Fenway Park, America’s Most Beloved Ballpark


After the gardens, we walked all the way over to where a giant green building Daddy called a “ballpark” was named “Fenway Park.” Fenway, like many things in Boston, has been around for a long time— since 1912 Daddy said.

I heard Daddy say something about a Green Monster inside there, but he said it wasn’t the kind to be scared of and that it was just a name for the “left field wall.” It apparently has not ever hurt anyone, but a lot of balls have hurt it instead. I don’t understand because the monsters in my books are furry and sometimes just a little scary, but I guess there are a lot of types of monsters.

A team that Daddy loves named the Red Sox plays at that park, and even though we didn’t get to go inside, I think that my Daddy was really happy to have gotten to see where they played ball. I bet he’d like to go to one of those games one day, but until then, he can just play with me rolling our balls around the house. Daddy, though, says that’s not quite the same thing, but he does seem to have fun anyway.

Don’t worry, Daddy, because one day we can all go back and go to one of those games and we can go inside to see that monster, too. Take me out to the ballgame, Mama and Daddy, take me out with the crowd…


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My name is Dorian Annabel. At 3-years-old, so much is new. I want to see, hear, and smell it all. I don't quite understand the "Internet" yet, but Mama says it's a way to see and touch the world, so I'm in. Since I'm still a little baby, my Mama and Daddy, Amy and Spenser Dean, are helping me to create this blog. My fingers just don't work quite fast enough yet.

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