My, What a Long Neck You Have…


Well, hello there, giraffe friend. I have a stuffed animal buddy that is one of you that I snuggle with at night. He came all the way from NYC, but I hear that your family is way, way far away all the way in a place called Africa. I saw it on our big family map in our eating room, and it is an awfully long way from where we are in the United States.

My buddy has a long neck, but he isn’t big at all like you, and your neck is way longer. Maybe he is a long lost cousin of yours.

When you let me pet you so gently (I was very careful because my Daddy told me to touch you softly), you rubbed against my face, and your fur was short and a little bit rough against my skin. When I gave you food your tongue went around my whole hand, but you were so, so gentle. When you looked at me, your eyes were soft and sparkly. I know that you aren’t in Africa, but you seemed peaceful when you looked at me.

One big thing that Mama and Daddy are teaching me is a love for all animals everywhere. We do our best not to hurt anything, so we don’t eat animals or wear animals or go places where animals aren’t happy. You seemed happy though in your home, the Living Treasures Wild Animal Park, and you gave happiness to me, too.

Thank you, giraffe buddy, for sharing the day with me. I hope that you loved me as much as I loved you.


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About doriandean

My name is Dorian Annabel. At 5-years-old, I have my hands in everything that I can. I want to see, hear, and smell it all. I don't completely understand the Internet and blogging yet, but Mama says it's another way to see and touch the world, so I'm in. Since I'm still a little baby, my Mama and Daddy, Amy and Spenser Dean, are helping me to create this blog. My fingers just don't work quite fast enough yet.

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