I Love my Nana, and my Nana Loves Me.


See that? That’s me reading a book on my little bean bag chair at my Nana’s house, which is a very special place.

Most of us little people have Mamas, and all of those Mamas do an awful lot of stuff for us little people. Those Mamas, though? Most of those Mamas have Mamas too, and to us little people, they are called “grandmothers.” Daddies have them, too, and they used to do all of the same things that our Mamas and Daddies now do for us when they were little people. Those people must be called “grand” because they are really, really special. After all, they have a lot of life experience.

My Mama’s Mama is my Nana, and she is the one who takes care of me while my Mama goes to teach her classes. My Nana loves me very much, and my Mama tells me that she likes to give me lots of treats and snuggles when I am in a snuggly mood. She also does not like photographs, so my Mama can’t seem to capture the snuggle part.

We do lots of fun things at my Nana’s house, and she has lots of toys to keep me from missing my Mama so much for the long, long time that she is away. Mama says that it is “only a little bit of time,” but to me 30 minutes seems like too long to wait for anything. After all, I don’t have as much life behind me as she does.

Nana, like many “grandmothers” for little people, likes to “spoil” me and give me lots of fun things. Some of those things don’t make sense, like becoming a “bucket head princess” since I like to put hats on my head.


My Nana also has what she calls a “walker,” which is to help her to get from one place to another. My Nana’s knees she said are “not as good as they used to be.” She says that this is because she has been around for a long, long, time. I don’t need the walker, but I can use it to hang on or to play pretend games, and my Nana says that I look “much cuter than she does” when I play with it and pretend to take it as my help-with-walking machine.


My favorite thing about Nana’s house though? Besides her snuggly dog and Sesame Street that is, is all of the lovely popsicles that she has waiting just for me. I can have one every time that I am there… sometimes even two (but don’t tell my Mama because she only allows me one at a time).


No matter what we do, though, my Nana keeps me happy and busy the whole time every time. My Mama says that’s because she loves me more than she loves pretty much anything on the Earth, and she says that Nana feels very lucky to have me in her life. I think, though, Nana, that I just might be the lucky one. I am learning to say “I love you” right now… wait for it, but know that I do.


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About doriandean

My name is Dorian Annabel. At 3-years-old, so much is new. I want to see, hear, and smell it all. I don't quite understand the "Internet" yet, but Mama says it's a way to see and touch the world, so I'm in. Since I'm still a little baby, my Mama and Daddy, Amy and Spenser Dean, are helping me to create this blog. My fingers just don't work quite fast enough yet.

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