The Importance of Remembering Where We Came From: Historic Jamestown


Last weekend my Daddy went on a big, big run all the way from Richmond, Va. to Jamestown. He did that all on his two feet, one in front of the other, and it took him most of the day. My Mama’s job was to be his helper and to be waiting for him down in Jamestown where the Capital Trail ended to take him to rest. After all, running can take a lot out of you if you do it for long enough, and trust me I know because I am a running expert. Run hard, play hard, nap hard is my way of life. Daddy really needed that last part when he was done… that and a lot of water and food.

While we were waiting for Daddy, we went to a place called Jamestown that has a lot to do with how the people who came before us got to be here. There is a lot to do with that, and I really couldn’t understand it yet. All that I know is that we got to get on ships that were like the ones that took those people all the way across the ocean.


My Mama wanted a pretty picture of us on the ship, but I wouldn’t stop looking at the water. I am not really good at directions yet even though I understand them… I have an agenda to keep.


I aldo cried and made a bit of a scene when we had to leave the ship because I thought we were going to go sailing, but Mama said those ships are there to stay for everyone to climb onboard and enjoy. Ships that don’t go anywhere doesn’t make sense to me, but Mama says that it is part of that “history” thing.

It turned out to be okay, though, because I also got to climb into the middle of giant ropes bigger than me…


And go into Native American homes that I called “baby houses…”


And wear heavy metal armor like Colonial people long ago that was just my size.


And I even got to practice my walking backwards skills in a very fancy, huge hallway while we moved through time.


The whole time we were there my Daddy was still “the running,” as I like to call it, and he didn’t stop until after they had closed up Jamestown.

My Daddy is my hero, and he says that we can do anything of we put our mind in the right place. Over 40 miles, and Daddy had his mind in just the right spot. Good job, Daddy, we love you so much. Run, Daddy, run.


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