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Yes, Toddlers Can Take “Selfies” Too.


That’s me looking into Daddy’s camera and pushing the little click-and-take-a-picture button. When you push that button, it takes that one moment and freezes it in time. I like that– I am frozen there with funny faces and smiles. I see my big sister Addie and my big, big sister Lilli take pictures of themselves all the time, so why not me? Even Mama gets into it and takes pictures with me or my big sister or when she is somewhere that is really pretty.

These pictures are called “selfies”so I hear, and I am quickly becoming an expert. I already know, because everyone tells me, that I am “cute” and “beautiful.” Those sound like wonderful words, and by taking these freeze moments of myself, I am sharing that cuteness with my family and my future self when I get bigger. It is my cute, beautiful, silly, funny self frozen in time for all the world to see. “Selfies” aren’t bad, they are face art, and my art is gorgeous.