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Hello my Friend, Mr. Apple…


My Daddy is so silly, and he made me a little apple buddy to play with that had a face and little hands. I called him Mr. Apple, and I played with him, telling him, “Don’t worry, Mr. Apple, I won’t hurt you.” I had him play with my little Barbie dolls, and they talked to each other and had a great time. I was even wearing my Snow White dress, and I know that an evil witch gave her an apple too, so I was just like her (well, except for the fact that my Mr. Apple was not a poisoned apple and was a dressed up apple instead, but otherwise, it was just like the movie).


See? There he is. Isn’t he cute? The problem with Mr. Apple, though, is that deep down I knew that he was an apple. Deep down I knew that he was one of my favorite foods, and I knew that he was delicious under all of that cute. After a while of playing with him, I took his hands off and took a bite of him. My Mama heard me chomping on him… I just couldn’t resist his deliciousness.


He was just pretend after all, and he was food, so he couldn’t go to waste. He couldn’t have stayed my play friend for long because he would have gotten all yucky, so I made sure that he was nice and happy in his new place… in my belly. I’m sure that there will be a new apple buddy soon, and he just might meet the same fate… because apples? They are one of our very best foods. Crunch.

This Muffin… is Mine, all Mine.


Sometimes, when something is so, so good… like this Whole Foods giant chocolate chip muffin… you have to just make an ugly face while you are putting it in your belly. It might not be dainty, or pretty, but you just don’t care. That is my “this will be gone in 90 seconds” face.

And this…


is my “I’m having a moment” face. Sometimes you have to pause and enjoy too, after all.

Just Like Home… Kind of.


Sometimes, when you have to go far away from your little house and your little bed, you have to stay at other places. I love my little bed at home, so I never sleep quite as well when this happens. I want to party and jump on the bed way past my bedtime, and my body wakes me up really, really early too. This means that I can be a bit grumpy on those mornings, and I can’t have that warm stuff called coffee to make me happy like Mama and Daddy.

What I can have, though, is a cold glass of orange juice and a giant waffle. In bed. Mama and Daddy never let me do at home, so it’s special. Those places are kind of like home, but with nice added things like breakfast in bed and cartoons in the morning. I like those special things, which Mama said you can call “perks.”

I like that, “perks.” Even though I don’t sleep as well in a giant bed that is not my own without my own fan sound and my own stuffed animal buddies surrounding me, the perks… they kind of make it all worth it. I’ll still be working on Mama and Daddy to have bed-waffles and juice at home, though, because why can’t we have relaxing, lazy mornings every day?