like Mama’s and Daddy’s but smaller, right? I never found it, but I’m still looking.


Later, when we were all ready, we went on an Easter egg hunt, which is where there are little eggs all around with candy in them that you have to find. I loved this part, but it was really, really hard to stay focused and to find the eggs. Like Mama has told me, if I see a puddle or something shiny, I go to that instead of what I was doing a moment before. She said that this is called an attention span, and she said I don’t have one of those quite yet and that it takes practice. Since I hear Daddy tell her that she doesn’t have one either, maybe it runs in the family.


After that there was more candy and more playing, all day, nothing but my family playing with me. I know that isn’t the meaning of Easter and that I can’t understand what it is really yet, but I do know that part of that meaning has to be that family is one of the best things on Earth, and that love… well, everything centers around the love that we feel. The candy, well, that’s just a bonus.

Babies… We’re Just Like Kitties.


Mama tells me that while I am learning, some things that I do make me kind of like our little kitty, Jenga. She says that I come up to her when I want to on my own terms to get love, and when I’m done, I run away just like our kitty. She tells me that I lean in to have my hair played with sometimes, when I am quiet and still, and that those are some of the best moments, and she tells me that is when she feels closest to little Jenga, too. She tells me that I also “meow,” and that a lot of my cues, even though I am getting bigger and I talk now, are like when she has to decide why Jenga is circling her and making her meow sounds. She has to find out what my meows mean sometimes, like when my tummy hurts me and I don’t know how to tell her that this is why I have become sad.

I think that she might be right when I watch little fuzzy Jenga. She curls up and loves nap time, just like me. She gets crazy sometimes before those naps and runs around in little circles, just like me. She looks for love and is demanding when she wants it, and sometimes it is not at an easy time for my Mama and Dada, like when food is being cooked or when cleaning up is happening. Those little pets, though, they mean so much to both of us. We all seek love.

Fuzzy Jenga also likes boxes. Mama laughs and says all kitties like boxes, and she tells me that this is one of the reasons that she says that I am a bit like my little fuzzy friend. We get a lot from the mail because Mama and Daddy don’t like to spend time shopping and they find things on the computer box to get sent to us instead. The boxes are different sizes depending on what they are getting– sometimes they are huge and my whole body fits in them and I can disappear, coming out and saying “boo” when I want to be seen. Sometimes I can sit in them really well and Daddy makes sleds or rocket ships out of them for the day. Sometimes they are so small that I can just put little toys in them and out of them and in them and out of them again and again. Sometimes I try to fit into ones that might be just a bit too small for me, and Mama says that kitties everywhere try to do exactly the same thing when they get boxes that are too small for them.


This one is big enough for a sled game, right Mama? Right Dada? Yes? I can fit most of me in it, see? Can you push? Why are you laughing? Fine, I’ll just play the scooting game all the way across the dining room all by myself. Bye, bye Mama and Dada, the skeptics… I’ll be way over here, taking a little box car trip.


With The Sun on My Face and the Wind in my Hair…


It’s getting warmer out, and as much as I love the snow and the cold, I also love the feel of warmth on my face and I love being outside without being all bundled up. There is something about the sunshine that makes you happier than you ever remember being. It has been so cold for so long that I didn’t remember how good the warm sun felt on your face. After all, for me it was ages and ages ago since I don’t have that much life to go by quite yet.

Mama and Daddy like to stay active and to move around a lot, and they tell me that it is the healthiest way to be. They really like to get on the wheel things that they call bicycles. I have a little one of those too, but my legs are too short and I can’t figure out how to make the pedals go in circles yet, so I am not ready. Even when I get bigger and when I learn, I guess it will be like everything else– I will be slow at first and will get faster. Mama and Daddy, though, they have been on bikes for ages, since they were little bitty, and they are fast. There is no way I’ll be able to keep up with them for a long time.

They still want to bike, though, and so they got me a little carrier machine that goes on the back of the bike that I can sit in, get strapped up, and go. Mama says she doesn’t trust herself, so she has Daddy be the one to take me on the back of the bike he is on. We go gently and Daddy doesn’t go too fast so that I’ll stay safe, and it is so fun to feel so, so free. I laugh and sing in my little seat on the big bike, and Daddy and Mama talk to me and laugh with me, too.

There is just something about being outside. Feeling the sun on my face and the wind taking my hair all over the place as we go– it makes me so, so happy. Mama tells me that it is the little things, the simple things, that makes us happiest. I believe her because being outside is a simple thing to do, but I am at my happiest when I am around the birds and the trees and the fresh air. Nature, as Daddy tells me, is what we are part of and it is part of us. That is where we really belong, he says, but things that we have to do keep us inside even when it is beautiful outdoors. Maybe we all need to figure that one out, because I don’t want to stay all cooped up when it is so pretty out. I want to be outside and free, with the wind in my hair. I want to go. I want to go and go and go and stay with the birds and the squirrels and the trees. That, I know, is where peace and happy live.


Hey Doggie Buddy… Wanna Play?


Good morning, Mr. Django, my little puppy best friend. Do you want to play? I have your toy right here in my hand. We can wrestle and play the tug-of-war game that you love so much. You can pretend to growl and jump a bit, and I can squeal and run.


I have it behind my back now, see? You can’t get it right now, because I have it. It’s a puppy-baby stare down contest. I win though, Mr. Django, I win every time because I am a little girl and you know that you have to be very gentle with me. That’s what makes you such a good friend.


I still have it, Mr. Django. I’ll give it back in just a second, right when you are getting ready to jump behind my back to find it. Don’t worry, Mr. Django, I’m getting ready to tug-of-war you. In this war, though, remember, I am the clear winner, and my prize is the slobbery puppy toy. And kisses, you can also give me puppy kisses.


There you go, Django puppy. It’s right there and you can get it, but you have to give it right back to me to play again and again and again. Okay… and… go.

Look, Mama, I Have Your Purse and I am Just Like You.


I found your purse, Mama. Usually you just keep it up on the table where I can’t get all of the pens and your planner and your wallet out, but today you forgot and left it right in the corner beside your computer. I have an eagle eye, Mama, don’t forget, so I found it right there right away first thing.


It’s really, really heavy, and it is almost as big as me… and the long strap that goes on your shoulder needs to be way smaller to fit me. I am super strong though, Mama, and I can carry it all around the house squealing with my little running shoes and your purse on my shoulder. Don’t worry, I will take good care of it as I drag it all around the house as fast as I can. It’s a good thing that Daddy picked out a really sturdy one for you. He says it’s “practical,” and I agree.


See, Mama? I am just like you. It looks better on me honestly, so can I just keep it? I can put all of my little important things in there like my little stacking cups and my fake keys and I can take all of your old things out. Please? No? Well, I’m not giving up easily… catch me if you can.

Quick Mama, Before the Giant Snowflakes Go Back Up in the Sky!


Oh Mama, those snowflakes are gigantic. I am a snow expert now with the weather this year, and those are the biggest that I have ever seen. Have you seen any that big before, Mama? Can we play? Can I see them? Quick, before they go away. I know it’s cold, but I am big now and I can handle it. I am using my giant yelling voice to let you know how excited that I am. Okay? Yes?


I heard you say, “one minute,” because it is so cold. I get to feel them on my face though, Mama, and they tickle my skin. I know we can’t really stay out here, but I love it because everything is so still and so quiet. It is peaceful out here, Mama, even though it’s cold, and I feel like these snowflakes were made just for me.


Just Like Me, My Hair is not to be “Tamed.” 

My Mama says now that my hair is finally starting to grow that it sometimes needs to be “tamed” after sleep. I, though, prefer to keep it just as it is. Just like me, it is wild and free. See, Mama? It is quite stylish. I call this look “the thinker.” I am always thinking, Mama, and right now I am thinking of running away from you and your little brush. 

Et Tu, Mama and Daddy?


Oh Mama and Dada… when I woke up from my nap yesterday and we got ready to get into the car, I thought we were going on another adventure. Most of the time the car means something new or fun is about to happen. This time, though, we went to see Dr. Nyrienda at my little doctor’s office. I love my doctor’s office and my doctor, and Mama and Daddy do, too, but even though the normal fun of running around in the waiting room and meeting new people happened, something called shots happened, too. I found out yesterday that I don’t like those, and I’m still recovering from what happened to me.

They first took a little pricker on my finger and that hurt and made my finger have a heartbeat, but Mama talked softly letting me know that it was to check to make sure I was healthy on the inside, too. Then they gave me not one but two “shots” in both of my legs. I had never had that happen before, but I sure didn’t like it. Mama let me know that these were to make sure that I didn’t get bad germs that could hurt me. Still, even though I don’t like the thought of bad germs, but I’m not sure if the pain was worth it. Mama and Daddy tell me that it definitely is and that most little ones like me have them, but I am still not convinced.

There was a bright side. The nurse that came in to do the shots told me that I had done really well and I had been very brave, and she gave me a Doc McStuffins sticker right on my belly. That made it just a little bit better, but I didn’t tell Mama and Daddy– after all, they are going to be making this one up to me for a while.

On the way home, every time I looked down at my finger until they took that Band-aid off, I started crying a little because it made me remember what had happened back there.

Mama and Daddy, I am letting you guys know that even a day later, I feel a bit betrayed. See that boo boo in the picture, Mama? Daddy? See it? I am holding you both responsible, and you’re going to have to make it up to me over the next days with lots of popsicles, yummy food and snacks, and snuggling. Lots and lots of snuggling.