Fun Can Come From Anywhere!


Today we got a package from Amazon on our back door, and when we had opened it up and taken the stuff out of it tonight, I got to play in it and climb in and out and in and out. Mama said I was just like a cat, and I have seen our kitty get into and out of boxes, so I guess I am kind of like our little kitty.

Daddy decided to make it even more fun, though… he made a hole on one side, put a carabiner through it, and connected a rope to that so that it was just like a brown box wagon. I got to say “weeeeeeee” while Mama and Daddy pulled me around in circles in our house over and over all the way until bedtime.

Fun stuff doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be a brown box– just so long as you look at it in the right kind of light.

“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” — Dr. Seuss

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About doriandean

My name is Dorian Annabel. At 5-years-old, I have my hands in everything that I can. I want to see, hear, and smell it all. I don't completely understand the Internet and blogging yet, but Mama says it's another way to see and touch the world, so I'm in. Since I'm still a little baby, my Mama and Daddy, Amy and Spenser Dean, are helping me to create this blog. My fingers just don't work quite fast enough yet.

14 responses to “Fun Can Come From Anywhere!”

  1. rebekahridge says :

    Love it ! you Always have more fun with the box … we made a puppet show with one 😀 blog to follow soon (im new at this !)

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    • doriandean says :

      Oh my gosh children love boxes!! I can’t wait to read that one. If you remember as I may not see it via the reader, shoot me the link here. I don’t want to miss it. I am fairly new too, but have remained consistent about writing. It is so much fun and you get to connect to great people, too. Glad to meet you virtually.

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  2. MichelleMarie says :

    The boxes are the most fun I think! Give my girl a bow and a box and they provide hrs of entertainment!
    My I share your blog?

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  3. RunJillyB says :

    Norah did the same thing!! I got a box from Amazon with a toy in it that I had ordered for her and she LOVED the box so much more than the toy itself 🙂 I love babies!

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  4. kcg1974 says :

    Oh, I remember when my little ones had so much more fun with the box than the actual gift. Your blog is terrific. So glad I found it!!! Such a delight! 🙂

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  5. megdekorne says :

    You are purely delightful ! Xxx

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