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Hey, Squirrel Buddy, Wanna Share my Pasta with Me?


Daddy loves animals, and a while ago he started buying sunflower seeds to feed our neighborhood bird and squirrel buddies. I help too and throw out seeds with Daddy in the mornings so that no one will go hungry.

We have lots of different birds of all colors that come around now, and we have a few squirrels that come every day too. One new squirrel buddy, though, seems to want to come inside to play (and eat my food). He puts his paws on the glass and looks back and forth. He is a curious little buddy, and I like to play with him because he does not run away when he sees me and puts his paws on my hands instead.

See him there? There he is while I am eating, looking in at me. I think he may have wanted his seeds and my pasta, too. I am learning all about sharing, little buddy, and I could let you in and give you pasta if Mama let me. Mama says that he would not really want to come in, though, because our doggie Django is a “rat terrier” and he is made to go after little creatures that move fast.

I guess his place is outside looking in, and that’s okay… after all, he is much different than me. I just watched The Fox and the Hound, so I understand that sometimes relationships have to be done a different way in order to make them work. You can still play with me, little fuzzy guy, at the window, and we can still be friends like Copper and Todd.

“And we’ll always be friends forever.” — Young Todd, The Fox and the Hound 


I am the Bird Whisperer and the Grand Maestro of the Sea Gull Orchestra.


Come to me, bird friends. I have handfuls of sand and I am calling to you in my best shoutsinging voice saying, “birdies, birdiiiieeeessss” with the wind in my hair. It is so peaceful out here, and my shoutsinging voice is helping you while you search for food I am sure, birds of the sea. I will be your conductor, just like the ones that I have seen on t.v., and I will wave my arms and you can go here and there and here and there with the waving of my arms. Good job, gully friends… keep it up, and we might just make it onto that PBS station one day. You just have to keep flying and practicing.

My, What a Long Neck You Have…


Well, hello there, giraffe friend. I have a stuffed animal buddy that is one of you that I snuggle with at night. He came all the way from NYC, but I hear that your family is way, way far away all the way in a place called Africa. I saw it on our big family map in our eating room, and it is an awfully long way from where we are in the United States.

My buddy has a long neck, but he isn’t big at all like you, and your neck is way longer. Maybe he is a long lost cousin of yours.

When you let me pet you so gently (I was very careful because my Daddy told me to touch you softly), you rubbed against my face, and your fur was short and a little bit rough against my skin. When I gave you food your tongue went around my whole hand, but you were so, so gentle. When you looked at me, your eyes were soft and sparkly. I know that you aren’t in Africa, but you seemed peaceful when you looked at me.

One big thing that Mama and Daddy are teaching me is a love for all animals everywhere. We do our best not to hurt anything, so we don’t eat animals or wear animals or go places where animals aren’t happy. You seemed happy though in your home, the Living Treasures Wild Animal Park, and you gave happiness to me, too.

Thank you, giraffe buddy, for sharing the day with me. I hope that you loved me as much as I loved you.