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Music and Dancing Brings Families Together.


This past weekend was a rainy and cold one and the sun hardly came out to play at all. When that happens, most of the time we all stay inside and we have to find lots of things to keep busy. I can most always find something to do and I just become a little baby hurricane, taking everything in my path and putting it somewhere else. My older brother and sisters, though, they can get what is called “stir crazy” and want to go somewhere else and just not know what to do with themselves. We can all run around the house chasing each other and our little doggie or jump up and down or all become little hurricanes, but Mama says that since there are four of us that then it gets to where we are “bouncing off the walls” and that you begin to not be able to walk anywhere without having something in your way. I can do this by myself, too, but with them helping me…. it is pretty amazing the beautiful mess that we can make.

My Daddy is always trying to come up with things for us to do, though, and he is really good at making fun when there wasn’t fun before. Mama says that he never completely grew up himself and that he remembers how to play more than some big people, and she says that this is the best way to be in life. She tells me that we all have a little bit of child in us forever, but she says that some people push it way, way down and that they don’t let it out much. She says her child is in her head and that it comes out in words and reading and in her dreams. Daddy, though, she said is really special because he doesn’t hide his child much and it is still right there, and so he can play with us in a different way than the people that have pushed their child deep down where they can’t get it anymore.

So Daddy put on music videos to have us listen in and sing and dance. Daddy and Mama both have me listen to music and watch music videos every day, and they pick a lot of different types of music– soothing slow music, fast and loud music, dance music, old music, new music– and they tell me that the more that I listen to and love, the more I will understand that music is beautiful in a lot of different ways and that it is art. I thought that art was painting like when I make pictures on paper, but they said that art is someone putting their heart into something so much that it is part of them, and they said that there are a lot of ways that can happen.

Because we were all going to dance this time, though, and to get all of our attention (which is really tough to do), he put on fun and fast things that he knew we would get into like Daft Punk and Taylor Swift. I really love the Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” song because it is so bouncy that I can’t help but dance. It was a good choice, too, because it brought all of us in together in the same room.

At first it was just me standing alone in the room looking at the video and bouncing.


Then everyone saw me there and heard the music, and magic happened. Everyone stopped what they were doing and gathered around me in a little circle and danced along with me, and I got to look around and see that they were doing what I was doing and that they were laughing with me and having fun. Stopping to have fun together doesn’t always happen, but when it does… that is real magic that you can feel in your belly. My big sister Addie threw all of herself into it, because that is what she does for everything, and my big, big sister Lilli danced a lot like the people in the video, because Mama and Daddy said that she takes dance and is “graceful,” which means that she can move like water. My giant brother Jonah even danced along, too, but he might not have if I hadn’t been there I don’t think because he is getting bigger. He had his little phone machine video taping me and trying to get me to laugh and dance while he danced along with me.

It was so much fun that when it was over I was still bouncing up and down to the music that was still in my head (music can get stuck in there sometimes like glue).

Mama tells me that music brings others together and that her and Daddy will show me more and more how powerful it really is as I get bigger. I believe her, and I think that it just might be one of the most powerful things on Earth. After all, my brother and sisters and me are all so, so different in what we love, what we do, and who we are… but we can all feel the joy that music and dancing on a rainy day can be.


Birthday, Birthday, Cha, Cha, CHA


My big sister Addie’s birthday is just a few days after Christmas day, December 28th. This year she turned seven years old. That seems like she is getting up there to me, but Mama says that I’ll be there in a blink and that she is still pretty early in her life. Granny’s birthday was right after that too, so I have had a lot of little birthday parties to attend lately. Granny, though, she is really getting up there like my Nana and my Granddaddy Moe and my Grandpa. Sorry to be honest, but you guys aren’t “spring chickens” like Mama says I am going to be for a long time to come.

I know the birthday song really well. I can sing the notes to it myself, and I can sing some of the words sometimes, too. I love singing, and I have a good little singing voice for my small size (Mama says that is close to bragging, which is not a good thing, but it is just a fact). I know the birthday song because it is on all of the family videos that my Granny makes every year. I love to watch them over and over and over because my brother and my sisters are in them, and I love to see them when they were smaller and growing. Mama and Daddy says that we will really appreciate the videos a lot more when we are all grown and we can look back on them. She says that all of those things will become our way to look back on what happened and how we were when we were little. I know that I get really excited already when I look at my videos and pictures of when I was a teeny baby.

The birthday song happens for everyone’s birthday in the year on those videos, and it is such a happy song. My sister Lilli always says “cha, cha, cha” after each time that we sing happy birthday, and that is my favorite part.

So when Daddy brought out Addie’s cake right after Christmas, I was in shock. There was the song that I heard in all of the videos, but it was being sung right there instead of it being stuck in the television. I got to sing the cha, cha, chas right at the right times, and I got to wish my big sister a happy birthday with my song. I got to sing it to Granny too, and Mama says that everyone else’s birthdays will happen this year, so I’ll get to sing again and again and again every time one comes up.

I got the song stuck in my head though, and I have been humming it to myself ever since even though it is nobody’s birthday again yet. Mama says it is an “unbirthday” then and that there is another song to sing for that, but I think that I can sing it whenever I want and I don’t need the other song.

I can’t wait for the next birthday, which Mama says is my big, big sister Lilli’s, to sing it again—I want to sing it every day. When cake comes out, my little singing voice is going to soar above all of the other voices. Happy birthday to you, cha, cha, cha, happy birthday to you, CHA, CHA, CHA, happy birthday dear everyone, happy birthday to you.


I am Working on Three Michelin Stars. Watch out, Gordon Ramsay, Because Here I Come.


My Daddy is a great home chef. He knows how to make anything, and often Mama will say something like, “I sure would like to have” and then says some kind of food. Daddy will usually whip it up for her and he makes it delicious every time. Daddy said that food is one way to show love and that he shows all of us that he loves us so, so much by making us food that we love. Food is happiness, after all, and I learned that life lesson early on. I. Love. Food.

I love to watch Daddy cook too, and I even get to help him in the kitchen sometimes. He will give me a big pot and a spoon and teach me to stir, and even though I am little, he shows me what he is doing and explains it to me. He has me taste the food that he is making too, and that is my favorite part. He says that if I keep being a big helper that I will grow up knowing to cook and that I can learn how things go together. He says that there is a lot to know but that I can know all that he does one day, and he says my food wouldn’t be the same because I would learn to make it my own way.

Because I like to watch Daddy cook and I love to pretend to stir in pots and pans just like my Daddy, and because when food is happening Daddy can’t have me in there all the time because I tend to get right under his feet, I now have my own little kitchen with my own steel mini pan and my own wisk. I have my own little food in my own little fridge, too, so I can add salt and pepper and flavor like my Daddy does. I can do everything that my Daddy can do in my little kitchen that is right where I can watch Daddy and copy him. My big sister Addie and my big, big sister Lilli can help to make pretend food happen, too, and they love to play with me.


In my mind I am a famous chef like Gordon Ramsay, who we watch on Netflix all of the time. I even scream like him when things aren’t the way that I have in my head. I am a natural born leader, and one day, Mr. Ramsay, I may well be competition for you. Come over and see what I can do, magical Michelin food people, you may just be surprised.


A Little Piece of Christmas for Us to Cherish Always


Daddy decided years back, before I was born or was even in Mama’s belly (so ages and ages ago) after Christmas was over that it was sad to just make the Christmas tree go away after Christmastime is over and done. It has to come down, as Mama explained, things end and new things begin when they do. Because Daddy got sad those years ago, though, he cut a little piece of the tree that year, made the wood dry out in the oven and over time, and then had everyone sign and date the tree to make into an ornament. Since it has been done every year since, it has become a tradition. We have lots of those, and I like them. I like when the same things happen the same way sometimes. It feels good on the inside.

So last year, when I was really, really, little, Daddy got a piece of our little tree, and this time he let it dry out all year so that I would be big enough to draw on it for the ornament , too. Although I can’t write like the big people around me can, I can take a pen and Mama and Daddy have practiced with me making beautiful art. I got to make art on our little piece of tree all the way back from 2013. Here I am drawing on it.

Now our little tree from this year got a cut piece too and now it is busy getting dry and ready for us to create to go on our tree next year. I am working steadily on my handwriting skills, so I bet I can do even better than I did this time around, although I think that my little marks are beautiful and so do Mama and Daddy.

What traditions do you all out there have with your family? Mama and Daddy tell me that all families are different and have different things that they do different things but that all traditions are beautiful when shared with the ones that you love most.


It’s a Major Award!


What a great lamp! It’s indescribably beautiful!

King Kong, Look Out… Here I Come.

empire 4

I saw that big building everywhere– you couldn’t help but see it. The Empire State Building is what Mama told me that it was called. It was right there in the middle of everything. We saw it when we came in, we saw it in Sunnyside, Queens where our little house camp has been, and we saw it all over town while we were busy seeing all of the people and things around us (and we did a lot of running– Daddy says that is what you do when you are in a city as big and powerful as New York is, and he said that the people that live there are really busy everyday too).

We were running and running all day, but then Grandpa told us that we were going to get to go to the top of the big part of the Empire State Building and that he was getting tickets so we needed to get ready. Mama bundled me up and told me that it was going to be cold way up there.

The inside of the building was so bright and everything was really shiny. Mama said something about it being “Art Deco” style and that it was one of the best ways that they built things in the history of things being built. She told me that it took a long time to make it, and she told me that a lot of people worked on it really hard to build it a long time ago back when most people had very little and when it was harder to make giant things. She said it was the tallest building in the whole world for a long, long time.

Mama, me, Daddy, my big sister Addie, Grandpa, and Mama Linda all rode up and up and up and up in an elevator… then, when you thought you made it, we went on another elevator and went up even more. When we got out, I could see the entire world. The world was right there in front of me and everything else down where we were on the ground looked so, so small. Everyone looked like the Little People that I have to play with way down there.

empire 2
Addie looked down and held the bars, but I wanted to get higher. I tried to climb on the bars to get up and up more, but Mama and Daddy kept me down instead and told me that climbing the Empire State Building was not a good idea at all and that I was not King Kong. Mama looked very worried, but she should know that I have no fear. I don’t know who King Kong is, but whoever he is (I think Daddy said something about him being a big gorilla) he better watch out for me. I am Dorian, hear me roar.

empire 3

You May Say That I’m a Dreamer, But I’m not the Only One.

photo 1

Today Grandpa, Mama, Daddy, Addie, and me all went to a giant park, the biggest one that I have ever seen, called Central Park. There are all sorts of wonderful things there like a man that makes giant bubbles with a net, singers, people playing music of all types, and other little people playing everywhere. There is even a huge statue of a girl named Alice that is from a book where she goes to a magical place called Wonderland that Mama told me that she has read many times and that she will read to me, too, one day soon. Usually statues are things that you can’t climb on, and if you do, you’ll get in trouble, but Alice was made for little children to get to go and climb all over her, and my big sister got to climb all over her and enjoy her, too. I was too little, but that’s okay– I’ll come back and next time I’ll hug the top of her head.

I got to walk all over the park, though, and one thing that Mama had me and Addie do was to go over to Strawberry Fields and to stand in a big circle that says IMAGINE in the middle of it. I have heard that song before, Mama loves it and plays it a lot, and Grandpa loves it very much, too, and loved the man who wrote the song a long, long time ago. My Grandpa explained that the man who made that song was named John Lennon, and that he was taken away from the world before the world was ready to see him go and before he was ready, too. He told me, though, that his music can live on and on and on and that we can always enjoy it forever because he made it for all of us.

Grandpa told me that the words to the song are to bring everyone together– all different types of people– and to not fight but to love one another instead. I think that I would have liked John Lennon, because I try to love everyone and I don’t see any differences between people– everyone can be my friend. Thank you, Mr. Lennon, for making the world a little more peaceful while you were here and after you were gone.

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one.

The City that Never Sleeps is Really, Really Bright

photo 2

My Daddy hugged me all evening in our little hugging machine carrier that hugs me against my Mama and Daddy. I had a nice little nap in Central Park, and when I woke up, there was this huge and bright place called Times Square. We had been earlier in the day, too, but I missed it because of first nap (you see, I have to have two power naps– first nap and second nap– in order to make it through busy days). It was okay, though, because when we came back, it was dark and all of the lights were brighter. Lights are my very favorite thing right now, even with little ones I say “ooooooooo,” and these were way, way bigger than my little nightlight or my bug lamp. Everywhere we go right now there are lights for Christmas, but these ones are apparently on all the time all year, during the day and when the sun goes to sleep. I love you, New York, and all of your beautiful and bright lights. City that never sleeps, I will power nap my way to seeing as much of you as I can. Even little bitty ones can feel the energy that is everywhere in New York City.

Look, Mama! I Made Art on Our Table! And it’s Permanent!


Oh, Mama, you are going to be so proud. While you were getting music ready for us to dance together, I was really busy with the marker that I found under the couch. I got the top off of it, and I made art all over your table. See how beautiful it is? Doesn’t the blue go well with that red that you had on there already? It’s a sky, can you see it? It’s just like when we are outside, and now I brought it in for you to see today since the sun didn’t come out to play. I even said, “see?” when you came over because I knew you would be so, so happy with me. That’s my way to show you that I love you, and if you give the marker back– I’m not sure where you put it– I can color all sorts of other things for you, too, and put the sky everywhere.

I know that you loved it, because you said, “ohhhhh shoot” a couple of times when you saw it. You’re welcome, Mama, you’re welcome.

Make Way for Dorian: the Boston Public Gardens

photo 2

Today, on our last day in Boston, we went to the Boston Public Gardens and the Boston Commons. The Public Gardens is one of the most beautiful parks that I have ever seen, and it stretches on and on and on, so we just kept going in my little wheel machine stroller. We saw gorgeous trees everywhere, and there was a lake there too that Daddy said has swan boats out when it is warm (too bad for us that it wasn’t warm enough for the swan boats to come out and swim).

There may not have been swan boats out, but there were squirrels… fat, happy, squirrels that would eat out of your hands. (I heard Mama say, “Are they rabid?,” whatever that is, because she had never seen squirrels come quite that close before.)


Mama likes the Public Gardens because she is a “book person” and English instructor, and a man named E.B. White wrote a book with the gardens in it and “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey was about a family of ducks that goes to the garden, too. They are both books for little people like me, so Mama promised that I will learn all about them soon.

We went over and had our picture taken inside a picture frame in front of the lake, too. It was so exciting that I fell right asleep right after while Mama and Daddy continued to see as much of Boston as they could possibly see before leaving. Hurry, Mama and Daddy… our time is running short.

photo 1