For Me, the Christmas Magic is Never Over.


I do not have a concept of time like big people seem to with their “calendars” and their “schedules.” I don’t have a calendar in my head, and I like it that way. I don’t have a schedule most days except Mama’s class time (my Nana’s playdates with me) or my nap times… and those don’t even happen at the same time every day, it is just when I get sleepy and my brain needs to take a dream-rest.

Christmas, for big people, was one day, one event… and all of the big people did a lot of getting ready for it. Now, so I hear, it is going to be a new year very soon on their calendars, and Mama says that the tree is going to go away then and that all of the Christmas lights and decorations are going to disappear until next year in our little house and all over where I have been seeing them. I do not understand why. Lights and beautiful trees and decorations make life more fun, and life is just going to be a bit more boring without them. Mama says that is “just the way that it is” and that they will all come back next year so that I can enjoy them again.

All the big people are wrong, though. I can keep Christmas with me now and always. This morning I wanted my Santa hat and a video about Santa Claus, and Christmas spirit was still alive and well in my house this morning with me shout-singing Jingle Bells. The calendar doesn’t matter, it is the happiness that was all around during the time before and on Christmas. I can keep that alive and well in my heart, and that is where it belongs.

Christmas brings a peace and joy to people, and Santa is part of that joy. That is why I love him so very much. He doesn’t go away, he can be with us all year long. When my big sister Addie and I went to see Santa, I saw some of the little children crying or afraid of Santa, but he was so peaceful and gentle with my sister and I, and I was so very sleepy, that I simply began to fall asleep in his arms.


He laughed with his jolly belly and hugged onto me, and he told my Mama that I was very sleepy and that I was the calmest small child that he had seen all day long. I guess he did not see me pulling down the velvet ropes keeping us in line the whole time we were waiting or climbing up the big soldier bears that really are not meant to be climbed on. Mama said not to be “naughty” because Santa can see you and wants you to be good, but I was not naughty, I was being a Santa line explorer. Santa knows that. (He didn’t see me, though, or he might not have made that “calm” comment if he had.)

Santa, his spirit as I felt sitting in his lap, is not just for Christmas. His spirit is alive and well in all of us if we look for it, and his spirit can go way, way past Christmastime all the way to next year. We never have to put him away, we never have to forget about him for a while… we just have to keep Christmas spirit alive in our hearts… and our shout-singing voices.


I love you so very much, Santa Claus, and I can’t wait to see you again next year. Until then… I will be watching your songs and wearing your fuzzy hat.


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About doriandean

My name is Dorian Annabel. At 3-years-old, so much is new. I want to see, hear, and smell it all. I don't quite understand the "Internet" yet, but Mama says it's a way to see and touch the world, so I'm in. Since I'm still a little baby, my Mama and Daddy, Amy and Spenser Dean, are helping me to create this blog. My fingers just don't work quite fast enough yet.

2 responses to “For Me, the Christmas Magic is Never Over.”

  1. JunkChuck says :

    You’re onto something, Dorian. The only reason things are better between adults at Christmas is because we choose to make it so–we make efforts to see each other, instead of making excuses, we hug each other and eat rich food and drink like we’re Vikings, and that’s a good thing, too. There isn’t a reason in the world not toe make every day a celebration, except that it can be exhausting. The great philospher Elvis once said, “Why can’t every day be like Christmas, why can’t that feeling go on endlessly. “Cause if every day was just like Christmas, what a wonderful world that would be.” Indeed, it was the Great and Holy Bing who said “It’s not the things you do, at Christmas time
    But the Christmas things you all year through.” So, you’re in good company, little man. Keep rockin’

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    • doriandean says :

      My Mama and Daddy got married in Vegas with Elvis singing to them (although they said that Elvis is no longer on the Earth and it was a person pretending to be Elvis), so I know who he is and have blogged about him. He was a very wise man. Christmas is in my heart all year like Mr. Presley’s and Mr. Crosby’s, so I am in really good company I think. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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