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I Wanna go Fast! My Little Bike Cart.


Mama and Daddy have bikes to go around faster than feet can take them. I have a little bike too, but I am not faster than my feet yet, so Mama and Daddy bought me a little bike cart that goes behind my Daddy’s bike. I get all bundled up because it is cold, put on my little kitty helmet, and get strapped in so that we can go.

At first Daddy thought I would be scared, but I am an “adventurer,” and all that I wanted to go was to go faster, faster, faster. Daddy went around and around and I got to go so fast, and I squealed and shouted to go faster to Daddy. Daddy says that I am made without fear, and it is true. One day I will go fast all on my own, but until then, my little bike cart can carry me around with my Daddy and my Mama, and I can keep up just fine. Go, Daddy, go.

Just Like in my Dreams, There are Places Where We Can Fly.

2015-10-04 16.08.43

You see that? That’s me jumping with my Daddy way up high in the air. We went to an entire place made just for flying like the birds called “Jumpology.” It is a big, big room full of squishy ground that you can walk on, but if you bend your knees and push, you can fly. The more you push, the higher you go, just like the birds with their wings, only my legs were my wings.

My little legs couldn’t take me but so far up unless Daddy helped me, but my family went way up in the air (especially Daddy, I had to look way up to see him flying around– he even made Mama a bit nervous). At first, like most new things that I do, I wasn’t quite sure, but Daddy took my hands and showed me how to get up in the air.

2015-10-03 18.34.17

Before I knew it, I was a flying expert. I kept saying “jumping, jumping, jumping” over and over again because I figured out how to make it into the air. I then told my Mama, “I fly,” and off I went, into my own little square by myself in my little bird world. We flew and flew, my Daddy, my Mama, and my sister and brother (although they went off to fly by themselves), and before I knew it, I was a sweaty “mess” (as Mama said) and it was time to go home.

They had to pick me up and take me away at the end of our flight, and I made myself as sad as I could be and I pulled my arms towards the jumping place saying “jumping” in the saddest sound that I could make my little voice. They thought it was cute, but it was a pretty tragic moment; after all, it was probably the most free that I have ever been flying like the birds and the planes that I wave and say goodbye to every day in the air. I was those birds and those planes all at once at that moment.

Thanks, Daddy, for teaching me how to fly, and thanks for bringing me dreams of being in flight.

Life’s a Hard Workout… Roll it Out.


My Mama and Daddy got a soft and squishy muscle roller that works out things called knots that happen if you work them out a lot. It’s like the little back and feet massages that Mama gives me when I am getting sleepy, only you can give them to yourself.

I work out hard too, though, because life can be a big, big workout. I mean, every moment that I am awake pretty much, I run and climb and play and run some more. I am a very strong girl in a little body. My muscles have to have little bitty knots, even if you can’t feel them, so I need to work them out, too.

To learn, first I watched a video on the big tv box. I sat on the roller while I learned, and it was really easy to understand, so I started to use it just like the lady in the video. It wasn’t hard, and you know what? I was able to run and play even harder and make a mess all over the house right afterwards. I am pretty sure it was the muscle roller making me more ready to do it, and so I keep using it every day. Mama said something about me getting “conditioned,” whatever that means.

All that I know is that I’m working hard and getting stronger, and my roller machine (yes Mama and Daddy, I own it because I like it) is a big, big helper.


I May be Small, but I am Strong

I found these little weights today that look like Mama and Daddy’s big ones but are just my size. Mama says these ones are called “bolts,” but no matter, they can be what I want them to be with my imagination, so they are my new get strong weights. 

I have been carrying them around this morning pushing them up and down, making roaring sounds to show Mama how very strong I am. I can do pull ups and climb and run, even with my little body. I work every day on being stronger and stronger, and one day, I will be just as strong as them too and can lift the big ones. Until then, these will do just fine for practice. After all, practice makes perfect, and my form? Well, I don’t want to brag, but  it’s pretty darn good, so all of those famous athletes just may want to watch for me. I am a force to be reckoned with, and inside my head, I am already a champion.


Run, Daddy, Run… I’m Right Behind You.


Mama and Daddy and me got to go to a big store made just for go-fast shoes the other day for new shoes for Daddy. His old go-fast shoes had been used so much since Daddy likes to exercise a lot that he couldn’t really wear them anymore. Mom said they were “beaten up and tired.” I work really fast on making all of my shoes beaten up and tired since I move so much and climb so much, so I understand what happened to my Daddy’s shoes. My mom says that just about everything wears out eventually, but she said that you have to wait until things are like that because you shouldn’t be “wasteful.” I don’t really get that lesson yet, but I am working on it. Right now some of my food isn’t eaten because I am not in the mood for it, but I can’t quite yet get the words together to say, “I’d like two tomato slices, one veggie dog, corn on the cob, and a small portion of rice noodles please.” That’s okay, though, because I don’t waste it anyway– I slip things to my doggie Mr. Django when Mama and Daddy are looking the other way.

This was a big people shoe store, not the little person one that we visit when it is time for my new go-fast shoes, so this visit was all about Daddy. Daddy doesn’t ask for much attention and is in the background a lot, so it was good that he got to be the one that everyone was paying attention to… well, mostly anyway, because I did get some attention while I was running around the entire store saying “hello” to everyone, playing with the toys that were there for little kids like me, and, best of all, running up and down the big hallway meant for people to see which shoes were going to come home with them.

While Daddy was picking shoes to try on before running, that hallway was all mine, all to myself. It was so long, and I got to go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth over and over until I was all out of breath and had to take a little rest. Running around is pretty much what I do right now most of the time that I am not sleeping, so I loved it. Mama said something to Daddy about me, “getting worn out” and that I was going to “sleep like a rock.” I think that this might just be a good thing for Mama and Daddy, because usually they are running after me, and I think that I just might wear them out a little and make them sleep like rocks, too.


Daddy came over and started using all of the shoes that had been picked for him to try out after I had been running for a bit, and Daddy and me got to race. Daddy has an edge on me there because his legs are much longer than mine, but I gave him a good run for his money, and once, when Daddy slowed down a bit, I even got to the end of the hallway first (although I think that Daddy just might have let me win on that one maybe).

He found just the right pair after running a bit, and then it was time to pack up and leave. I don’t tend to dwell and I prefer to “live in the moment” as all little ones do, but I couldn’t help but look back at the long hallway as we bought the shoes and packed up to leave. After all, if there is a place to run where it is allowed for little people, I am bound to love it. I was so tired that I napped on the way home, and in my dreams, I was running in the sunlit hallway over and over and over again, and I never, ever got tired… and I got to beat Daddy every time, too.