Big, Loud Trains that Go Under the Ground: The Boston T


Mama and Daddy decided to do our whole adventure without borrowing a car and instead using their feet, my stroller, and big subway trains called the “T” the whole time. Boston is, from what I saw, way, way bigger than Richmond is, and they wanted to see a lot of things while we were there in just the few days that we had. We walked and walked and walked and walked and walked (well, I strolled and strolled and strolled in our wonderful big-wheel sitting machine Daddy calls the jogging stroller). Mama said we averaged about 10 miles a day of just walking, not even including taking the magical T trains.

The “T” is Boston’s big train system that goes all over the place fast so that people can travel from one part of the city to another faster than walking. Mama and Daddy says that many big cities have them but that Boston’s is one of the best laid out ones to use. You get a “Charlie” card to get on, although I didn’t need one because I am so little. Charlie, Mama told me, was the name of a guy in a song that got on the “T” trains but never was able to get off of them. I think that it wouldn’t be so bad to be on them forever if you had food, so that Charlie guy must have had it made. I didn’t see him, but he had to be in there somewhere.

I liked the trains because there were a ton of people on there, and I got to smile and talk to everyone that I saw on the train. Mama says I’m not shy and that I’ll talk to just about anyone and everyone who will talk back to me. She called me an “extrovert,” whatever that means, and she said that she’s one, too, so she understands.

Most everyone talked to me and helped to keep me happy on the T, and one lady even told me that I made her whole day. All that I did was smile, but my Mama said that smiling at the people that you see during the day really can make a difference to other people. I must make a difference to a lot of people then, because I smile at everyone.

With the magic of the T trains, we got to go under the ground and back up again, and we visited most of the major areas of the city. Daddy said that part of the T is the oldest subway train system in North America and that it is cool to ride on the parts that are really old because it’s like riding through the city’s history. I agree– everything in certain places just “felt” old but comfortable. All those people going from place to place for so long, and I got to be a part of it, too.

Mama and Daddy even bought me a little red t-shirt with a Boston T car on it at a little store down the street from where we stayed in Somerville, and now I get to wear it until I grow too much and I can’t anymore. Mama said that then I can make it a t-shirt for my little bear friend that I love to carry around, and I like that because then I can keep a piece of the Boston T for a long, long time.

Thanks, magical trains of Boston that take you to new places just by hopping on. Until next time, my loud friends.

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