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Technology Can Bring People Together, Too.


I have heard people say since I was really, really little that technology takes people away from each other. I know that this can be true, too, because sometimes my little family all has separate things that they are doing on little glowing screens for a bit, and I have also seen that out with other people at restaurants not talking or at the playground. My Mama admits that this happens to her, and she says that it is a problem for big people and little people, too. She says that there are a lot of people out there who work against being on those little glowing screens more than they should.

There are just too many things that are fun on those screens sometimes, and if big people don’t watch little people, they can get sucked in just as much as Mama with her work and her “social media,” whatever that is. I mean, there are so, so many great blogs out there, and sometimes you can just get sucked in and can read and read and read. You should read a lot of blogs, but you should also take the time to play. Yes, big people, I am talking to you. I am little, but I am wise.

Technology doesn’t always do that, though. Sometimes, when I am waking up and starting my day, my big sister Addie will sit with me and we play games together that makes me learn. My big, big sister Lilli and my giant brother Jonah sit and play games, too. This, my Mama says, is when she likes that we are on those little screens. After all, there is nothing wrong with snuggling up and playing games… just as long as you are doing it together.

It’s Daddy Car Party Time!


Sometimes, when it is just me and my Daddy in the car, we can be silly. Daddy will make funny faces at me, and I can play and dance and shout-sing and laugh, and we have such a good time. My Daddy sent Mama this picture to show her just how much fun we were having shout-singing and laughing together.


Sometimes though, all that shout-singing and laughing and dancing, with the buzz of the car and the noise of the road passing under our little car can make my eyes so, so heavy so, so fast that before I know it, we’re home and I don’t remember getting there. ¬†Oh Daddy, you’re so good at wearing me out with the highest level of fun that a little girl could ever have.

Sometimes you Don’t Need to Go Far to be on Vacation.


See that giant, fluffy doggie that is sitting with me looking like a white colored Clifford? That is Luke, and he is my Grandpa Mo and Jennifer’s and my cousin Catherine’s doggie. Catherine does flips and twirls and dances and jumps in a thing called “gymnastics,” and she goes to do those flips all over the place in things called “competitions.” She is very good and wins a lot, but that means that they have to travel a lot to go to even more of those competitions.


There’s me practicing, Catherine, on your baby beam that is my size. I got on the big one with the help of Mama and Daddy holding my hands, but that one was a bit scary. For now I’m going to stick to the itty bitty one, okay? You can handle that big practice one.

Oh, I got distracted. I do that a lot, it’s called “being two” according to my Mama. Sometimes, when Catherine is flipping in other places, Grandpa Mo asks us to come over for a night to play with Luke and to walk him. I love when that happens, because it is right down the road, but it is still like a mini-vacation for me. I get to play and play and play and play, and there are so many fun places to explore. For little people, anything different is like vacation, and I love different.

I do lots of fun things. I get in Luke’s crate and pretend to be a doggie (Luke looks really confused when I do), I play on the piano making beautiful music, I play with Luke who is still a big puppy and needs to be worn out (I am good at that one, Grandpa Mo, I take my job very seriously), and I run all around in circles watching Daddy play on the hoverboard (my Daddy is really good at it and goes really fast).

2016-02-15 16.06.23

There is so much to do that I never get bored, but I do get very sleepy, and when I do, I get to sleep way, way up high in Catherine’s bunk bed with her buddies. It is so very cozy up there, Catherine, that I bet that you sleep really, really well after all of that flipping. I didn’t even do flips and I slept like a log. (By the way, Catherine, that giant chili pepper buddy you have hanging in your room? I said, “he’s spicy!” over and over and I pretended to eat him up. Some little kids might of been scared of that pepper, but I was very brave and laughed at him instead.)

In the morning, I got to take a bath in the jacuzzi tub with the big bubbles. As you can see, I liked it even though I was really worried every time that the jets were turned on because of the noise that they made. I got over that really fast, though, because… bubbles.


Then Mama, Daddy and me walked Luke around the neighborhood before heading back home. It was cold, but Luke and I got to run and play outside, and I think that made both of us very happy.


Until next time, Luke, my giant doggie buddy. Mini-vacations near home? They can be just as fun as going really far away.



I Got my Wish! One More Snowfall.


I have been wishing and wishing and wishing for more snow every day for weeks now, and I finally put my wish in writing the other day. That must have worked, because last night while I was dreaming about snow, snow actually fell from the sky again. I woke up this morning to it, and I was edgy at the window and waiting for what seemed like forever to actually get out to play in it.


Daddy said something about needing breakfast and vitamins and to get dressed, but those things just didn’t seem to matter nearly as much as they usually do in the morning (although I admit that it was really cold, and getting bundled up was a good idea, Daddy).

Once all those boring things were done, though, I got all snug in my warm jacket and mittens and hat and snow boots and we all headed outside. We only had a little bit of snow, so I didn’t need my snowsuit on, I just got to go out to play. I ran and ran and ran around in the snow in circles and all around our yard, eating the snow everywhere that I went.


I played out there for so long that I was cold from the bones out, but I didn’t care because this is probably our very last snow for the year. Mama says that she hopes that it warms up soon, and I guess I do too because it will be closer to swimming outside and playground time, but I am going to miss my white, fluffy friend when it does. Until next year, my snow friend, and thanks for coming out to play one more time.


Why Won’t the Snow Come Back to Me?


A little bit ago it snowed. I had seen snow before, and it covered our whole world like my big blanket covers me up to go to sleep. This snow, though, didn’t stop for 2 whole days, and it snowed sideways so that you could not see down the street. When it did stop, there was so much in places that I sunk right in, and I could not walk over it.


Luckily my Daddy was there to save me and to play with me. My Mama was sick (shhh, I was the one that gave it to her), so she stayed inside because it was so, so cold outside. When I sunk in, Daddy came in and lifted me up, and he put me in snow that was not up past my waist.


Even though there was a lot, it got warm and a lot melted away fast, and even the parts that didn’t got all dirty and I it wasn’t really fun to play in anymore. What I want to know is, when is more snow coming to us? I heard that maybe we were getting some after my bedtime tomorrow, but I also heard the word “ice” too, and my Mama says that is no good to play in because it is really, really slippery.

I know that winter is going to be over soon, Mama told me, so I must say that I am a bit disappointed in the fact that the ground has been all green for a while now. I want more snow. I don’t know who to speak to about this, but I want more snow. Right. Now… Please. (My Mama and Daddy are teaching me manners after all). All matters aside, I am going to have to bring out my serious face, and I don’t think that whoever is in charge of weather is going to like it when I do.



I Can Touch the Stars in the Sky…

20160211_200120-1-1 (1).jpg

Every night right before I go to sleep, my Daddy rocks me and then puts me down to “touch the stars.” We go into my little room and my Daddy counts “one, two, three” with me, and then he lifts me high, high, higher, all the way to my ceiling, which is covered with little stars that glow for a while in the sky of my room before I dream my night away.



I really can fly with the help of my Daddy. He flies me all around my room every night to touch the little and the big stars while I hold my leg up like Supergirl. I am, for that moment, SuperDorian up in that sky, flying as fast as light. Then, after I have touched the stars all around the room, my Daddy lies me down gently in my little bed with all of my buddies, and he snuggles up and helps me to sleep (because I have been known to be a late night singer and jumper and I need a bit of calming to help me along).

When I drift off, I look at the stars that I got to touch in my little sky, and I fly up there again and again, with my Daddy right by my side.

“Chopsticks”… a Much More Fun Way to Eat.


It has been a big week for new things for me along with my this-little-piggy toe socks that I told you about yesterday. Mama and Daddy eat with these little designed fun sticks called chopsticks all of the time, and Daddy is so good with them that he can even pick up one little grain of rice at a time if he wants too. They are so fun to try to use, but they are so hard that I can’t quite do it yet even though Mama and Daddy have shown me how to put my fingers and they have let me take them to try to pick little things up around the house so that I can practice. My little fingers, even with little people chopsticks, can’t quite do it yet. They go all criss-crossed, and they are so slippery in my little hands.

Since I loved trying to use them so much, they ordered me small kid practice ones that are not slippery. They have finger holes where my fingers need to go on the sticks, and they help my little fingers stay in place when I am picking up food. Since I have had them, I have had them on my fingers almost all the time, picking up snacks and fruit and almost everything with them. I even picked up my entire English muffin this morning and took a bite. This is a good thing, because as you can see from the stains on my freshly washed hands, my eating generally tends to be pretty messy.

One day, when I am big, I will be a chopstick expert that can pick up a grain of rice like Daddy, and my practice chopsticks will help me to get there even faster. Thank you, little penguin chopstick buddy, for making eating food even more fun.

And This Little Piggie Went Wee, Wee, Wee, all the Way Home.


My Mama and Daddy have gloves for their feet called “toe socks” that cover your little piggies by wrapping them all separately instead of having a foot mitten like normal socks. Daddy thought that I might like a pair too, so he ordered some from over on the other side of the world from a place called “China,” and he had them sent all the way to our little house. It took a long time for them to get here because it is so far away, but they were well worth waiting for.

They are so fashionable and pretty. Now my little piggies are real piggies, and when I wiggle my toes in my socks, I can see them all. I can do the “This Little Piggy” song now with my little socks with my little piggies all covered up all in a row. Oink, oink, little Dorian toes, oink, oink.

Don’t Mess with me When I am Doing “The Running.” I am Concentrating.


Even when it is very cold, I like to get outside to run around in the circle of our neighborhood. It is an entire mile when we go all the way around, and I make it every time. My Daddy says that I am strong, but I just like to run. Mama says, “I just felt like running” to me and says that I am like a miniature Forrest Gump. I don’t know who that is, but my Mama says that it is a compliment and that Forrest is a wonderful character. I just like to be like Mama and Daddy with their go-fast feet.


See? I have great form even, and I am keeping myself happy and active and healthy. My Daddy says that is important for little people and big people too, and I do feel good after going in the circle, although I admit that I might get a little tired by the end and that I do like to stop and read the numbers and play with the leaves and to climb on the snow that has not melted yet. Get me going, though, and I am like one of my wind-up toys, and I just keep going and going and going, that is, until I am ready to stop and say, “I so very tired.” I know my limits after all, and my legs are a lot shorter than Mama’s and Daddy’s.

I can “hit the trail” though any time that they ask if I want to go, and one day, when my legs are bigger, watch out. I will be good competition if I keep it up the way that I have so far. Run, Dorian, run!


I Wanna go Fast! My Little Bike Cart.


Mama and Daddy have bikes to go around faster than feet can take them. I have a little bike too, but I am not faster than my feet yet, so Mama and Daddy bought me a little bike cart that goes behind my Daddy’s bike. I get all bundled up because it is cold, put on my little kitty helmet, and get strapped in so that we can go.

At first Daddy thought I would be scared, but I am an “adventurer,” and all that I wanted to go was to go faster, faster, faster. Daddy went around and around and I got to go so fast, and I squealed and shouted to go faster to Daddy. Daddy says that I am made without fear, and it is true. One day I will go fast all on my own, but until then, my little bike cart can carry me around with my Daddy and my Mama, and I can keep up just fine. Go, Daddy, go.