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Please, Dear Horsey, Don’t Ever, Ever Stop.


Sometimes, as Mama says, you just want to freeze a moment in time and keep it going forever. This was one of those moments. I got on that horsey, and the music played, and I went around in circles to the music in my own little world. That is the meaning of happiness when it comes down to it… those little moments in life that you want to hold on to and you don’t ever want to let go of. They all must end, though, and so that little horsey stopped moving and the music stopped. My ride on the horsey was over and that moment was gone. It stopped, though, before I was ready for it to end. My Mama says that those moments in life are often like that… gone quickly but never forgotten.

So we see those moments in pictures, frozen in time, and we can relive them in our minds. That is also happiness, and beauty, the memories in our minds that live on forever. In my dreams that horsey is still moving around, making music just for me with action all around me, but I am stopped in time, moving in circles forever, with nowhere to go and nothing to do but smile and enjoy.