Everyone Can Be “Happy,” Even at the Doctor’s Office.

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Mama took me to the “kid doctor” today. It is a long, long way down the road, but my Mama and Daddy say that Dr. Caldwell’s office is worth the long trip because they take really good care of me. I don’t mind… I just sing along with the music that Mama plays for me in our giant box with wheels and the time goes by pretty fast.

I love my doctor’s office. Mama says that big people don’t say this very much because their offices don’t have fun things to see, but mine definitely does. When you go through the front door, there are pictures all over all of the walls. Everywhere you look there are happy children and happy animals with trees and the sun. The paintings are beautiful, and I smile every time that I am carried through the door. I love television and there is one there, but I hardly even notice my hero Elmo because of all of the bright colors everywhere.

All of the little rooms where the doctor comes are like that too. Each room has a theme, and the one that I had today was a “farm.” It had a farmer, a henhouse, and a giant tree on the walls. Mama said that farms are where all of our vegetables and fruits come from and that it is her favorite room in the entire office because little farms are some of the best places on Earth.

Mama said that the person who did all of the pictures is named “Happy the Artist.” She told me that she met him a long time ago and that he really is a wonderfully happy person. I believe that because I think that what people make in pictures comes from their insides, and if they are happy it will show up in the pictures that they make. Happy must be one of the happiest people around because I feel warm and peaceful just by looking at what he has created, and Mama says that she always has and does, too. I think that I would like to meet him one day and give him a big hug. Mama says that he loves hugs, and although I don’t get the arms around people part yet, I can still snuggle up and hug in my own way.

Dr. Nyirenda, my doctor, came in and was so gentle and wonderful with me, and I heard her tell my Mama that I am growing well and that I am healthy. Silly Mama, I could have told her that if she had just paid a bit more attention. Although I was trying to grab that shiny thing that Dr. Nyirenda kept putting all over my back and belly that she called a “stethoscope,” I was also trying to touch all of those beautiful pictures the entire time and kept flipping over to get to the big tree behind me.

After my doctor left, my Mama let me touch the tree. I looked up at its bright leaves, and Mama said that the entire room was meant to remind you to treat other beings and nature with kindness. I will, little happy farmer person guarding the door, I will. Thank you, Happy, for making us beautiful pictures all over the place that we live.

For information on Happy the Artist, please visit his website at:
or visit his Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/happytheartist

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